The reaction of the immigration officer at Yangon airport without a visa. How I connected to the internet and power, bought a SIM card, and withdrew cash from an ATM


Hello everyone, this is Takagi reporting from Yangon, Myanmar.


Today, I’ve compiled a list of things to do when you land at Yangon Airport from my personal perspective.


Please also check if you can enter the country without a visa, which has recently been lifted.


Can I enter Myanmar without a visa?

Myanmarese immigration

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I went through the Myanmar immigration with trepidation.


I didn’t write the Arrival Card because it was a troublesome process, and just handed my passport to the immigration officer.


“How long will you be in Myanmar?”


“2 weeks”


That was enough of an exchange. I passed through immigration easily. I really only needed my passport and didn’t even show my return ticket.


There was a lot of mixed information about needing $1,000 or a credit card to enter the country, but in reality it was a simple matter.


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However, it’s good because I’m the one with the good face (laughs), and maybe if someone else goes there, they might be treated differently, so I hope this is just for your reference.


Find Wi-FI and power supply at Yangon Airport

Yangon Airport

After clearing customs at the Yangon airport, I headed to find Wi-Fi and a power source.


If you ask your hotel to pick you up and drop you off, it’s door-to-door from the airport to your hotel, but for a cost-conscious, information-gathering person like me, it’s hard to leave even when I arrive at the airport, a treasure chest of information.


Yangon Airport KFC

First of all, I found a KFC as I had researched beforehand. The Yangon airport has the arrival and departure gates side by side, so the coverage rate of the store check is quite high.


Sure, KFC had a high counter and a low counter, but neither of them were powered.


When I asked the waitress, she said it was turned off, so don’t count on KFC’s power supply.


Also, although KFC’s Wi-FI was working, I could not connect to the Internet, probably due to poor maintenance, which greatly disappointed me.


Yangon Airport Cafe

The next stop was a trendy café called CRAFT.


Power supply in cafes

As rumored, there was a power outlet under the counter seat. It was OK to check the power supply, and there were about 6 or 7 of them, so it seemed like they were always available.


However, the clerk also told me that there is no Wi-FI.


Yangon Airport Wi-Fi

After that, I connected to the airport WiFi. However, it seems that I need an access code. It’s indicated that I can get it at the counter, so I head to the airport information counter.


At the counter, I was greeted by a cute Myanmar staff member with a smile and told that I could use the service for 1000 kyat for 30 minutes. I told them that I would consider it, and left, but after some time, when I was ready to buy, they told me that it was not available.


It’s a common thing in Asia, so I didn’t get into it too much (laughs).



Other than that, there is no WIFI, but there is a Gongcha on the right as you exit the Arrival with three power outlets.


Myanmar Restaurant

There is also Kel’s Kitchen in front of Gongcha, which has about 10 power outlets at the counter. This article was written here (laughs).


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How to buy a SIM card at Yangon Airport

SIm card counter

There are three sim card companies at Yangon Airport. telenor and ooredoo on the left side of the photo.


SIM Card Price List

Here is the price list for telenor.


SIM Card Price List

This is the price list of ooredoo. 3GB plan seemed to be a good deal, so I signed up.


Mytel Counter

Mytel is located right after customs, and I didn’t notice it at first because it’s in the back of the crowd, so I made a flying purchase of oorendoo, but I would have chosen this place if I had known about it because it’s inconspicuous, there’s no line, and the staff is very friendly (laughs).


SIM Card Price List

Here is MYTEL’s price list at the airport: 10,000 kyat for 5GB of internet and 2,500 kyat worth of recharge. A bit expensive, isn’t it?

The 2,500 chats worth of recharge can be applied to 2GB worth of internet later, so you can think of it as 7GB if you only use the internet.


The story of buying a mytel SIM card in Yangon City.

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Withdrawing local currency chat at an ATM in Yangon Airport

Yangon Airport

The next step was to withdraw local currency at an ATM. I tried the ATM in the middle of the first floor of the airport. Incidentally, there is an information center on the left of the photo.


ATM screen

First, insert a cash card or debit card that supports overseas withdrawals into the ATM.


ATM screen

I will then be asked for your PIN.


ATM screen

After that, the menu will come up and I’ll choose one. At this time, I chose 50,000. The display seems to change depending on the card.


ATM screen

Choose whether or not to receive a receipt.


ATM screen

Here’s a note about withdrawing local currency: if you use a non-AYA bank card, you will be charged a fee, and if you use an AYA credit card, you will be charged a cash advance fee.


ATM screen

After confirming the precautions, the procedure will proceed.


ATM screen

Pull out the card, wait for the cash to come out, count the number of cards when it comes out, and put it in your pocket.


ATM screen

The procedure is complete.



I will receive a receipt.


Outdoors at Yangon Airport (bus, grab, cab)

Yangon Airport

When I stepped out of Yangon Airport, I was greeted by a landscape without a single skyscraper. There is a pedestrian bridge in the middle that separates the two sides.


Grab cab stand

Yangon Airport Grab Stop

There is a grab station under that footbridge, so it is best to wait here when you call for a grab.


Bus from Yangon Airport to the city

bus stop

I looked for a bus to take me to Yangon city, but for some reason all I found were buses with unknown destinations.


bus stop

However, I spotted a brand new bus on the other side of the footbridge!


Bus route map

The route from Yangon International Airport to the Central Railway Station is as follows.

  1. Yangon International Airport
  2. 8 Mile Junction
  3. Yangon Hotel
  4. Nawadai Cinema
  5. Kabar Aye Pagoda
  6. Sedona Hotel
  7. Myanmar Plaza
  8. Melia Hotel
  9. Shwe Gone Dine
  10. Shwe Gone Dine
  11. Sheddagon Pagoda
  12. Zoo Logical Garden
  13. Park Royal Hotel
  14. Tamade Cinema
  15. Shangri-la Hotel
  16. Sule Square
  17. Sule Pagoda
  18. Yangon Railway Station

Bus route map

The routes from Yangon International Airport to the Central Railway Station (via Pyay Road) are as follows

  1. Yangon International Airport
  2. 9 Miles Ocean
  3. 8 Miles Junction
  4. 7 Miles Hotel
  5. Adi Junction
  6. Lotte Hotel
  7. Innya Kan Boung
  8. KBZ Headquarters
  9. Junction Square
  10. Dagon Center
  11. Tawin Center
  12. City Mall
  13. General Hospital
  14. Junction City
  15. Yangon Railway Station


Yangon Airport Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus signage

There seems to be a shuttle bus connecting the airport every 15 to 20 minutes. It was on the right side of the pedestrian bridge.


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