Eight Things to Do in a Secret Spot When You Visit Manila “Castle Walk, Malinta Tunnel, Prison, Ensign Onoda”


When you hit “Manila Sightseeing” on the Internet, all of them are similar tourist spots.

Even though there are few tourist spots in Manila, a site that introduces similar tourist spots makes the impression of Manila a boring city because the places to go are limited.

Today, if you come to Manila for sightseeing, here are some things you must do (related to castle walking, MacArthur, Jack Bower, Shogun Yamashita, Ensign Onoda). I would like to introduce not only a sightseeing spot but also a hidden sightseeing spot that is not a normal sightseeing spot, which I can understand from my experience of living in Manila for 5 years.

It is possible to enjoy Manila sightseeing many times when you use it with normal sightseeing spots!


For sightseeing in Manila, you should walk through the walls of Intramuros.

As mentioned above, the introduction and excitement of unusual places to visit in Manila, but the first one will introduce Intramuros (laughs).

The cityscape, built by the Spanish in the 16th century, has an exotic atmosphere suitable as a recommended sightseeing spot.


Within Intramuros, several tourist attractions are scattered individually. I think that it will be tens of spots if you combine the fine things, but first of all, if you keep the following main spots, there is no doubt.

  • Santiago Fortress
  • San Agustin Church
  • Manila Cathedral
  • Casa Manila Museum


Intramuros sightseeing spot

So far, it was a normal Intramuros tourist guide, but there are actually secret spots that are not listed in the guidebooks and tourist sites. It “walks on the wall”.


As I mentioned before, you can actually walk on the walls of Intramuros! !

“Puerta Real Gardens” near the south entrance of Intramuros. From here you can get on the wall!


Furthermore, you can enter the south entrance of Intramuros, turn left, and at the end of “Baruarte de San Diego Gardens” you can climb on the wall from here and walk a good distance!


Puerta Real Gardens

Puerta Real Gardens was just like a resting place for neighboring university students. If you climb on the wall, you will also have a meeting with the circles.

However, no other novelty can be found, so for tourism, the second Balarte de San Diego Gardens will be armed.

長年このブログを運用していてマニラ最大の観光地「イントラムロス」が6回しか出てきていない事実はだれも知る由もないでしょう(笑)。 しかもその出てきた6回はただ、記事中に単語として出てきただけ。いかに潜在意識の中に「イントラムロス→つまらん」という図式が入り込んでいるかがわかります。 ただ...


Balarte de San Diego Gardens

Balarte de San Diego Gardens is a well-recognized secret spot, so there are few foreign tourists and of course no Japanese. It seems to be a place for local residents to relax.

There is a lot of ruins in the atmosphere, so it will be irresistible for those who like the Santiago Fortress.


If there are people who are unsatisfactory in Intramuros, especially the people of the Dragon Quest generation, there is no doubt that they will find a hidden passage and feel the excitement of walking along a route that is not on the strategy book.

長年このブログを運用していてマニラ最大の観光地「イントラムロス」が6回しか出てきていない事実はだれも知る由もないでしょう(笑)。 しかもその出てきた6回はただ、記事中に単語として出てきただけ。いかに潜在意識の中に「イントラムロス→つまらん」という図式が入り込んでいるかがわかります。 ただ...
みなさんこんにちは。マニラ観光記事を書くべく、イントラムロスへ急遽出向いたティケージーです。マニラの昼間はとても暑く、日差しも強いので、観光に行く場合は暑さ対策を万全にしたいですね。 さて、今回なぜイントラムロスへ出向いたのかというと、城壁歩きの情報を厚くしたいと思ったからです。 この記事では壁...


You should listen to a Japanese guide on Corregidor Island in Manila

A hidden tourist spot in Manila is Corregidor Island. Metro Manila is located at the back of Manila Bay, but this Corregidor Island is located just at the entrance to Manila Bay.



This Corregidor Island is 48 km west of Manila.


When you get to Corregidor Island, several buses are waiting. The tour bus is divided into an English tour bus and a Japanese tour bus.

However, if there are few Japanese, it seems that all tours will be in English, so don’t expect too many Japanese guides.


In the Japanese tour, explanations are given with consideration given to Japanese people.

There seems to be an explanation that portrays Japan as a battle partner in English tours, but there is no such portrayal in Japanese tours.


Actually, the guidance is divided into English and Japanese, but of course the Japanese’s English ability is low. One of the reasons is to avoid it.


Japan Peace Garden

The photo is of Kanon Kannon statue at the Japanese Peace Garden. There are other Japanese soldiers’ grave markers, and the name, birthplace, date of death, and age of the Japanese soldiers who died are engraved.


