Best affordable hotel in Angeles and other recommended hotels


Hello everyone. Today, I am going to introduce Angeles, the Philippines. As you know, I took TOEIC in Angeles the other day, so I would like to share my impressions of the hotel I stayed in.

I hope that it will be helpful for those who will take the TOEIC in Angeles but don’t decide where to stay.


Hotel Features Near Angeles

Angeles is not for a backpacker who wants to save money, but there are few dormitory-type accommodations with lots of bunk beds in one room like Manila Malate, because foreigners who have money can stay for a long time.

In addition, since the number of accommodation facilities is still insufficient, good hotels will soon be filled up. If you find a good hotel, it is good to make a reservation early.


I did not stay this time, but here are some hotels that are popular with Japanese people. A little expensive, but you can use the facilities of a luxury hotel in a big city at a low price.

Hotel America

Hotel America has a colorful appearance. There was an image of a luxury hotel, but depending on the day, there are rooms with 1,000 pesos. In addition, there is a bathtub in the bathtub, so it is a perfect hotel for people who want to soak in hot water (MAP).

Hotel America


ABC Hotel

This is a genuine luxury hotel. The rooftop bar in the new building has a pool and you might be pleased if you come with a couple (MAP).

ABC Hotel


DENNISON hotel near TOEIC venue

I stayed in this DENNISON hotel in the first day. The hotel is conveniently located 8 minutes on foot from Jocson University at TOEIC. I went while searching on the Google map of the smartphone on the day, but the place is suitable and I feel that I finally arrived after hitting the hotel area. It came out in one shot when searching on a computer.

Although this hotel was decided immediately because it was near the venue, as a result, it was the most recommended hotel for this TOEIC expedition.


The hotel rooms are very 550 pesos per night. After being guided to the room after check-in, the staff will check what is in the room on the checklist and ask for a signature, so make sure to check for expensive ones.

One power supply for each step and bedside. For me who watch a smartphone before going to bed, the point is quite high. The deposit was 2,000 pesos at check-in.


The whole hotel is still a new construction, and there is some smell of chemicals. The bathroom has an integrated toilet and shower. The bath towel was also soft.


There are 2nd and 3rd floors, but they haven’t opened yet. I think there is a Philippines, and I’m taking the approach of opening from the beginning. You can see the surroundings from the rooftop.


There may be other platforms, but I saw a tricycle waiting in the red frame on the above map (orange is the hotel). If the return trip to the hotel is troublesome, use it. From the hotel, you can call a sink tricycle or a Grab car, a Grab taxi, or a Grab trike.


Recommended points

  • Good cost performance
  • Blanket is soft


  • The map is difficult to understand
  • Hard to reserve
  • There are wild dogs around
  • There is nothing to separate the outside from the inside (anyone can put in)
  • Construction odor

DENNISON Hotel booking


Hotel Saleh, the strongest transportation access

I stayed at this hotel Saleh (MAP) because TOEIC was over and I was going to return to Manila that day. There is SM Clark and the main gate terminal that is a hub for public transportation within walking distance, so transportation is very good.


Make a reservation at Agoda and pay the room rate on the day. I had to make a reservation confirmation in advance because the cancellation fee was free, and if I left it, I was told that only the toilet / shower room was available. It was about 1,000 pesos per night.

There was no problem because the room itself was listening to air conditioning and Wi-Fi, but because there was no outlet at the bedside, we had to use the rough work of bringing the bed to the wall.


Shared washbasin, toilet / shower. Reminiscent of Hiji stayed in Bangkok.

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Also, because there was a security box, I thought for a moment, but the key was closed. Someone set a password, close it and check it out. The time is flowing without knowing where the master key has gone.


There is also a Korean restaurant on the first floor. Recommended ramen 120 pesos and rice 20 pesos. Kimchi is also included, so you will be full.


Recommended points

  • Good transportation
  • There is a restaurant on the first floor


  • Old room
  • Mysterious reservation system
  • There is a shared bathroom

Hotel Salah


Tometa Hotel in Premeta where you can smoke in your room

It was this Tomobe Hotel that I stayed on the last day. Although it is a Nikkei hotel by name, it seems that it is not currently Nikkei because it was sold. It is a little far from SM Clark and the main gate terminal, and you need to make full use of jeepneys and tricycles.

The main gate along 21th Street was said to be 100 pesos by tricycle, but it was discounted to 80 pesos. Basically, if you ride a jeepney for Friendship, you can go for 9 pesos.


The room has a unique design and I find it difficult to find an outlet (laughs). The outlet at the bedside failed and did not move.

Also, since a bad smell drifts from the bathroom drainage, it would be better for nervous people to replace the room.


There are many wooden sculptures on each floor. Was it the hobby of Tomobe-san? My favorite is jaguar sculpture.


There is a security box in the chest, but this too is locked and cannot be opened. Also, there were 110V and 220V cautionary notes next to the old remnants or outlets.


This Tomobe Hotel can also go to the rooftop. Admire the views of the neighboring hotel pool and surroundings.


Agoda is 1,449.78 pesos per night. Walk-in is 2,000 pesos (I stayed in Room 202). We were able to smoke with window and were comfortable.

Recommended points

  • With refrigerator
  • Smoking room available


  • Old room
  • There is a room with a dirty bathroom