Introducing a bus terminal for Bangkok in Chiang Mai with maps and photos.


Hello everyone. this is Tea cage@Chiang Mai, who seems to have food poisoning even after eating without leaving the authentic Khao Soi. Well, today I would like to introduce the bus terminal in Chiang Mai.


There are many ways to go from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and other areas by plane or rail, but there are not a few people going by long-distance bus. I would like you to refer to the online reservation method that I introduced last time, but in fact, when I actually went to the bus terminal in Chiang Mai, I found out that I could purchase bus tickets at several other bus companies.

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Chiang Mai Bus Terminal Map and Directions

Highway buses to Bangkok leave from this bus terminal 3. Located northeast of the old city. From the city you can go for 50-100 baht by red songthaew. The grab was 69 baht.

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This bus terminal is a little confusing, consisting of the old terminal 2 (blue line) on the north side and the third terminal (red line) on the south side that opened in October 2011. By the way, Terminal 1 refers to the Chang Phuek Bus Terminal in the city centre.


Chiang Mai 3rd Bus Terminal

If you go by grab, it will drop down here, but it is the entrance of Terminal 3. Although it is written in Thai, there is nothing written as Terminal 3 in English, so immediately after arrival you will be suspicious of whether this is Terminal 3.


There is a timetable bulletin board as soon as you enter the entrance. Check here if you have purchased tickets in advance.


Each long distance bus company

There are quite a few bus company counters in Terminal 3. If you are walking, there is an old woman who calls out, so if you haven’t bought a ticket, you might be able to take the solicitation.


This is the bus company “Nakhon Chai Tour” that sells bus tickets to Phitsanulok and Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat).


2nd floor of Terminal 3

Terminal 3 also has a second floor. There is a waiting room and a massage shop, but it is a bit lonely.


The second floor is open from 7am to 9pm. Most of the trips to Bangkok are late at night, so if you’re too late, you can kill time at Star Avenue on the east side of Terminal 3, which I will introduce later.


Other terminal 3

Terminal 3 also has a baggage storage service.


Although it is a little difficult to see, there is also Thailand’s strongest combination 7-Eleven. It’s also a good idea to stock up on sweets before you leave.


Chiang Mai 2nd Bus Terminal

Terminal 2 is on the north side of Terminal 3.


Each bus company

There are several bus companies in Terminal 2. I feel like there is something covered with Terminal 3, but there is no strict distinction.


A dedicated terminal for a bus company called Nakhon Chai Air is also located near Terminal 2.


Window of The Transport CO. LTD

If you go to the back of Terminal 2, you will find The Transport CO. LTD’s window that was introduced in online reservation. It is next to the cafe


According to one theory, The Transport CO. LTD seems to be state-run, but is it just me that feels the same as other bus companies?


It is a bus of The Transport CO. LTD. Since there is only the first floor, it is a VIP course long distance bus.


Shared minibus

I was initially worried about going to Bangkok and other areas on this medium-sized bus.


However, this looks like a shared bus from Terminal 2 to the city. The price is 10-15 baht and is open from 6 am to 18 pm.


There are also other blue vans. I am going to Lampang.


There was also a shared van company based on orange. This is for Mae Hong Son. The window is right in front of you.


Star avenue

Next to Terminal 3, there is a mall called Star Avenue. The appearance was the impression of a deserted countryside shopping mall.


However, when I entered the inside, it was an atrium and it was quite fashionable.


However, if you go up to the 3rd floor, you will see an uncleaned open cafe. . .


McDonald’s seen from the shabby cafe. It seems to be along the main street.


A slope made of grass and board. I didn’t walk on the lawn because it was raining.


Star Avenue Mall seems to contain Daiso, so it seems to be useful if you don’t have enough accessories.


From Chiang Mai Bus Terminal to the city

There is a bus stop for city circulation bus R1 between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, so it may be safe to use it. The bus fee is 20 baht. Tuk-tuk and Sontheo are waiting around the terminal, but miscommunications such as price negotiations and places to get off often occur.

Also, if you have enough money, you can use the grab to reach the city for 80-100 baht.


By the way, there was a banner on the R1 platform appealing for something. This is a banner that complains that grab cars that deprive the common people are illegal. In Chiang Mai, the share cycle has emerged for a while, but it has disappeared for some time, and now it has only a share kick scooter.