Battery in the era of Japan ’s occupation. There are gun marks everywhere, telling the intensity of the battle.


MacArthur and others

MacArthur American Far Eastern Army commander (at that time), who feels like “I’ve seen it somewhere, but I’d like to meet you in such a place!”


During the invasion of Japan in 1942, the famous “I shall return.” Speech was given after moving to Australia from the place where the Japanese army had fallen to Corregidor Island.


I used to say “I shall return” to Filipinos, and I was amazed.


Malinta Tunnel

Malinta tunnel located in the center of the island. What the US military built in 1922 as a weapon storehouse was occupied by the Japanese army in 1942. In 1945 it became a battle stage again.


In 1945 when the battlefield became a battlefield, a bomb that tried to attack the U.S. forces was back sprayed into the tunnel. Passed away.


Before entering the tunnel, you will be asked if you want to participate in a “light and sound show”. It costs 200 pesos separately.

The US occupation of the Philippines, the opening of the tunnel, the occupation of the Japanese army, the history of the United States and the Philippines winning and taking the occupied Corregidor walk through the tunnel from the entrance to the exit, it will be commentary in English .


Leave Corregidor Island

There is the Philippines, but don’t be surprised because you may be asked to take a picture without permission while traveling around the island.


I told you that there is the Philippines, but even in an amusement park in Japan, there is a way to get a picture of a wide open mouth on a roller coaster and be charged at the exit (laughs).


Depending on the guide, there may be a request for a tip, so you may want to give a tip to a guide who wants to give the guide a perfect score.


Directions to Corregidor Island, prices and travel time

I basically apply for a tour of a travel agency. Take the Santa Cruz from Mall of Asia to the island. Plans vary depending on the tour, so be sure to check whether there are hotel transfers, extra fees, lunch fees, etc.

Tour price: 3,260-3,440 pesos (adults), 2,540 pesos (children)

Duration: 6: 30-16: 15 (based on Santa Cruz Terminal)




For excursions in Manila, you should buy at Divisoria

Divisoria and Chinatown often ride on guidebooks, but in most cases they are guided separately, so it seems to be far away, but it is actually within walking distance. If the sunlight is strong, we recommend a taxi without being patient.


However, I still don’t know where to go from Chinatown. I think this is a problem that must be resolved like the Malate Ermita controversy.

マラテ・エルミタ関連の記事を書いていると、境界線の曖昧さに、言葉を濁し罪悪感にさいなまれるたかぎです。 今日はブログ番外編、そのマラテ・エルミタの境界線をはっきりさせようという趣旨の記事です。 普段何気なく使っているエルミタとマラテ。日本料理屋の大虎やレメディオスサークルのアノ辺がマラテだという...


Binondo Church

Although it is listed on most Manila tourist information sites, it is not a tourist spot where you can sit down and enjoy it, but it is a spot that appears on Instagram.


There are street children in the area, so if you take a picture, let’s quickly dissipate.

長年このブログを運用していてマニラ最大の観光地「イントラムロス」が6回しか出てきていない事実はだれも知る由もないでしょう(笑)。 しかもその出てきた6回はただ、記事中に単語として出てきただけ。いかに潜在意識の中に「イントラムロス→つまらん」という図式が入り込んでいるかがわかります。 ただ...


Shopping malls and local markets

In fact, Divisoria is also a shopping mall mecca. In the area called Divisoria, the following huge malls are lined up.

  • 999 mall
  • 11/88 Shopping Mall
  • 168 mall
  • Divisolia Mall
  • China Town Walk


When you step outside the shopping mall, the local market is packed and open on the street.

Shopping malls and open-air local markets both sell a variety of cheap goods, but what I want to recommend is the atmosphere.

This is Southeast Asia! You can feel the scenery that this is Manila in this divisoria. It is good to see state-of-the-art Manila such as Mall of Asia, Makati, BGC, etc. I think that enjoying the local feeling is the real pleasure of tourism in Manila.


But don’t forget to watch out for picks and snatching more than usual.

「ディビソリアのマーケットは危険」「ディビソリアへは近づくな」。日本人だけでなくフィリピン人も口をそろえてマニラにあるフィリピン最大のローカル市場と言われるディビソリアについてそう言います。 私も数年前に行った際は、雑多な人ごみを掻き分け、路上にくりだした無数の露天に驚くとともに、その危険性を...


④ You should be Jack Bower in Manila

The Philippines is a country where anyone can carry a gun with permission. As I learned on Corregidor Island, I am following the American culture.

Meanwhile, what I want to mention in Manila is the shooting range. There are shooting ranges everywhere in Metro Manila. However, since there is no way to increase the scale, most of them continue to operate quietly.


