A collection of blogs and Twitter feeds that provide a glimpse into the 100% honest salaries, overtime, and lives of local hires in Thailand


Hello everyone, today I’m going to introduce one of Asian employment editions for everyone, the Thailand edition.

There may be many people who are currently in Japan or neighboring countries but would like to work as a local employee in Thailand. However, this is a foreign country, and it goes without saying that things are different from Japan.

However, I would like to share a personal blog that mentions the differences and points to keep in mind about local employment in Thailand, following the example of studying in the Philippines.


Thailand Local Employment Blog

Mr. Panary’s Walking Guide to Thailand

Ms. Panary has worked not only at a factory in Thailand but also at a call center. He is now married to a Thai and living a happy life in Thailand. Other articles such as “How to identify black Japanese companies to be careful when finding a job in Thailand [JPN]” and other articles that will help you find a job in Thailand.

<Excerpts from the reference section>

The most troublesome are Thai people who are very proud and do not admit to mistakes or blame a third party for their mistakes (my impression is that this is mainly the case with female manager class). While they are good at their jobs and are elite, they hate to have their mistakes pointed out to them.

I think the above excerpt can be said for all of Southeast Asia. They are prideful and make excuses when you point out their mistakes. They don’t listen to you, even when you try to tell them logically. Repeating the same story. Lack of consistency in the conversation, etc.


I also managed a Filipino manager, and it was quite a challenge. I think that locally hired managers who manage local staff should be paid higher salaries than in Japan, because it is even more difficult than in Japan.

  • Name: Mr. Panary
  • Age: ?
  • Current Occupation: Salesman
  • Period: 2018-
  • Thailand Workplace: Japanese company in the manufacturing industry (specifically, automobile-related)

Reference: My honest impression of working as a local hire in Thailand for one year. [JPN]


Chai Cup Bangkok – Find a job in Thailand, work in Thailand

A logical article explaining local hiring in Thailand from the perspective of Maslow’s five levels of needs (physiological, safety, social, approval, and self-actualization).

Having worked as a local hire himself, this is a very compelling blog.

<Excerpts from the reference section>

So, I decided to use the company as my basic income, living expenses, and rice work, and switched to a life of going home on time and quickly.

The above is also exactly right. I wonder about companies that come to foreign countries and impose Japanese customs on them. If they’re going to impose their stupid customs on us, they should at least provide us with the same salary and treatment as in Japan.

  • Name: Mr. Chaikapu
  • Age: ?
  • Current Occupation: Parallel Worker
  • Period: December 2013-.
  • Thailand Workplace: From Japanese company to US-based foreign company in Thailand

Reference: The reality of local hiring in Thailand. [JPN]Difference between expatriates and local hires in Thailand [JPN]



IKE IKE Thailand

Mr. Yoshipee was born in Fukuoka and raised in Yokohama. After working as a shipbuilder in Japan for four years, he found a job in Thailand.

It seems that he had been working in Thailand for three years.

<Excerpts from the reference section>

Two days a week, the president and I would stay up drinking until 3 a.m., and the next day, of course, I had to go to work at 6 a.m. The only day off I have is from 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. That day goes by just washing the accumulated laundry.

In fact, after the above sentence, he mentioned that one of the good points was that he didn’t have to use his head because he worked according to what the president told him to do. I’m not sure if that’s a good point or if the brainwashing hasn’t been released yet (laughs).

By the way, the above is not a case of Yoshipi herself, but of his friend T.

  • Name: Yoshipi
  • Age: ?
  • Current occupation: ?
  • Period: ?
  • Thailand Workplace: Interior Design

Reference: Revealing the Real Reality of Being a Former Local Hire in Thailand! A Life of Suffering and the Retirement Rate [JPN]



Bangkok International Student Diary

The reference section below is moderately shocking, but the article is logical with a variety of diagrams and graphs. He originally completed the Intensive Thai Program at Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Letters in 2003, and went on to study Southeast Asian Studies at the university’s graduate school, earning a master’s degree in 2006.

<Excerpts from the reference section>

Many of the Japanese local hires are married to local prostitutes, and since it is rare for women who have left prostitution to find other jobs in Thailand, few households work together. Therefore, the income of one Japanese local hire is calculated here as the household income.


In addition, there have been quite a few negative comments about local hiring in Thailand, as shown below. This has been heavily debated in the comments section and is worth a look.

There is an old saying that Thailand’s low cost of living allows people to live comfortably even with a small salary, but this is not true. Encouraging others to work in Thailand is so irresponsible that it should be severely condemned by the public as an outrage tantamount to economic murder.

