Gazing at the city from a water bus and taking pictures with Myanmarese people [Yangon Sightseeing]


I’ve been writing about sightseeing in Yangon, Myanmar every day and every night. This is Takaki.


Today, I would like to report on the new water bus on the Yangon River, which I actually took.


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Yangon Waterbus Overview

Yangon Water Bus

Yangon’s water bus service had a ceremony regarding the launch of the service on October 5, 2017.


The route seems to be divided into three stages: the first stage is from Insein to Botha Town, the second stage is the route to Ngamoeyeik Creek, and the third stage is Thanlyin.


Tint Tint Myanmar Home Page:


Water bus route

operation route

This is the route I took at the water bus stop. The only one I found was between Insane and Botatown, so it is probably still only the first stage. There is a more beautiful map on the website.


Water Bus Time Table

Time Table

Timetable of the bus stop. I can’t read it because it’s in Myanmarese (laughs). The timetable from the Tint Tint website is as follows. I’ll skip it and just show the times between Insane and Pottatown.


Insane to Pottatown.

  • Depart from Insein 06:30 – Arrive at Pottertown 08:15

  • Depart from Insane at 07:00 – Arrive at Pottertown at 08:45

  • Depart from Insein at 08:30 – Arrive at Pottertown at 10:15

  • Depart from INSEIN at 09:00 – Arrive at POTTATOWN at 10:45

  • Depart from INSEIN at 10:45 – Arrive at POTTATOWN at 12:30

  • Depart from INSEIN at 12:00 – Arrive at POTTATOWN at 13:45

  • Depart from INSEIN at 13:30 – Arrive at POTTATOWN at 15:15

  • Depart from INSEIN at 15:20 – Arrive at POTTATOWN at 17:05

  • Depart from INSEIN at 16:30 – Arrive at POTTATOWN at 18:15

  • Depart from INSEIN at 17:00 – Arrive at POTTATOWN at 18:45

  • Depart from INSEIN at 18:30 – Arrive at Lanthit at 19:53

Potatown to Insane

  • Depart from Pottertown 07:15 – Arrive at Insane 08:45

  • Depart from Pottertown at 08:30 – Arrive at Insane at 10:15

  • Depart from Pottertown at 09:30 – Arrive at Insane at 11:15

  • Depart from Pottertown 10:30 – Arrive at Insane 12:15

  • Depart from Pottertown 11:30 – Arrive at Insane 13:15

  • Depart from Pottertown at 13:30 – Arrive at Insane at 15:15

  • Depart from Pottertown 14:30 – Arrive at Insane 16:15

  • Depart from Pottertown at 16:30 – Arrive at Insane at 18:15

  • Depart from Pottertown 17:15 – Arrive at Insane 19:00

  • Depart from Pota Town at 18:30 – Arrive at Kyee Myindaing at 19:22

There are also two or three express trains a day. For more information, please visit the website.


When I went there once on a weekday, for some reason they told me the last one left at 3 p.m. Times are subject to change due to holidays or adult circumstances, so it’s best to check before you go.


Water Bus Charter Service

Chartering Service

In addition, this water bus also offers a private charter service.


I actually took a ride on Yangon’s water bus service.

Fishing Man

I bought a ticket at the counter in the waiting area and killed time until the departure time. The photo shows us getting dinner at Yangon River.


Yangon River Sunset

The scenery from the Yangon River is quite impressive.


I was supposed to be on a water bus.

In the water bus

It was time to board the water bus. At this point, the only passengers were me and an old man who was eating peanuts.


In the water bus

The ship is quite luxurious, with terrace seats (?). 


Inside the water bus

After climbing the stairs to the second floor, there is an air conditioning room behind the control room. I thought it would be helpful since it seemed to be hot and humid during the ride.



Super treasure image. A picture of the cockpit of a water bus!


Yangon River

As I was strolling around the ship, a staff member stopped me and pointed outside. I had no idea what they were saying.


Beyond his pointing finger, I see another ship.


It’s getting closer and closer.


It’s adjacent to the ship I was on.


I understand now. The boat I’m on now is literally a bridge, but in reality I’m on the rickety boat in the photo.


In the actual water bus

People getting on the water bus.

Now it’s time to board the real water bus. The number of passengers from Pota Town had increased to about five.


In the water bus

Potatown was supposed to be the first stop, but there were already a few passengers on board.


Let’s go!

Yangon River

The Yangon River is a dirty river but quite wide. The scenery is magnificent.


deck (of a ship)

Arrived at the first transit point. The inside of the ship is fine on both sides, but if you sit in the middle, it is super hot because there is no wind. If you sit in the middle of the ship, it is very hot because there is no wind.


Young man on deck

A young man in charge of winding the rope.


Rope on deck

The rope is frayed in places and could break at any time.


In the water bus

It is the same as the buses in the Philippines, where old peddlers come in on the way.


Sky over Yangon

The sky of Yangon is close.


View of the other side of the river

If I look at ships passing by, I sometimes see ships that are clearly distorted.


Via Water Bus

How many transit points are there?


Behind the overpass

This is a rare image that I take when I do the bridge.



I passed under several bridges until I reached my final destination, Insane.


gangway bridge

Arrived at Insein. The speed of the water bus was slower than I expected. Because of that, I didn’t have much shaking like I was getting sick on the boat.