Breakfast with Three Kinds of Meat at the Super Local Market “Prakanon Market” near On Nut


Hello everyone. Tea cage@Bangkok. Today, there is a local market near the hotel where I stayed, so I actually went there.


Overview of the Plakanon market

It’s not so often that visitors to cities like Bangkok can get up close to their lively local food market. That makes Plakanon a lively and fun area. The old and new co-exist, and that is exactly the case in the Plakanon market along the canal near the Phra Khanong Pier.


Map and directions

The Phra Khanong market is in the area where the Chalong Lat Expressway, Sukhumvit Road and Phra Khanong Canal intersect.


I went from Big C this time. Proceeding along the Sukhumvit towards the canal, you will see the local shopping street entrance.


I thought the local shopping street was the Plakanon market, but the market is across the river and beyond. Cross the other side using the bridge.


There are two entrances on the Sukhumvit side. There are other entrances, but it is easy to understand if you aim for these two.


business hours

There is only a market and it is quick to close. It is best to go in the morning.

  • Business hours: From 8:00 to 18:00


State of Plakanon market

The peculiar smell of meat on the market. I feel like I came to the market.

The scent of raw meat on display and the scent of seafood in a bucket of ice create an aroma that cannot be said to be anything. Unless the visitor plans to cook, the market is basically a great place to take photos and see how many local people are shopping for groceries.


Fruit is probably cheap. As I thought, there are a lot of products with price tags, and even tourists do not need unnecessary negotiations.


There are no tourists. A local kitchen that is rooted in the local community.

This back market is certainly not as good as Chatuchak Market, and in fact there is nothing here that other market visitors expect. Instead, these alleys have a random assortment of clothes for men and women, vendors selling a variety of Thai food, children’s toys, and home decor. There are also cheap hair salons and barbers among these stalls if visitors want to have a haircut.


Another thing that is different from the market is that it is in a residential area, so there are apartments and condominiums next to it.


So if you go a little further, there are many apartments, and there are many parking lots that seem to be for residents.


Local rice at Phra Khanong market

Basically I prefer to eat at the local cafeteria during my trip, so I ate breakfast at this Prakanon market this day as well.


I can’t understand the language, so I’m pointing at what other customers are eating. I was asked to choose between thin noodles or thick noodles, so I chose thick noodles.

A luxurious dish containing chicken surimi, beef and pork. It was 50 baht.