  • Name: Keiichi
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Current Occupation: Chairman of the executive committee of the labor union and in charge of export trade for overseas offices
  • Period: ?
  • Thailand Workplace: Machinery manufacturer

Reference: Detailed explanation of salary, children’s education expenses, and retirement pensions for local hires in Thailand.(



Let’s Enjoy Better Life

In fact, Masahiro has experience studying abroad in Cebu. He is currently working for a German company in Singapore, but he had been working as a local employee in Bangkok for about two years.

Of course, the salary in Singapore is higher than in Thailand, but it is interesting to note that the standard of living is lower.

<Excerpts from the reference section>

I am currently living in Singapore, working and earning a salary here.

Not surprisingly, the salary level is much higher in Singapore than in Thailand. In fact, my current salary is about 1.8 times higher than when I was in Bangkok.

However, if you ask me if my standard of living is higher than when I was in Bangkok, it is rather lower.

  • Name: Masahiro
  • Age: ?
  • Current Occupation: Working for a foreign company in Singapore
  • Period of Employment: 2014 – Late 2016
  • Thailand Workplace: Japanese company in Bangkok

Reference: Salary and standard of living when working as a local hire in Thailand – Is it true that life is better than in Japan even though the salary is lower?(



Start of local employment in Thailand

He is a veteran of five job changes in three years. In addition, he has also worked in Ho Chi Minh City. The internal link structure of the site is a little rough, so the number of articles may seem small at first glance, but there are related links below each article, and the style is to select articles based on those links.

<Excerpts from the reference section>

If this is the case in Thailand, and you have changed jobs with two, three, four, or five companies in a short period of time, you will notice that the rate of getting through the screening process and the rate of getting job offers decreases with each new job.

Reference: The first job hunt in Thailand will be the best seller’s market. [JPN]

  • Name: Taino Nagaremono
  • Age: ?
  • Current occupation: ?
  • Period of Employment: Changed jobs 5 times in 3 years
  • Thailand Workplace: Precision press parts factory in Ayutthaya, injection molding factory in Chachoengsao, and a Japanese manufacturer’s agent similar to a trading company

Reference: Career Plan for Local Hires in Thailand – An Example




This is not a personal blog, but it is a school blog by someone who worked in Thailand for many years as a local employee and as a head office employee (see article for details), and who established a study abroad language school in the Philippines.

I’ve read all of them since the first episode of the 10-part series, “The standard of going from studying in the Philippines to working abroad!” was so eye-opening that I read the entire series, starting with the first episode of the 10-part series.

<Excerpts from the reference section>

One day, the president asked me a question about bad inventory.
Apparently, there was a report from the production control that defective inventory had been generated and that the responsibility lay with the sales department. To tell the truth, I had never heard of this.

Reference: Ironclad rules for finding a job overseas from studying in the Philippines! (x) [JPN]

  • Name: Mr. Quoll, Principal
  • Age: ?
  • Current Occupation: School Management
  • Period: 2008 – 2017
  • Thailand Workplace: Manager of sales and production control in a Japanese manufacturing company

Reference: Category: Overseas Employment [JPN]




This is not a blog either, but I found an article about an undercover roundtable discussion. The following four local hires in Thailand talk frankly about the local hiring situation.

  • Female / Worked at a Japanese kindergarten / 3 years in Thailand
  • Female / Worked at an office equipment sales company / 3 years in Thailand
  • Female / Japanese insurance company / 3 years in Thailand
  • Male / Worked for a foreign recruitment agency / Web site production company / 5 years in Thailand

<Excerpts from the reference section>

Never admit they made a mistake! Whenever a problem arises, it is always said that “you Japanese are not communicating well,” and the Japanese staff have no choice but to give up and clean up the mess because they are outnumbered.

  • Name:-.
  • Age: 24, 28, 27, 36 years old
  • Current occupation: daycare mother, sales, diplomat, sales
  • Period of time: –
  • Thailand Workplace: kindergarten, sales store, insurance company, human resource company

Reference: The Reality of Working in Bangkok: An Undercover Roundtable Discussion with Local Thai Employers(



Thailand Local Employment Twitter

Locally employed guys around their 30s living in Pattaya. I was surprised that there are locally employed people living in Pattaya.

His immigration to Thailand will be around February 2018.

Mr. Pata still has a blog, and he wrote an article about how the lack of localization for Thais is due to the fact that no matter how fluent Thais are in Japanese, older Japanese people want to be bowled over by the Japanese.

Reference: It’s been a little over a year since I moved to Thailand, so I write as I please. [JPN]


17 years in Thailand, locally hired by Japanese company → expatriate at the same company → currently running a company created by a local group.


Diving instructor. I was surprised to find out that he earns 600,000 baht a month, but it’s probably an annual income.