Do you know how to get to the Train Night Market in Ratchada with its spectacular neon lights without getting crowded?


Hello everyone, this is TKJ @ On Nut. Today I’d like to introduce you to another railroad market, Talaat Lofai Rachadar, which is different from Talaat Lofai Sina Carin, which I introduced last time.


Talaat Lofai Ratchada Overview, Opening Hours, Facebook

The new Lo Fai Market in Bangkok’s Ratchada district has the same cheerful night bazaar atmosphere as it had in Chatuchak. Antique shops, street snacks and refreshments are just some of the contents that have not changed from the previous location. The new location is also very accessible, thanks to its proximity to the Thailand Cultural Center MRT station.

The Lo Fai Market in Srinakarin is much larger in terms of size, but it is located in the suburbs of Bangkok, making it difficult for people on the other side of the city (west side) to get to. In comparison, the new Rachada train market is much closer to the city center and is easily accessible from all parts of Bangkok.

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How to get to Talaatlofai Ratchadā.

The closest station to Talaat Loch Fai Rachada is the Thailand Cultural Center MRT station; from the BTS Sukhumvit line, transfer at Asoke; from the Airport Link, transfer at Makkasan.


Makkasan Station

I actually took the transfer from Airport Link. It’s quite a walk when transferring from Makkasan station.


gold curry

When you go down the connecting passage, you will see Gold Curry Bangkok on your right. It is located in a place that I wonder how they got permission to be here.


coin locker

And in front of me is the example coin locker. When you see this locker, be sure to turn right and make a U-turn. It’s like turning around Gold Curry. That way, you can quickly transfer to the MRT station.

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MRT signage

MRT signage

I unintentionally passed the locker and went straight ahead. I was tricked by the above sign and turned left on the main street running east-west.


Izakaya Real Ichi

The sign said that the MRT was 15 meters away, but since it was Thailand, I figured it would be inappropriate, so I went about 100 meters and turned back with a wild feeling. If I had been an amateur, I might have gone straight to Ramkhamhaeng.


Map of the night market area

Map of the night market area

Talaatlofai Ratchada (red frame above) is located just behind the mall called Esplanade (blue frame above). The night view of the night market you may have seen was taken from the parking lot of this mall. Also, the MRT Thailand Cultural Center station (green box in the above figure) is just around the corner, so it looks like it is quite convenient for transportation.


MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station (normal route)

MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station

Now, when you arrive at the MRT Thailand Cultural Center station, most of the time you might go to exit 3 on the south side.


Station Monument

A monumental tablet set up to commemorate Japan’s assistance to Thailand. The following was written on it.

This monument was erected to express gratitude for the financial support provided by the Japanese government to the Thai High Speed Railways through the Japan Bank for Political Cooperation for the construction of the Chalong Ratchadham MRT line.


MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station

It was around 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday when I went there, so it was very crowded in front of the station. When you come out of Exit 3, go down the stairs and turn left, heading north.


Lockbox coin lockers

The adjacent Esplanade Mall comes into view, but the combination of crosswalks and narrow passages makes it difficult to proceed. I am very impatient, so I did not go on the sidewalk, but on the roadway. Please don’t try to do the same. By the way, you can see a lockbox coin locker in the picture above.


In Esplanade Mall

By the way, once you enter the Esplanade Mall, you can avoid the crowds by walking along the left side of the store and turning left at the photo above.


MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station (back route)

If you go by the regular route above, it can be quite crowded at certain times of the day. One way to avoid this is to change the entrance and exit of the subway.


MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station

For the back route, take the MRT exit 4, go down the stairs to the right, in the direction of south.


Seven Eleven

Then you will see an alleyway where you can see a 7-Eleven and Cafe Amazon, turn right and continue.


Building parking lot

As you continue along the building, there is a narrow passage behind the parking security that turns left. You will see a narrow passage to the left behind the parking security.


Between Buildings

Entrance to the night market

Then you will come to an alley between the Esplanade Mall and the building next to it, and you can go straight there to get to the night market smoothly.


