Terminal 21 in Bangkok is an international and convenient mall with luggage delivery services.


This is TEACAGE, I just learned from a student who attended at the same school that I was in the middle of Silver Week in Japan. Today, I would like to introduce to you a shopping mall called “Terminal 21” in Asoke, Bangkok.


What is Terminal 21?

Terminal 21 is the name of the shopping mall in Thailand. In October 2011, the first store opened in Sukhumvit Road near the Asoke intersection in Bangkok, Thailand.


As you may know, Terminal 21 has a couple of branches in Asoke, Korat and Pattaya, and Young Brander. Each Terminal 21 Shopping Mall consists of two main sections: one is a high-rise retail area with SF Cinema City, and the other is a hotel and residence operated by Quality House PLC’s Center Point Hospitality.


As you can see, Terminal 21 is different from other shopping malls, the theme is decided on each floor with the airport as a motif. The decoration on each floor is themed around famous tourist destinations around the world such as the Caribbean, Italy, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco and Hollywood.


Map and directions

As mentioned above, Terminal 21 in Asoke opened in October 2011. Located in the Wattana district at the intersection of Sukhumvit and Asoke, it is possible to go directly from the BTS Asoke station to the mall by overpass. This mall has the longest escalator in Thailand (36-meter). The retail area consists of a total of 10 floors including SF Cinema City and the gourmet market (a division of The Mall Group). The hotel and residence is 42 stories high (202 meters high).


To go to Terminal 21, it is a 3-minute walk from BTS Asoke Station or MRT Sukhumvit Station.


Phone number / business hours / homepage


Luggage storage and delivery counter on the first floor

Terminal 21 Asoke has a corner where you can leave your baggage. It is convenient not only to store luggage but also to deliver services to Pattaya and the airport. The place is a small place just before going to the parking lot on the 1st floor Tokyo floor. Is it easy to understand if you are near Sumo?


Business hours: 10: 00-22: 00

Luggage storage

  • Free up to 3 hours
  • 100 baht per day
  • 5-7 days 500 baht
  • 26-30 days 2000 baht

I think it’s true that it’s free for up to 3 hours, but there aren’t many people leaving large luggage for such a short time.

Luggage delivery (to the airport)

1 piece 300 baht

  • If you deposit by 12:00, you can receive it after 15:00 on the same day
  • If you deposit by 15:00, it can be picked up after 18:00 on the same day
  • 800 baht per sporting equipment

Luggage delivery (to Pattaya)

700 baht per piece

  • If you deposit by 15:00, it can be picked up after 21:00 on the same day
  • 800 baht per sporting equipment

Luggage delivery (to Phuket)

1 piece 1000 baht

  • If you deposit by 12:00, you can receive it after 21:00 on the same day
  • Sports equipment is 1200 baht per piece

Luggage delivery (to other cities)

700 baht per piece

  • If you deposit by 12:00, you can pick it up after 21:00 the next day
  • Sports equipment is 1200 baht per piece


  • Add 100 baht per order when depositing at the hotel
  • If order is received on Saturday, add 100 baht per order
  • Add 100 baht per order when depositing on Friday and receiving on Monday
  • Add 50 baht per kilogram if your luggage exceeds 25 kilometres
  • Delivery to Pattaya, Phuket and other cities is not on weekends or public holidays


The following items cannot be delivered

  • Not allowed due to airline rules
  • Food, fruit, drink
  • animal
  • Valuables
  • Appliances, batteries
  • Broken object

You must present your passport, Thai ID card, or Thai driver’s license at the time of deposit.


Terminal 21 floors

Terminal 21 has 8 floors from LG (lower ground floor) to the 5th floor. I would like to explain each floor below. I have taken a picture of the layout of each floor, but if you go to the homepage, there is a clear, easy-to-understand state-of-the-art electronic document.

Terminal 21 Shopping Guide


LG (lower ground floor)

The LG floor is caribbean-themed.


The food court on the upper floor is famous, but there is actually a gourmet market like a food court on this LG floor.


