Complete capture map of Chiang Mai International Airport that shows SIM card counter, luggage storage, and power location


Hello everyone. I’m Teacage. There was no English class today, and I am free for one day, but I am tired from yesterday. Well, today I tried to make an article about Chiang Mai Airport in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Chiang Mai Airport Overview

Chiang Mai International Airport is an international airport that operates in Chiang Mai, the capital city of Chiang Mai Province in Thailand. It is the main gateway to northern Thailand and is the fourth busiest airport in Thailand. The altitude is 316 meters. The runway is designated 18/36 and the asphalt surface is 3,100 x 45 meters. There are two terminals, one for domestic passengers and another for international flights.


Major events

Chiang Mai Airport was established in 1921. Originally established under the name Suthep Airport. As a result of the temporary closure of Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2008 due to domestic protests, Chiang Mai has become an alternative stopover for China Airlines ‘Taipei ⇔ Europe flights and Swiss International Airlines’ Singapore ⇔ Zurich flights. On January 24, 2011, Chiang Mai Airport became Thailand AirAsia’s secondary hub.

In 2013, 19 airlines operated at Chiang Mai Airport, handling more than 5.3 million passengers, 43,000 flights and 18,000 tons of cargo annually. The renovation work in 2014 included a large airplane apron (an area where aircraft stopped for passengers getting on and off, loading and unloading cargo, and maintenance inspections at the airport), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ( Effective April 2014), included expansion of international arrival halls and domestic departure halls.


Chiang Mai Airport Floor Map

Chiang Mai Airport is surprisingly small, so you don’t get lost, but there are no interesting things to do. If you are on a domestic flight, there will be no troublesome immigration procedures.

  1. Rental car
  2. Exchange counter
  3. Customs
  4. Duty-free shop
  5. hotel reservation
  6. Immigration
  7. information Center
  8. Baggage storage
  9. Limousine reservation
  10. Lost and Found Management Office
  11. Medical service
  12. Meeting point
  13. Souvenir shop
  14. post office
  15. Restaurants
  16. Tour service
  17. Transit service
  18. Cart place

Source:Chiang Mai Airport Terminal Map

If you don’t know where to go, you can ask the nearest staff using English or PokeTalk.


SIM card purchasing

The Chiang Mai airport SIM card counter is located near the international arrivals lobby. After leaving customs, TRUE shop is on your right hand side, while AIS is across from you. Below is the price list for AIS and TRUE. Since there are many plans for TRUE, the small plan and unlimited plan are excerpted.


AIS SIM card – The Fastest 4G in Thailand

219 Baht plan for 5 days

  • Usage 2.5GB (Maximum speed 4Mbps)
  • 128Kbps non-stop net speed after using 2.5GB

299 Baht plan for 8 days

  • Usage 8GB (Maximum speed 4GB)
  • Non-stop net speed of 128Kbps after using 8GB
  • Free 30 baht credit (phone / SMS / MMS)

599 Baht plan for 15 days

  • Usage 32GB (Maximum speed 4Mbpos)
  • Nonstop network speed of 128Kbps after using 32GB
  • Free 50 baht credit (phone / SMS / MMS)

30 days 899 baht plan

  • 110GB usage (maximum speed 4Mbps)
  • Non-stop net speed of 128Kbps after using 110GB
  • Free 50 baht credit (phone / SMS / MMS)


Tourist SIM card 4G internet plan

200 Baht plan for 3 days

  • Usage 1GB (Maximum speed 4Mbps)
  • Nonstop 4G Internet
  • 50 baht phone credit

300 Baht plan for 8 days

  • Usage 3GB
  • Nonstop 4G Internet
  • 100 baht phone credit

600 Baht plan for 15 days

  • Usage 8GB
  • Nonstop 4G Internet
  • 50 baht phone credit

30 days 700 Baht plan

  • Usage 16GB
  • Nonstop 4G Internet
  • 50 baht phone credit

30 days 1650 baht plan

  • Usage 8GB
  • Unlimited internet
  • 45 baht phone credit


There is also a gadget shop in the middle of the international and domestic arrival lobby next to the toilet. Apparently, it closes at night.



Other airport facilities

Baggage/luggage storage

There is a baggage/luggage storage beside the gadget shop, between the international and domestic arrival lobby. Please note that business hours are from 7am to 9pm. In the picture above, the shop already closed, but you can still check the price. It seemed that the fee is 200 baht per day.



There is a small food area on the second floor of Chiang Mai Airport on the domestic side. There are also fast foods such as Subway, McDonald’s, etc.


McDonald’s has outlets for charging smartphones and PCs.


There is also a starbucks on the first floor. However, basically there are few restaurants and most of them are chain stores, so it is better to eat in Chiang Mai city as much as possible.


Airport shuttle bus to downtown Chiang Mai

Details are unknown, but there seems to be a minibus that can go to Chiang Mai city center at 40 baht or 60 baht per person. It is located at the back of the 1st floor international arrivals where AIS and TRUE were located.


There is a large bus stop when you go outside the entrance of the shuttle bus. This is where the public bus stops and the city bus is on the other side.


Smoking area

Chiang Mai Airport has a smoking area outside the building. The signboard on the photo is the landmark. There are a few places along the road.


Domestic departure gate

The departure gate for Chiang Mai Airport domestic flights is simple enough not to get lost. The shop in the red frame of the photo has barely power, so you can work on your computer if you have time.


There is a corner selling pocket Wi-Fi and SIM cards in the gate.


Bus stop from Chiang Mai Airport to Chiang Mai city

You can take a taxi or grab from Chiang Mai Airport to Chiang Mai city area, but if you want to save money, you want to go by public transport. I walked around the airport and found a bus stop by chance. First, go straight along the road with the airport building on your left. You can see the subway on your right, but go further.


Then you can see that the bus stops at the other side. This is the city bus stop. The left hand is probably a minivan for the city.


There are two types of buses. The routes of R3 Red are as follows. The red mark on the top right of the bus called R3 is a landmark.

  • airport
  • Nimman
  • Champuk Gate
  • Three King Monument
  • Tha Phae Gate
  • Wallolos Market
  • Night bazaar
  • Chiang Mai Gate
  • airport


The R3 yellow route is as follows. The sign is that the car body is yellow.

  • airport
  • Chiang Mai Gate
  • Tha Phae Gate
  • Yupparaj
  • Ghat Suan Kaew
  • Nimman
  • Sundock
  • airport

If you take this bus from Chiang Mai city to Chiang Mai airport, you can probably go as shown in the route map.


From Chiang Mai City to Chiang Mai Airport

You can take the bus mentioned above to get to Chiang Mai Airport from downtown Chiang Mai. However, it is recommended that you leave early because there may be traffic jams. Also, when setting the destination, there are several facilities with similar names near the airport, so it is better to double check when setting the destination. I once set up “CENTRAL AIRPORT PLAZA” by mistake and tempered it (laughs).


Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport

I left Chiang Mai Airport and arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. There is also a food court before going to the arrival lobby, and if you are hungry, you can treat yourself to this food court.