Go inside the night market.

Entrance to the night market

Now it was time to enter the Railway Night Market. This time, I took the main route.


Railroad Market

The railroad market is lined with antique stores, second-hand toy stores, and cheesy antique stores along several streets running down the center. The perimeter of the market is crammed with a combination of clothes, shoes, handbags, and many stalls with more general market specifications. There is a row of bars towards the back end of the market, and VW vans send out a mixture of Thai and Western pop tunes and are decorated with fairy lights. The waitresses are all very friendly, and the conversations between tables are very lively.


live bar

It was so crowded that I wondered if there would be live music here.


Sticker Shop

Like most markets in Bangkok, the new Lo Fai Ratchada market does not have set prices, so bargaining between shopkeepers and customers is a must. However, because this market is so popular with Thais, the prices here are lower than Chatuchak Market in northern Bangkok! (However, authentic, genuine antiques and one-time vintage items are rarely cheap.)


Lo Fi Night Market

Lo Fi Night Market

The Lo Fai night market in Chatuchak was very popular with local Thais and core tourists due to its convenient location and variety of stalls, and as a result, the new train market is just as popular as before because it retains the same artistic atmosphere with very convenient access.


Japanese-style stall

There is also a food cart menu that Japanese people seem to like.


Train Market Road

A little further in, there is a boarded-up area. It is quite unique, and I think it would be good if all the areas were made like this.



Whenever you go to a market in Bangkok, there is always one haircut store.

  • Male: 350 Baht
  • Female: 400 Baht


crocodile meat

Crocodile meat is also available. 300 baht.


Market entrance

Here is the other entrance and exit, the north entrance. In total, there were three entrances: the main entrance, the entrance behind the parking lot, and the north entrance.


large motorcycle

High-end motorcycle

I thought they were display bikes, but it seems that some customers actually ride them. But why are all the bikes so expensive?


Indoor Market

There was also a domed area on the grounds.


party of tourists

group of tourists

The area near the entrance was crowded with tour groups.


How to get to a spot where you can take an Instagram-worthy night view

Night view of train market

Now, you may have seen the above photo of the colorful stalls in the grid from above as a night view spot in Bangkok. This night view was actually taken from the parking lot of the Esplanade Mall next door to the Talaat Lofi Rachada called Rachada Train Market. By the way, the above photo was taken from the third floor of the parking lot.


Night view through the window

Be careful, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might have to shoot the night view through the window.


How to get to a parking lot where you can take a night view – part1

Esplanade Mall

There are two ways to get to the Esplanade Mall parking lot: first, you can take the escalator behind the red circle in the image above to the top floor.


Top floor of the Esplanade Mall

Take the escalator to the top floor and go to the red circle above. I missed this and had a bitter experience of walking around.


Top floor of the Esplanade Mall

Continue until you reach the red circle and turn left to find a narrow passage leading to the parking lot. No wonder it’s so hard to find, it’s so narrow.


parking lot

Go out to the parking lot and turn left to get a night shot of the Train Market. It’s a distance away, but you’ll see it easily because there are lots of people there.


In the parking lot

The space where you can see out from the parking lot is not that big, so sometimes it is too crowded to take pictures. In that case, you can go to the upper floors.


Door in parking lot

The stairs go up to the fourth floor and to the fifth floor, the exit is closed. There are two parking lots, A and B, per floor.


Night view of the Train Market

Needless to say, you can get a more extensive night view on the upper floors.


How to get to a parking lot where you can take a night view #2.

Esplanade Mall

The second way to get to the parking lot is to use the elevator from the first floor, which will also take you to the back of the Esplanade Mall. If you go to the back of the first floor along the line of OOTOYA and TSURUHA Drug, there is an elevator that will take you to the fourth floor.


Night view of Train Market

It’s not easy to get a beautiful night view with an amateur’s smartphone camera, but it’s a nice thing to take a picture as a memory of your visit to Bangkok.


326-style illustrations

When I was returning from the market, I saw a character that resembled the touch of the illustrator 326, so I took a quick picture of him.