Staying at the Labor Camp House in Cubao


For some reason, I ended up staying at a boarding house in the neighborhood. It’s not the kind of place you can find on Agoda. It’s a very local, so-called labor camp.


Lobby of the Labor Camp

Blue collar workers also stayed. Half of them are young Filipinos from the provinces who work in the call center.



Kitchen in the Labor Camp

There is a kitchen that is not so dirty. The price is 2,500 pesos per month, which is very reasonable. But you need to pay 2500 pesos as a deposit.


Aquarium and TV in the Labor Camp

There is also a TV in the common area, where residents with free time often watch basketball games.


The owner is also staying alone in one of the three rooms. The other two rooms are rented out as dormitories. The dormitory can accommodate a total of six people with three bunk beds. A simple calculation shows a monthly turnover of 30,000 pesos.

However, the biggest problem is the toilet shower. Basically, it’s a standard 3BR layout, so there is only one toilet/shower. Since 12 people are using it, it’s not half as crowded as it should be. I can’t take a shower unless I stagger the time of day. And since Filipinos do their laundry in the shower and toilet, I can’t use the toilet or shower while doing laundry.

For the time being, I plan to enjoy Philippine life in this other dimension.


map of the labor camp