Ekamai East Bus Terminal in Bangkok, Thailand that Familiarity with highway buses to Pattaya and Lottuu


Everyone, today is a special feature on the South Bus Station near BTS Ekamai Station in Bangkok. Speaking of the East Bus Station, there are many buses going to Pattaya etc. and I think there are many people who are indebted. Here I would like to share the situation of the bus station for the first time visitors.

Actually, I always thought that the bus terminal at BTS Ekamai Station was a southern bus terminal, but when I looked up on the net, there was a separate bus terminal, and the bus terminal in front of Ekamai Station was the East Terminal. It turns out that there is today. Speaking of the bus terminal at Ekamai Station, it’s generally easy to understand, but I would like to know the official name again.

Click here for directions to the North Bus Terminal for Express Buses going to northern Thailand



About East (Ekamai) Bus Terminal

The East Terminal (Ekamai Bus Terminal) is a bus terminal where buses and minibuses head for several spots near the eastern area of Thailand and Bangkok. The relatively compact site and location on Sukhumvit Road is the most convenient and easy to use of the three bus stops in Bangkok.


On the other hand, the southern bus terminal located at the west end of Bangkok is also called Sai Taimai terminal, which is a terminal where buses to and from the southern and western regions of Thailand arrive and depart. Most Thais call it Saitai, which simply means “south”, but Mai (“new”) adds an eastern direction to it and now serves only a handful of locals. Distinguishes from old southern minibuses and Saitai Gao, a bus stop.


Map and directions to the Ekamai Bus Terminal

The name of the terminal is named after Soekamai (aka Sukhumvit Soi 63), a main street that starts on the other side of Sukhumvit Road. BTS Ekamai Station is right next to the terminal and offers easy access to the Skytrain system’s Sukhumvit line. For taxis from Silom or Khao San Road, you need to pay 150-300 baht. Also, when coming by car, there are times when Sukhumvit Road is congested, so it is better to have enough time.

Ekamai Bus Terminal Phone Number: +66 2 391 2504


The above is a sketch of the bus terminal. You can see that it is quite simple.


Inside the terminal

Ticket office

All ticket booths are located in front of the terminal. Most are also written in English, so it is easy to find the appropriate bus at the bus stop at the back of the terminal. Most buses departing from Ekamai are first class with air conditioning, except for the minibus (van), which has a poor ride.


Coin locker

If you need to store your luggage, it is considerably more expensive than other bus terminals and the Hua Lamphong Railway Luggage Storage, but the 24-hour coin locker service is available at 30 baht per hour or 240 baht per day for large bags. This is not the case as the price changes daily.


A coin locker near the toilet.


A coin locker near the exit of the ticket office near Ekamai Station. Made by Lockbox.


Bus, lottuu platform

There are several shops selling coffee, drinks and snacks at the terminal, but if it gets crowded, you should go to many restaurants in the nearby Gateway Ekamai Shopping Centre.


Buses and lots are packed in a compact area, so you can quickly find the platform according to the ticket number. It is easy to find the boarding point at the same level as the north bus terminal.


Blue bus to Pattaya. I remember riding this type of bus when I went to Pattaya.

Past article:パタヤからスワンナプーム空港・バンコク市内への行き方。空港でのATM現金引き出し方法。


2nd floor of East (Ekamai) Bus Terminal

I went up because there was a staircase going up to the second floor of the bus terminal building.


There was nothing like a waiting room, but something like an office in one corner.


Since there was a spiral staircase, climb up further.


When I went up, the cat and someone’s laundry was hanging out. Does anyone live there?


The view from the roof is the best to say the least. It was very hot when exposed to direct sunlight. As I learned later, the second floor of the East Bus Terminal was actually forbidden except for those concerned. Try not to be interested.