Pick up restaurants and spots recommended in Makati Central Square, a place for citizens to relax!


Hello everyone. Today is an introduction to Makati Central Square, which is a favorite place for Manila. Previously it was called Makati Cinema Square, but I was surprised that it was renamed Central Square before long, but for the time being I think it will continue to be called nickname Makati Cinema Square. Because Pasay Road was so. However, the abbreviation is MCS, so it has not changed.

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If you’ve been there, you’ll know, but the interior of Central Square is quite complex. You will get lost every time you go, so you can feel fresh, but if you have a shop you want, it won’t accumulate. So, today I will try to visualize the details of each floor with a floor map.


Overview of Makati Central Square

For those of you who don’t know about the newly renovated Makati Central Square (MCS), MCS is one of the oldest malls in Makati (other Manila’s long-established malls are reminiscent of Harrison Plaza). . MCS was mainly owned by the Philippine conglomerate Rufino family. The mall was first opened as a Makati Cinema Square in April 1982 and celebrated its 37th anniversary this year. Since its opening, MCS has been loved by people in Manila as a place where they can shop, eat, and reunite with loved ones.


The main facilities in the building include unique products such as gun shooting ranges, archery grounds, judo dojos, restaurants and food kiosks, supermarkets, hobby shops, apparel, gadgets, printing presses, banks, salons, bookstores, lotteries, etc. It attracts shoppers at the stores they handle. There is also a boxing ring / event space on the top floor and a retro record shop for audio enthusiasts.


Makati Central Square is currently undergoing renovation work, and after refurbishment, it will surely attract shoppers of all ages as it is old and unique. You can expect MCS after renovation. As for this year, the interior, layout, and design have been reworked to create an 80s atmosphere, and various shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and bowling centers are now open. A new underground gallery has also opened.


MCS currently houses a number of Ukay Ukay shops that acquire used clothing from around the world and sell them for a fraction of the price. In addition to this, there are plans to increase the number of stores and restaurants that offer Korean, Japanese, and local dishes such as JT’s Manukan, Akitaya, Samurai Steak House and Wabisabi for the family, and government brunch. is.



Makati Central Square outer circumference


A popular izakaya on the outer perimeter of MCS. Little Tokyo is also right in front of you, and it’s popular that you can get in the car and get into the store right away.

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Wabisabi noodle house

This ramen shop in Quezon City as well. Healthy menus made with organic products are popular. There is also a sweets shop that mainly uses shaved ice.

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Makati Central Square UG

I remember that MCS had UG (upper ground floor) and LG (lower ground floor). Considering UG as the ground floor, there are many tenants as shown below.


food court

If you go UG south, there is a food court. The number of stores was small before, but it is gradually increasing. Among them, there were Thai food stalls, so here are the menus.

  • Wonton Thai noodles: 90 pesos
  • Pad Thai: 130 pesos
  • Meat dumpling Thai noodles: 100 pesos
  • Khaw Krug Kapi: 160 pesos
  • Beef Thai noodles: 120 pesos
  • Khaw Pad Kai: 180 pesos
  • Mix special: 130 pesos
  • Khaw Pad Kung: 160 pesos
  • Chicken Thai noodles: 110 pesos
  • Khaw Pad Poo: 160 pesos

You can eat pad thai that is popular in Thai cuisine and Thai noodles that you sometimes eat on a Thai trip at a relatively low price (compared to other Thai restaurants).

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Makati Central Square LG

U Cafe

Ucafe was on the 2nd floor before, but it was withdrawn. . . I just moved to another place in the building. The readers taught me where to go, so I will first introduce how to get there. First, turn left at the location of the above image. Just because I was in Osaka, I entered the building and went straight past Akitaya.


Then you will come to the passage with the entrance of the condominium on your left. Walk straight down the stairs. I never thought that there was a condominium entrance in such a place, but if I lived in a condo on the upper floor here, Little Tokyo was close and I thought it was super convenient, so the entrance was It was good just to be found. The doorway at the back of the photo was closed on this day, but it was open as follows when we went later.

An entrance directly from the outside and an entertainment bar (possibly KTV) in front of you cafe.


It is a U cafe. This is a new store, although it is slightly different from what you imagined. The name is clearly written as “U cafe”. The rest depends on whether you can smoke following the previous store.


