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Hello everyone, today I'm going to introduce one of Asian employment editions for everyone, the Thailand edition. There may be many people who are cu...

Staying at the Labor Camp House in Cubao

For some reason, I ended up staying at a boarding house in the neighborhood. It's not the kind of place you can find on Agoda. It's a very local, so-c...

3 Recommended Key Delivery Goods to be used by Airbnb in Manila Real Estate

When handing over keys at Airbnb, I used to put a dial padlock on the fence near the gate and put the key on it and hand it to the guest when I was no...

if I have known I could have eaten Khao Man Kai at Bangkok University’s cafeteria, I would have been there being hungry.

The university visit series in the Philippines was also very popular, but today is a university visit series in Thailand. The first is the University ...