Xiaomi Shop at Manila Gateway Mall is a new store with a wide range of in-store items


This is Takagi, whose Xiaomi smart home appliance fever has not cooled down lately.


Today, I visited the Xiaomi store at the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City, Manila, following my last visit to SM City North.


If people want to buy Xiaomi’s smart appliances but want to try them in their hands, it would be good for them to see various demo units and actual products.


However, as a precaution, it is best to check beforehand if the outlet type is Philippine-specification. If it is a Chinese specification, you will need to purchase an additional adapter.


The selection of products is unmatched by the Xiaomi store in SM North.

gateway mall

I often go to the Gateway Mall in Cubao, but I didn’t know there was a Xiaomi store there.


My expectation was that it would be tucked away in a corner of the floor, but when I went to the third floor, I found that it had opened with a bang, shoulder to shoulder with the Apple and Samsung stores.


There were flowers on display to commemorate the opening, so I guess it hasn’t been open long. (In the Philippines, they don’t take down decorations even after Christmas, so it’s possible that the flowers were left unattended.


Xiaomi’s smart lights, smart rice cookers, smart vacuum cleaners, smart air purifiers, etc.

Xiaomi’s smart lights

Smart Light

This is the bedside version of the smart LED light I mentioned earlier. 2,290 pesos.


Smart Stand

Smart Stand. 1,590 pesos.


Smart LED Bulb

This is the popular Smart LED bulb, 600 lumens, 9W, a little low on horsepower! 899 pesos.


みなさんこんにちは、Macbook全快宣言をしたものの未だに(Macの)調子が悪い高木です。 今日は、マニラのケソン市の巨大ショッピングモール「SMノースエドサ」に行った時に、シャオミという中国の家電メーカーの店があったので、それをシ...


Smart appliances that make you smart

Smart Scales

Smart scales. Will it make us smarter?


Smart cookware

Smart Kettle

Smart kettle. 1,699 pesos. Temperature control, wifi connection, bluetooth connection.


Inside of Smart Kettle


The inside of the kettle is also not just plastic. This may be a good option for those who are not comfortable with the plastic inside of local kettles.


Reference: What is the cause of the plastic smell of water boiled in an electric kettle? Is it bad for you? [JPN]



Smart Rice Cooker

Of course, there is also the smart rice cooker. 3,999 pesos.


Smart rice cooker contents


The accessories are like this. A steamer for siomai is also included. The kanji character for “thick pot” must have been written by Mr. Naito (lol).


I forgot to check the power supply as well, but from the pictures, it looks like it can’t be plugged directly into a Philippine outlet, so you’ll need an adapter.


みなさんこんにちは、Macbook全快宣言をしたものの未だに(Macの)調子が悪い高木です。 今日は、マニラのケソン市の巨大ショッピングモール「SMノースエドサ」に行った時に、シャオミという中国の家電メーカーの店があったので、それをシ...


Smart Indoor Appliances

Smart Air Purifier

The big one in the back is the Smart Air Purifier, which can purify air up to 60sqm.


The two colorful units in the foreground are Smart Air Purifier Mini, which I didn’t see in the catalog. 1,290 pesos.


Smart Vacuum Cleaners

The Mi Robot Vacuum is a smart vacuum cleaner; I couldn’t try it out at SM North, but there’s a dedicated space here where I can try it out.


さて、今日もシャオミの「Authorized Mi ストア」に行った際のシャオミグッズを解説していきたいと思います。 マニラ在住でお掃除をメイドさんにお願いしている家庭もあるかと思いますが、どうしても付きまとうのが、「盗難」。 ...


Xiaomi’s smart gadgets, smart suitcases, smart vehicles, etc.

Smart Suitcase

Smart Suitcase

Smart suitcase. This one is 28 inches and costs 4,995 pesos. It seems to be less fragile than a bad local suitcase.


Smart Suitcase


Smart suitcases are available in large, medium and small sizes.

Small (20 inches): 2,995 pesos
Medium (24 inches): 3,595 pesos
Large (28 inches): 4,995 pesos

100% polycarbonate polyester with TSA lock.