A delicious Khao Man Kai store,


There are local restaurants as well as Japanese restaurant like Ippudo.


Surprisingly, Din Tai Fung, which is so popular in Manila and has a long line until you enter it, was a total opposite in Thailand. As you can see on the picture above, only few locals are visiting the place.


Actually, on each floor of Terminal 21, there are objects that matches the theme. You can also play adventure game to discover them. Above are Caribbean palm trees and anchor.


This is a lighthouse. It rises from the LG up until upper floors.


GF (Ground Floor)

The theme of the ground floor is Rome.


It has a historical theme wherein sculptures are standing on the pillars.


Middle floor

The theme of the middle floor is Paris. As you can see on the map, there is no object. However, there are Starbucks and H&M on this floor. You could also find on board the longest escalator in Thailand that goes directly to the 3rd floor which is themed like Istanbul city.


There is a power supply space in front of the Victoria Secret, so we can charge devices here in case of emergency.


With the airport concept, the employees are also uniformed as cabin attendant for women and pilot for men. They enjoyed wearing their uniforms and thus felt like really working in an airplane.


Although it was not on the map, there were street lights and bicycles like the one you are seeing on the streets of Paris.


1st floor (Tokyo)

The first floor is Tokyo, Japan.


Speaking of Japan, it has torii. There is also a torii in Manila’s Little Tokyo.


Even though they are on the Japanese floor, the stores themselves have nothing related to Japan. The upper part of the shop has a Japanese design.


It looked like a Japanese arcade called Yokocho, but the photos does not show its atmosphere.


Of course, Japan’s traditional sport, Sumo is still alive.


This is a luxurious design of Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Tower and Koinobori.


The narrow alleys are Japanese themed and look like an evening tenement.


After looking at the lantern for about a minute, it looked like Thai, English or Japanese characters. It’s a very interesting font.


“Fortune comes to the laughing gate.” This is a perfect maxim for the land of smiles.


2nd floor of Terminal 21

Well, what is the theme of the second floor of Terminal 21?


It has become a little western.


You will probably recognize this.


The correct answer is London. A telephone booth, a guard, and a double-decker bus are like treasure characters.


Big double-decker bus than expected. It looks like the real one.


A nearby guard by the royal family was watching.


3rd floor Istanbul

The third floor is Istanbul, Turkey. The Turkish woman I met at a Chiang Mai guesthouse was from Istanbul, so I came out as soon as Istanbul was in Turkey. Taking pictures on the LCD monitor is difficult to see and the size cannot be reduced.


This is a mysterious character. Is it a chess night or something?


There are many jewelry and jewelry shops on this Istanbul floor.


A bronze statue of the Cavalry of the Turkish March.


4th floor San Francisco

The 4th floor is based on San Francisco.


There are basically restaurants on the 4th floor.


A treasure character that has some meaning. I don’t know what I intended because of lack of study.


There is also a San Francisco famous tramway object.


Another San Francisco famous Golden Gate Bridge. It looks like a bridge to the other bank.


Pier 21 on the 5th floor

And finally came to the top floor.


The masterpiece is a bronze statue that uses these three floors luxuriously. If you look closely, you have a sword in front of you. Mystery is.


In fact, the Golden Gate Bridge on the San Francisco floor was supported by this person’s hand (laughs).


And there was a miniature car running on the bridge.


Also found bronze statues of seals and crabs. After all there are many things related to the sea only in the pier?


There are other restaurants and food courts on the 21st floor of this pier.


Phantom 6th floor

Looking at the e-books in Terminal 21, it turned out that there is a 6th floor. There was no escalator going up from the 5th floor, and there was only an elevator floor display up to the 5th floor, so the terminal 21 building was definitely set up to the 5th floor, but even at the beginning It’s no wonder that it was on the 6th floor because I didn’t see the movie theater I explained. Moreover, the theme is Hollywood. I realized that the bronze statue with the huge sword I saw on the 5th floor was an Oscar statue.

Terminal 21 Shopping Guide