If You Want to Leave a Little Baggage in Bangkok


There are coin lockers in major tourist areas in Japan. It is a pleasure for tourists. However, when looking at Southeast Asia, it is nothing. Bangkok is no exception, and in the past it was a little like leaving your baggage in a coin locker for sightseeing. However, in recent years, there seems to be a luggage storage business and a coin locker business.

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みなさんこんにちは。今日は前回に引き続きバンコクのスワンナプーム空港を特集したいと思います。いつものように空港を散策していたところ、手荷物預かり所を発見しましたので、そのことをみなさんとシェアしたいと思います。 業者によっては、荷物を預か...


Along the airport link

Phaya Thai Station

There is a coin locker on the premises, but since it is only M size, it is impossible to leave a suitcase.


Makkasan Station

coinlocker in Makkasan Station

Operated by LOCK BOX.


Price List

The fee is 30 baht per hour and 350 baht per day.


Procedures for depositing and removing luggage

How to use

When depositing

  • Choose to rent a locker on the touch panel
  • Select an available locker
  • Create a PIN
  • Pay the fee (no change)
  • Put your luggage in the locker

When removing

  • Select Pull out luggage on the touch panel
  • Choose your locker
  • Select the drawer and select End locker use
  • Select confirmation
  • Remove the package and exit


Ratchaprarop Station

Front view of the coin locker

I recently found another company’s coin locker (as of September 2019).


Procedure for depositing luggage

This company’s coin locker is generally the same procedure as the LOCK BOX mentioned above.


select the purpose of using the locker

To deposit your luggage, tap the deposit on the left.


select the door you want to use

Select the locker you want to use. Black is in use and blue is empty.


input 6 digits pass code

Create a 6-digit password.


confirmation of door number

Confirm the door number and insert the advance payment.


Around Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Plaza

This place is also operated by LOCK BOX.

※It was not found as of September 2019. It seems to have been deleted from the homepage of the lockbox.

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MRT Chatuchak Park Station

There is a manned baggage storage.

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front view of Metro Mall

It’s called Metro Mall, but it’s not a great underground mall.


corridor at the station

It is on the right in the direction of travel.


voucher of the deposit

3 hours 30 baht. Business hours are from 9am to 8pm.


※As of September 2019, this baggage storage is closed.

corridor of the station

When I went to the Metro Mall in September 2019, all the stores on the right side were partitioned by walls that were undergoing renovation, and there was no luggage storage.


dinning area of the station

The table seat in the center was still busy. Some people were studying with their computers open, so they should be quite comfortable.


Looking at the homepage of the lockbox, there are lockers at the following locations near Chatuchak Park Station.


Inside Don Mueang Airport

Japanese Youtuber

A luggage store in Don Mueang Airport was introduced at Day Zero Bangkok, a YouTuber living in Bangkok. The price is less than 300 yen a day, so it seems to be useful.


Asoke, central Bangkok

Terminal 21

luggage service in Terminal 21

There is a luggage storage service in front of the parking space on the third floor, the theme of Japan.

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Ratchada Night Market

coin locker at Ratchada Night Market

There is a coin locker on the way from MRT Thailand Cultural Center Station to Esplanade Mall.

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Inside Ekamai East Bus Terminal

coin locker Inside Ekamai East Bus Terminal

There are two coin lockers in Ekamai East Bus Terminal.

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