Coin lockers/luggage storage


If You Want to Leave a Little Baggage in Bangkok

There are coin lockers in major tourist areas in Japan. It is a pleasure for tourists. However, when we look at Southeast Asia, it is nothing. Bangkok...

Introducing a bus terminal for Bangkok in Chiang Mai with maps and photos.

Hello everyone. this is Tea cage@Chiang Mai, who seems to have food poisoning even after eating without leaving the authentic Khao Soi. Well, today I ...

Terminal 21 in Bangkok is an international and convenient mall with luggage delivery services.

This is TEACAGE, I just learned from a student who attended at the same school that I was in the middle of Silver Week in Japan. Today, I would like t...

Ekamai East Bus Terminal in Bangkok, Thailand that Familiarity with highway buses to Pattaya and Lottuu

Everyone, today is a special feature on the South Bus Station near BTS Ekamai Station in Bangkok. Speaking of the East Bus Station, there are many bus...