The more you go to tourist spots such as Malate and Ermita, the more shooting ranges there are, but we recommend the shooting range at Makati Cinema Square in Makati, where many Japanese people live.

マカティはやはり日本人には住みやすい街だとつくづく思う今日この頃。今日もリトルトーキョーからのスタート。 リトル東京のYAMAZAKI マカティ在住の人には、すでにリトル東京の行き方など目をつぶっていてもわかると思うが、ここではフィリピン初心者の人のために、リトル東京の行き方をおさらいす...


The shooting range of Makati Cinema Square is called Armscor Shooting Ranges, but various information has been uploaded to other blogs, making it safer and more recommended than shooting ranges without any information. The degree is high.


In addition to Makati, this arm score shooting range operates an outdoor shooting range in Marikina, indoor shooting ranges in Cebu, Davao, and La Union, so if a reputational damage occurs due to a shooting accident etc., management will be dangerous Therefore, it is one of the reasons to recommend that you do not manage poorly.


I think most Japanese people have never touched or seen a real gun, but I think it’s a part of sightseeing to know what a gun is like following a sightseeing in Manila.


Armscore shooting range opening hours, fees, and required documents

  • Business hours: 10:00 to 19:00
  • Fee (50 rounds): 1,000 pesos (local), 1,500 pesos (foreigners)
  • Necessary documents: ID card (passport for foreigners)

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It is up to you whether you should go to Smoky Mountain or not

Personally, people in developed countries are interested in going to slums, taking pictures with Pashapasha and saying “ I’m going to slums ” to the surroundings is not recommended, so if you go I want you to go secretly and secretly.

However, people who want to go to Manila’s slums go to other blogs and sites, etc., and will go there as well, so my idea is to introduce them on this blog anyway.


Click here for an article about going to a slum in Bangkok



History of Smoky Mountain

The more you search for smoky mountain in Google, the more smoky mountain in Manila comes out, the word “smoky mountain” is commonly named for Manila.


Smoky Mountain, located in the Tond district, north of Manila, was called the largest slum in the East and was a huge 29-hectare slum.


Over the decades, 2 million tons of trash in Manila has accumulated tons of slums that have been caused by fires caused by the decomposition of flammable materials, causing many deaths. It was. The smoky nickname was given to smoke from the fire.


In 1993, a joint venture agreement was signed between National Housing Corporation (NHA) and R-II Builders Co., Ltd. (RBI). On August 15th, the business contract was officially approved by the Supreme Court.

In 1995, the landfill area in northern Manila was officially closed, but the land was used as a public housing area for the poor living in the surrounding landfills. The slums as Smoky Mountain were wiped out as a home for 30,000 people who lived there.


A project to provide suburban resettlement for slum residents is also run by the government and NGOs. According to the UN Habitat report, 20 million people live in slums in the Philippines, and it is said that Manila alone accounts for 11 million, or 50%.

In 1995, when Smoky Mountain in northern Manila was closed, a lot of scavengers moved to the dumping grounds in Payatas, creating a new scavenger community.


As of 2007, 80,000 people live in Payatas, and the avalanche that occurred in 2000 killed as many as 200 scavengers, and many problems are still being raised.

出展:Smokey Mountain


Documentary film “Forgotten Children”

The fact that Smoky Mountain became known to Japanese people may be influenced by the documentary movie “Forgotten Children”. | 忘れられた子供たち スカベンジャー [DVD] DVD・ブルーレイ - 四ノ宮浩 | 忘れられた子供たち スカベンジャー DVD・ブルーレイ - 四ノ宮浩


Manila Sightseeing Spot New Bilibit Prison

Manila is a secret tourist spot where only a few people already know this. I also learned from a blog post about Quooll, a cheap English school in the Philippines in Quezon City.




New Bilibit Prison is a prison located in Muntinlupa, a suburb of Manila. This prison is a prison where Ensign Yamashita, famous for his Yamashita treasure called the Malay Tiger, was executed.


New Biribbit Prison Admission (several years ago): 50 pesos

* Cameras are not allowed


Also near the prison is the Muntinlupa World Peace Memorial Park, where there are 17 memorial towers of 17 Japanese who were executed as war criminals.


In Manila tours, you should pay tribute to the efforts of Onoda Shoi

Onoda and Marcos attending the ceremony (Source: Wikipedia)

Hiroo Onoda, who spent 29 years on Lubang Island in the Philippines without knowing the end of the war, after World War II.

The honor of Hiroo Onoda, in the Philippines, is displayed in a display case with a letter written to the General of the Philippine Air Force at the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum near the Manila International Airport.