The inside of the store was quite unique. There was a tropical foliage plant, and a rare and valuable TV camera was exhibited. The Manila newspaper was sold at 80 pesos, and other Manila free papers were also placed, so it may be a good base for collecting information on Manila. Of course I was able to smoke and I had a power supply so I could charge my smartphone.


The menu is just a café, mainly drinks and snacks. Just like when you were on the second floor, it’s perfect for a short break or a meeting.

Fruit shake

  • Banana, mango, carrot, melon: 80 pesos

I really care about carrot shake.


  • Ham and cheese: 140 pesos
  • Club house: 165 pesos
  • Tuna: 115 pesos
  • Hot cake: 85 pesos (2), 125 (3)
  • French toast: 85 pesos (2), 125 pesos (3)

There are hot cakes everywhere, but French toast is quite rare. The owners can imagine that the Filipino staff has been trained quite a bit because of the difficult image of cooking eggs and cooking over time.


  • Sausage and bacon: 215 pesos
  • Tuna Puttanesca: 225 pesos
  • Vongole: 215 pesos
  • Shrimp Scampi: 225 pesos
  • Amatriciana: 215 pesos

Maniac pastas such as Puttanesca and Amatriciana are also available.


  • Italian fresh: 175 pesos
  • Tuna and egg: 205 pesos
  • Grilled chicken: 195 pesos

The tuna and eggs are overtaking the price of chicken.

Hot Drink

  • ドリップコーヒー:65ペソ
  • カフェラテ:75ペソ
  • カプチーノ:80ペソ
  • ホットティー:80ペソ
  • ホットチョコ:65ペソ

Cold Drink

  • Ice coffee: 70 pesos
  • Ice coffee latte: 80 pesos
  • Ice mocha: 80 pesos
  • Ice chocolate blend: 90 pesos
  • Ice tea: 60 pesos
  • Milk: 90 pesos
  • Juice: 70 pesos
  • Bottled water: 50 pesos


  • Coke Light, Coke, Fanta, Sprite: 50 pesos


In addition, there are the following notes under the menu. I feel like it has become a hangout for Japanese people, probably because they smoke and feel comfortable. Please be careful when visiting the store.

* After ordering, the staying time will be up to 2 hours, and in case of extension, 100 pesos will be charged every hour.

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There is a Japanese restaurant, Akita-ya, just after going straight into the building and going straight ahead from Osaka MANMARU. I’ve never been there because of looks so high.

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Makati Central Square 2nd floor

There was nothing new on the second floor, but there was an SSS branch.


Makati Central Square 3rd floor

Go to the 3rd floor and you will arrive at the billiard playing area. I think it’s hard to find the stairs going up to the third floor. The charges are as follows.

  • Tables 1 and 3 to 13: 250 pesos per hour
  • Table 2: 330 pesos / hour
  • Table 14 to 20: 220 pesos per hour


There is a bowling alley in the back of the pool table. It’s surprisingly large, so it’s good to do it with your family.

Price for 1 person

  • Monday to Friday (from 10:00 to 16:49): 130 pesos per game
  • Monday to Friday (from 17:00 to 00:00): 160 pesos per game
  • Saturday (from 10:00 to 00:00): 160 pesos per game
  • Sunday (from 10:00 to 23:00): 130 pesos per game
  • Shoes rental: 35 pesos


If you can’t find the stairs to the billiards or bowling alley, enter the elevator hall on the way to U Cafe and go to the 3rd floor on the left elevator to get there immediately.


Makati Central Square B1F

Rifle range

There is a gun shooting range near Super 8. No one was shooting that day, and it seemed like several Filipinos hang out. The fee is 1,000 pesos for residents in the Philippines and 1,500 pesos for foreigners. The price includes 9mm guns and 50 ammunition, target and armor usage fees. ID card (passport for foreigners) is required for use. Anyone who has an Icard will be considered a resident if they have an Icard.


Near the shooting range, there is also an archery practice range on the escalator side.


MANPUKU steak house

On the 8th floor of the Super 8 there is this Japanese restaurant, “MANPUKU Steak House”. If you are not conscious of it, it will be difficult to find. There are a lot of fencing grounds and gun shops nearby, and stores are located in an area that creates a slightly unique atmosphere.