Chiang Mai Guesthouse in Old Town, Very Cheap Hostel & Recommended hostel Near Night Bazaar


Hello everyone. Today’s article is about Chiang Mai in the Thailand travel section. From Ayutthaya, I took the first sleeper train in my life to Chiang Mai. I took a bus from Chiang Mai station, got off at the old town, and booked a guesthouse on the spur of the moment. It was a very inexpensive restaurant, but the facilities were still adequate, and another guesthouse I stayed at afterwards were quite comfortable, so I would like to share those two lodgings with you this time.

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Chiang Mai Station to Old City by bus

I got off the sleeper train and took a bus from Chiang Mai station to Wat Phra Singh, but got off on the way. Looking at the map, Wat Chedi Luang was close, but I was tired, so I looked for a place to stay at Agoda. There was an inn in the vicinity that cost 100 baht, and I went there immediately, but I encountered the common phenomenon in Southeast Asia: “It’s listed on the Agoda map, but when I actually go there, there’s no inn.



I passed by the ANODARD Hotel on the way, which is equipped with WIFI, but 495 baht per night is beyond my budget (laughs).


Then I arrived at the Rose Guesthouse Chiang Mai.


Rose Guest House

Rose Guest House Dining Room

The first floor of the Rose Guest House is a restaurant, which is convenient for eating and drinking. A travel agency is also attached, and you can apply for tours of various tourist attractions in Chiang Mai. The woman at the reception desk was a white Thai beauty. However, she seemed to be unfriendly without a smile. The only saving grace was that she spoke English.


Wi-Fi at Rose Guest House

Check-in time at Rose Guest House


Wi-Fi is available. I wasn’t aware of this as I dove in, but check-in starts at 12:30 and check-out is by 11:00. There are lockers on the landing of the stairs leading up to the second floor, but there are also lockers in the rooms, so I took off my shoes here once.


A view of the dormitory

Inside the dormitory

Inside the dormitory

In the dormitory, there is one bunk bed and two single beds. There is no air conditioning, so if you put three bunk beds, it would be like an octopus room. There is a wooden locker on the left side of the second picture, so you can put on your own padlock for security. 100 baht per night here. The comments on Google Maps said that the price drops to about 60 baht in the off-season.

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Part of the house where water is circulated

Shared toilet

Shared Shower

Shared Shower

On the second floor, there are two shared toilets and two showers. For the number of beds, I think there are not many, but when I was there, I didn’t see any guests as if they were there, so it was enough. However, it’s a little hard during the busy season. The third picture shows the shower room on the first floor, which can be used when the entire second floor is in use. I think there was hot water, but the room was so hot that I could afford a water shower (laughs).


Surrounding Environment

Seven-Eleven Stationery

Bread from Seven-Eleven

Bread from Seven-Eleven

There is a 7-Eleven nearby, so I bought a lot of Japanese quality sweets when I got hungry. Also, if you don’t have a padlock for your locker, you can buy one here for 59 baht.


Rose Guest House Dining Room

Khao soi

fried chicken

When I went there, it was the off-season and there weren’t many guests, but that made for a comfortable stay. The restaurant attached to the hotel serves Chiang Mai’s famous Khao Soi in reasonable prices. The real Khao Soi is very tasty, but be careful not to eat too much because it is very greasy.

The unfriendly and beautiful lady started to smile a little after a few times of communication, but unfortunately it seemed like she was running this inn with her husband.



Other than that, the above area on the way to the Tha Phae Gate was quite artistic and lined with stores selling paintings.

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Stay Thapae Hostel

Exterior of Stay Thapae Hostel

After two nights at the Rose Guesthouse, I stayed at the Stay Thapae Hostel. It costs 300-400 baht per night, but it was quite comfortable, so I would like to introduce it to you.


Capsule type bed

Capsule type bed

In-capsule power supply

The multi-person rooms at the Stay Thapae Hostel are of the capsule type, which is all the rage nowadays. This type of room can accommodate a large number of people in a small amount of space, so even if it costs a little initially, it will soon pay for itself. The capsule is equipped with lighting, power supply, and USB ports, so you can relax as if it were your own room. Also, the pillows are double and the bedding is fluffy and comfortable to sleep on.



There are lockers in the multi-person rooms that can accommodate somewhat large luggage, but since large suitcases cannot fit in them, everyone seemed to leave them in front of the bed or in an empty space.


Part of the house where water is circulated

Shared showers and toilets

The toilets and showers are very comfortable. Hot water is available, and shampoo and conditioner are provided. The only drawback was that I used the men’s and women’s toilets and showers, so it was a little embarrassing to see some female guests applying their makeup in front of the sinks.

Shared shower

It may seem like a small detail, but the floor of the shower room is stepped to prevent water from getting out. This kind of attention to detail is quite close to Japanese quality.


Common Area


When I saw it on Agoda, it looked like a spacey living room, but when I actually went there, it was small because the lobby and living room were integrated. It seemed to be quite crowded when I checked out. There is a counter on the left side of the room, so I tinkered with my computer there. There is also a power supply.




Breakfast looks pretty fancy, but it’s actually just toast, so enjoy the look. The liquid on the right side of the table in the second photo is not mixed juice, but pancake base, so don’t accidentally drink it in a cup like I did (laughs).


How to get to Stay Thapae Hostel

Wat Maha Wan

To get to Stay Thapae Hostel, go from the Old City to Chiang Mai Station via Thapae Road. The photo shows Wat Maha Wang.


Apparel Market

If you go further from Wat Maha Wang toward Chiang Mai Station, you will see the place in the photo on your left.


Tops Daily

If you look to your right, you will see a supermarket called Tops Dairy, and the brown building down the alley next to it is the Stay Thapae Hostel.


Power Supply in the Tops Daily

By the way, Tops Daily here has a power supply, so you can work on your computer for a long time.


Artistic wall

The front wall of the hostel has quite a bit of graffiti on it, but when I say artistic, I mean artistic.


Exterior of Stay Thapae Hostel

The entrance can be a little confusing. There is an ashtray next to the entrance for smoking.


Entrance of Stay Thapae Hostel

The keys to the entrance and rooms are managed by cards. There is also a key box embedded in the entrance in case something goes wrong. This type of key box is not seen overseas, so it was probably made in Japan!

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