How to get from Manila (NAIA Terminal 3, Quezon City) to Angeles by stress-free P2P bus


Hello everyone. Today I’ve been taking the TOEIC test in Angeles, Pampanga Province, Philippines the other day.

In the past, the main way for going from Manila to Angeles was to take a high-way bus from Pasay or Kubao Bus Terminal. However, P2P buses are recommended for passenger as they do with conventional highway buses, and they have plenty of seating space, so they can be sent along a comfortable bus route.

▽Introducing Kubao Bus Terminal with photos and maps▽

マニラに語学留学や観光で来て、いざ遠出するとなるとバスを使います。 有名な観光地はネットですぐ行き方を調べることができますが、マイナー観光地となると、なかなか情報が露出していないのが現実です。 今日はそんな観光難民の方々に、クバ...


I would like to introduce the timetables and stops of P2P buses from various parts of Manila, including directions from the Trinoma in Quezon City. Even if you look at the bus company’s website, it is difficult to understand the platform, or the platform moves without your knowledge, so you can get the latest information by looking at this article.


Route when traveling from Manila to Angeles by P2P bus

If you travel from Manila to Angeles by P2P bus, get on the bus of a bus company called Genesis Transport Service and get off at SM City Clark Mall in the Angeles area. This SM City Clark Mall is an important base for sightseeing in Angeles, so it’s a good idea to remember the approximate location.


Also speaking of Angeles, the range is wide and walking streets, Fields Avenue, Perimeter and Friendship, famous for the entertainment district with go-go bars, are also in the Angeles area. The Jacson University that received the TOEIC was also in this Angeles area.


Now, if you look at the Genesis website, the P2P bus to SM City Clark is as follows. Since Lubao is not Manila, I will omit it, but in the next section I would like to share about each platform.

  • Trinoma – SM Clark
  • NAIA 3 – SM Clark
  • Ortigas – SM Clark
  • Lubao – SM Clark

P2P Buses


From Quezon City Trinoma to SM Clark

[Platform 1] P2P bus stop on the Ayala Mall side

[Platform 2] Front of Genesis Bus Office

[Platform 3] on the Trinoma side

The P2P bus stop from Quezon City’s Trinoma to SM Clark is as above. Basically I think it will be landing 1, but because it is the Philippines, it will not be strange when the landing is changed.


At first, I thought that there was a P2P bus stop on the west side of Trinoma, that was why I went on the landmark side by taxi. However, it was relocated.


The relocation information board was also difficult to understand, and I thought there was a platform within the Ayala Mall site. Can you see the platform? I left the Trinoma entrance again and headed to the landing.


In the first place, it is a mystery why there is a timetable from Clark Airport to Trinoma. On that day, P2P buses departed at 11:00 and 12:00. According to the Genesis Bus website, it appears every hour.

Reference:P2P Buses(Origin: Trinoma Destination: SM Clarkの個所)


In addition, P2P buses of HM Transport and German Espiritu Liner seem to be operating.


You will pay 230 pesos to SM Clark. Unlike the local bus, there is a spacious seating space inside the car. There is also a power supply USB in front of you. This is a great specification for power refugees like me. Because it is the Philippines, I was able to recharge it without any actual use. I can’t say if I can use 100% from other seats (bitter smile).


I thought the bus would go north on Mindanao Avenue, but made a U-turn just before the intersection with North Avenue. Go south between Trinoma and Ayala Mall and go to Edsa and go north. Turn right on North Avenue, stop in front of the Genesis office, and carry several passengers.

I think that I will finally go to the destination with an additional passenger, but I will stop at an unchanging side next to the trinoma and carry more passengers. I think this last stop is probably irregular. Basically, I think it’s the way to get on from Mindanao Avenue or the front of the Genesis office.


The question is where to get on from the two platforms, but Mindanao Street is in a remote area, so there is no place for toilets or snacks. In other words, is there UCC across the road? There is a waiting area in front of the Genesis office, so it is comfortable to wait, but it is the second stop, so there is a high possibility that seats are not available.

Therefore, it is better to get on the Mindanao Street boarding place even if it is somewhat inconvenient because there is less possibility of being denied boarding.


This is the timetable for SM Clark. It seems to go to Clark Airport via SM Clark. The fee is 230 pesos for SM Clark and 280 pes for Clark Airport.


From Manila Airport Terminal 3 to SM Clark

According to the website, Bay 14 is the P2P bus stop from Manila Airport Terminal 3 to SM Clark. The photo shows Google Street View, and the Genesis bus is stopped. The charge is 430 pesos with toilet and 380 pesos without toilet.


This is a photo I took when I returned to Myanmar in 2018. I didn’t think it would be useful in such a place.


Timetable of P2P bus from NAIA terminal 3 to Clark Airport via SM Clark.


From Ortigas to SM Clark

The P2P bus from Ortigas to SM Clarke used to leave from the location in the picture above, north of Robinsons Galleria. Currently, the boarding place may have changed, so I would like to investigate by looking at the time. In addition, there was no possibility that it was abandoned because there was nothing from Ortigas in the timetable that was in SM Clark.


Angeles travel after SM Clark

After arriving at SM Clark, you can hang around the SM Clark or go directly to the destination in Angeles. Grab is difficult to bite, but is in operation. There are few taxis. There is a jeepney platform called Main Gate Terminal in front of SM Clark and a jeepney and tricycle platform called Check Point along 21st.

Tricycles crawl tourists more than expected, so you should basically travel by jeepney or grab.

In addition, there is an area patrol bus as shown in the above picture from SM Clark, so you can use it.

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