Smart Gadgets

Smart Wi-Fi


Wifi Repeater 2, 399 pesos, is a gadget that relays wifi signals, receiving wifi signals from cafes and other places and then sending another wifi signal from there.

It is said that if you are far away from the Wifi router and the signal sensitivity is poor, it is better to put a Wifi repeater in between.


Reference: Is your home Wi-Fi weak? How to choose and recommend 6 Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) repeaters, and how to use (connect and set up) them. [JPN]


Smart Camera

It’s a smart camera, a small camera like a GoPro that you can take everywhere with you.

I’m getting tired of taking pictures with my phone, so this is a product I’m secretly aiming for.


Smart Electric Toothbrush


Smart electric toothbrush.

It has three cleaning modes and a unique sensor.

3.7 volts 2 watts, IPX7 waterproof. 700mAh battery capacity.

Body: 1,599 pesos, toothbrush head is 495 pesos.



Smart Mobile Battery

Smart mobile battery. I like the one for walking around town, so I prefer the 449 peso one, the second one from the right in my hand.


The 499 peso one is 5000mAh, but it’s 9.9mm thin and supports fast charge, so it’s better in specs than the one I bought at MINISO.


祝日は早く起きて有意義に過ごすはずが、毎回昼頃まで寝てしまう高木です。 今日は、先週行ってきた深セン観光のマニラ出発までを記事にしたいと思います。 フィリピン旅行税 日本では空港税を徴収するとかしないとかで話題になって...


Smart Extension Cord

Smart extension outlet. 445 pesos.

I thought it would be a recommended product because the price is comparable to what you would pay locally, although the outlet holes are not Philippine specific.

I don’t think it will sell very well because there is a problem with the gimmicky part of the extension cord (laughs).


Smart Vehicle

Smart Kickboard

This kind of smart vehicle is also one of the features of Xiaomi.

  • Smart Skater (Mi Electric Scooter): 18,995 pesos
  • Smart Electric Bike (Mi QiCYCLE Electric Bike): 26,995 pesos
  • Smart Segway (Mi Ninebot Mini): 19,500 pesos


How to get to the Xiaomi Shop Gateway

LRT Line 2 to Xiaomi Shop

LRT Cubao Station

To get to the Xiaomi Gateway store from the LRT, take the exit on the Gateway side and enter the Gateway directly.


From there, cross UNIQLO and go down one floor to the lower level.


gateway mall

Go into the corridor next to the apparel store called MANGO on the third floor where Starbucks is located. Then you will see an Apple Store on your left and a Xiaomi store behind it.


Take a cab or private car to the Xiaomi store.

Gateway Mall Exit

If you are driving to the Xiaomi store, take the main exit of the Gateway. Accenture is also a tenant at Gateway.


アクセンチュア フィリピン【みんなのフィリピン海外就職】
アクセンチュア フィリピン概要 世界56ヶ国200都市以上に拠点を持つ世界最大の経営コンサルティングファーム。同時にIBMに次ぐ、システムの設計、運用、開発を手がけるITコンサル企業でもあります。 アクセンチュア - フィリピン...


In front of Gateway Mall

There is also an outdoor parking lot behind the KIA Theater in front of the building, next to Shop Wise.


Isetan Kubao

From near the main entrance of the Gateway, you can see the Isetan Cubao store.


COCO Milk Tea

If you take the escalator at the main entrance, you will find the very popular Coco. If you take the escalator to the third floor, you will see the Apple Store and the Xiaomi Shop next to it.


Take the MRT or bus to the Xiaomi store.

Xiaomi Shop Map

To get to the Xiaomi store from the MRT or bus, first get off at the Cubao station.


Then Farmer’s Plaza, then Araneta Coliseum, then Gateway Mall, all without getting wet!


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さて、今日もシャオミの「Authorized Mi ストア」に行った際のシャオミグッズを解説していきたいと思います。 マニラ在住でお掃除をメイドさんにお願いしている家庭もあるかと思いますが、どうしても付きまとうのが、「盗難」。 ...
みなさんこんにちは、Macbook全快宣言をしたものの未だに(Macの)調子が悪い高木です。 今日は、マニラのケソン市の巨大ショッピングモール「SMノースエドサ」に行った時に、シャオミという中国の家電メーカーの店があったので、それをシ...
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