Click here for an article that actually went to the museum

みなさんこんにちは。今日は久しぶりのフィリピン関連記事。以前マニラ穴場観光でも紹介した、フィリピン空軍航空宇宙博物館へタイからの帰り際、立ち寄ってきましたので、そのことを今日はシェアしたいと思います。 フィリピン空軍航空宇宙博物館概要 フィリピン空軍航空宇宙博物館は、フィリピン、メトロマ...


Philippine Air Force Museum location and map

The Philippines Air Force Air and Space Museum is right next to Manila Airport Terminal 3.

home page:


Near the museum are Resorts World and the terminal building, which has become an interesting area.

今一番したいことはマニラのカジノで1週間外に出ずにいれるかという挑戦です。ティーケージーです。オカダマニラの記事が意外にも好評なので今日は、マニラ歴6年の私が独自に調べたフィリピン・マニラにあるおすすめの4大カジノについてシェアしたいと思います。 マニラと言えば、これと言って有名観光地が無いの...
8/22は祝日にしてくれと祈っていたのですが、不運にも平日になってしまい、祝日は8/21だけになってしまったと贅沢になげいている高木です。さて、今日はフィリピンに観光にくる人やフィリピン留学に来る人は、降り立つ可能性が高いマニラ空港ターミナル3を紹介したいと思います。 ターミナル3はターミナル1と...


Inside the Philippine Air Force Museum

Cultural Heritage Corner: Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of exhibits, including weapons, military uniforms, diorama, miniatures, memorabilia, photographs and paintings from early military aviation and Philippine air force organizations.


Science and Technology Corner: Various generations of aircraft models and miniatures, indoor aircraft are on display. You can also view Philippine Air Force experimental projects to help younger Filipinos interested and learn about aerospace science.


Museum Painting Corner: Visitors can see many sophisticated paintings depicting the history of the Philippine Air Force and valuable missions to the Philippines.


Aircraft Park: Historical Philippine Air Force aircraft are on display and open for photography.

Function room: An event hall that can accommodate from 150 to 200 people, and can be used for seminars, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and cultural exchanges for community and social events.

Mini Theater: A 45-seat space where small groups can watch movies, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and symposia.


Philippine Air Force Museum hours and fees

  • Business hours: 8:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday), 8:00 to 12:00 (Saturday)
  • Regular holiday: Sundays and holidays
  • Price: Free-20 pesos


Lubang Island

Lubang Island


In Manila secret spot sightseeing, you should practice slots and roulette at a certain minor casino

Casino resort is a hot topic recently in Manila tourism. The four major resort casinos “Okada Manila”, “City of Dreams”, “Resort World” and “Solea Resort” that are often introduced in this blog are famous(Related Article:マニラのまずはこれだけ4大カジノ一覧!!初心者でも観光がてら楽しめます!).

However, we will leave those introductions to other blog posts, so this article recommends going to other minor casinos. In fact, besides the four major casino resorts, Manila is dotted with many small and medium-sized casinos.

If you are a small-minded person who wants to play casino games but don’t know how to do it, go to those small and medium-sized casinos and practice in small slots such as roulette and poker.


Pan Pacific Hotel

A hotel in the middle of the Malate area. There is a casino in it. In addition to the casino, there are spas, Japanese restaurants, golf and KTV, so you can definitely enjoy it outside the casino.


Manila Grand Opera Hotel

The Manila Grand Opera Hotel is a direct connection from the LRT station. Chinatown, Divisoria and Quiapo are also close, so you can stay as a base for those sightseeing spots as well as casinos.

Check Rates for Grand Opera Hotel


Networld Hotel

This hotel is convenient for Japanese people, including a Japanese restaurant, a Japanese spa and massage, and a Japanese Embassy nearby. Since Makati is also close, expatriates often come to eat and visit spas.

Check the current price for Networld Hotel


New World Manila Bay Hotel

People with a long history of Manila still call it Hyatt, but in fact the name has changed. Like Pan Pacific, it is located in the center of the Malate Ermita area and is close to Robinson Place.


Summary of Manila Tourist Spots

When I listed the tourist spots in Manila again, I was surprised that there were a lot of wartime towers, especially the memorial towers, tombstones, and tombstones related to Japan.


When I came to the Philippines, I wasn’t even aware of the relationship between Japan and the Philippines during the war, but when I went deeply with local Filipinos, it would be a story of war, I became aware of the inside.


This time, it was a tourist spot only in the Metropolitan Manila area, but there are lots of spots in the Philippines that are not yet on the guidebooks or tourist sites.


I would like to see opportunities and make them articles.


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