How to get from Chiang Mai to Bangkok by bus, train or plane


Hello everyone. This is TKJ, who is sinking in Chiang Mai. Today, I’d like to share with you that I’ve been thinking about going back to Bangkok soon, and I’ve been researching how to do that by actually going to the place.


How to get to Bangkok from Chiang Mai

There are three main ways to get to Bangkok from Chiang Mai. Buses, trains, and airplanes. Buses and trains are cheap, but take a long time to travel, and airplanes are expensive because they get you to Bangkok quickly. I would like to specifically look into departure times, train stations, terminal locations, and how to purchase tickets below.


Chiang Mai to Bangkok (by bus)

The bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok leaves from a place called Arcade Bus Terminal. From the old city, you can take a cab, songthaew, tuk-tuk, or grab a ride. From the old city, it costs 50-120 baht for a songthaew cab, and if the roads are clear, it takes about 10 minutes to get there.


Arrival is at Mo Chit Bus Terminal in Bangkok. After arriving at the bus terminal, there is a bus line nearby that will take you to the city of Bangkok.

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This article contains a floor map of the Bangkok North Bus Terminal and the location of coin lockers.

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I looked up how to get to the Bangkok city bus station and the types of buses that are available.

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Chiang Mai to Bangkok (by train)

Chiang Mai Station


It is relatively easy to get to Chiang Mai Station from Chiang Mai Old Town because it is a straight road. There is also a bus stop, so it’s nice to be able to get there without using Grab.

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This mentions the sleeper train between Bangkok and Chiang Mai and how to get to the old city by bus from Chiang Mai station.

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I looked up how to look at a reservation ticket for the State Railway of Thailand and the types of seats available.

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Chiang Mai to Bangkok (by air)

Chiang Mai Airport

There is an international airport in Chiang Mai. Of course, there are also domestic flights and you can get to Bangkok in a little over an hour. The distance from the old city is also moderately close, but there are traffic jams, so be sure to allow plenty of time when you go.

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Also, when using Grab, please be careful not to set your destination incorrectly. There are several malls with similar names such as “Airport plaza mall” and “CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport”, so make sure your destination is Chiang Mai Airport several times and remind the driver. I made the mistake of going to Central Plaza and had to do it twice.