“Wat Yang Royal Palace Temple” I found while searching for temples on a boat (Bangkok sight-seeing)


Hello everyone. I’m writing this article while waiting for Thai food to be prepared in the cafeteria. Well, it’s another Bangkok edition today. I’d like to introduce you to a temple that I visited, or rather stumbled upon, in the early days of my last trip to Thailand.


Basic information about Wat Yang

I tried to find information about this temple, Wat Yang, on the Internet, but all I could find was information about Ayutthaya and Pattaya, and no information about Wat Yang in Bangkok. It is true that there are not many tourist facilities on the site, so I guess it is a very minor temple.

It’s not that there are no tourist facilities, but temples are places of doctrine for Buddhists, so it’s not surprising that there are local temples like this.



Wat Yang is located along the canal that flows from On Nut. You can also get there from On Nut Street.


Entrance to Wat Yarn

Entrance to Wat Yarn

If you take a songthaew from On Nut to Seacon Square or the night market Talaat Lo Fai Seenakarin, you can get there by taking songthaew number 4. I think other numbers will work, but I’m not sure.

  • Access: Soi 23, On Nut Street
  • Phone number: +66 2 332 2499

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Inside the temple with the cow

Wat Yarn Event Space

This time I went from the ship, so I first came to this gymnasium-like place. It wasn’t very busy at that time, but there were many stalls, so depending on the time and schedule, it seemed like a place for locals to gather.


Entrance to Wat Yarn

The main entrance. It’s a bit of a mess, probably because of the renovations.




After passing through the main gate, I looked to my left to smell something fragrant, and to my surprise, a cow appeared. I thought it was just one, but there were many hanging around behind it.


Wat Yarn

Stairs at Wat Yarn

There is of course a building with a Buddha statue on the premises. Take off your shoes to enter.


Gold statue

Gold leaf statue

Pasted gold leaf

Inside the building is a golden Buddha image. I thought there was a coarse gold Buddha statue, but when I looked closer, I saw that it was covered with gold leaf. It’s the same thing as when you put gold leaf on the part of your body that’s sick, and it’s supposed to be beneficial.


iced coffee

On the way back, I stopped at a nearby cafe to recharge my batteries and have a smoke. The free snacks on the other side of the coffee in the photo were great.


The Road to Wat Yang

I didn’t find this Wat Yang in any particular guidebook or on the Internet. The Suica House website( said that I could take a boat to a temple called Wat Mahabut, so I took the boat and ended up here before I knew it.


Arcade under the elevated railway tracks

The first thing to do is to go through the local shopping street from the direction of On Nut Station to Phra Khanong Market.

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boat embarkation area

After passing through the local shopping district, I crossed over to the other side of the river and found a boat ramp. Since I was returning from Phra Khanong Market, I wasn’t sure if I should take this boat or not, but I read that I could go to Wat Mahabut by boat, so I jumped on the boat without any preliminary research.


High-rise condominiums


Temple by the river

The boat goes through various places along the way. The boat will pass through various places along the way, including the high-rise condominiums of On Nut and the local boat landing.


In the boat

The passengers were an old man who was riding ahead of me and an old lady who was riding behind me.


Temple by the river

Surprisingly, there were many temples along the waterway. I can imagine that in ancient times it was more convenient to go by waterway.


small craft

Waterfront House


On the other side of the house standing on the river, there was also a boarding area that looked like a rowboat. At first I thought it was an amusement park or something, but I had no idea at that time that I would later learn a shocking fact.

▽I think I have seen the houses on the river before, near the slums▽

みなさんこんにちは。バンコクで絶賛沈没中のティーケージーです。 泊っている宿がバンコクのクロントーイというところなので、周辺に散歩コースはないかと、グーグルマップを見ていたところ、スラム街のようなところがありましたので、さらに検索したとこ...


Wat Yarn

Wat Yarn

And when I thought there was a huge temple, an old man got off the boat, so I decided to get off the boat. And that was the WAT YANG ROYAL TEMPLE.