The area around the Klong Toey market in Bangkok made me feel nostalgic


Hello everyone. Today I would like to introduce you to the Bangkok walk edition and the area around the Klong Toey Market. I intentionally stayed at a Japanese inn in Bangkok, but there was a local market by chance near the inn, so I took a walk after the Bangkok slum I went to last time.


About Khlong Toey Market

Khlong Toei Market is Bangkok’s largest market for fresh meat, fish and seafood. The nearest station is MRT Khlong Toei Station in Khlong Toei District or MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Station, along Rama IV Street. The market offers raw meat, seafood, agricultural products and several other items (clothing, kitchenware, etc.) at low prices and is open daily from 6am to 2am. In January 2010, CNN was listed as one of Bangkok’s most marketable markets and a place to avoid hangovers.

Located in a small hidden area deep in the concrete jungle of Bangkok, this vast market offers a glimpse of the unique lives of neighboring residents. Hidden in the buildings of an inorganic metropolis, you will not notice it from the busy Rama IV Street, and it has a comfortable environment that is unimaginable from the hustle and bustle of the city. Some areas of the market can be a little bloody, but don’t worry because not all areas are strictly filled with raw meat. And if you are hungry, there are several stalls that serve Thai curry and other local staple dishes.


Directions: Take the MRT, go to Krontooy Station, exit the escalator and walk east on Tanrakfaiko / Rama IV Street for 10 minutes until you reach the big intersection of Rama IV and Nalong Road, the market will be on your right The Alternatively, you can take bus number 45, 46, 72, 102 or 107.

If you get off at MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Station, go down Rama III Street to 4th Street and you will see the market in the southwest of the intersection. The intersection of Rama III and IV streets is very busy, so you will reach the market by a pedestrian bridge over the intersection.


From slums to Klong Toey market

I went from slums this time, so instead of using the MRT, I headed west on Southton Kosa Street from the other side. You can see the 141 bus.


When you enter the market from Southton Kosa Street, it seems to have been killed because it was afternoon. The photo is taken westward. The contrast between the buildings in the city center and the market gives a good taste.


Inside Khlong Teoy Market

Even though it is a local private market, there are many clear price tags. Even if you go sightseeing and want to buy something, you will not understand the language, so it is a safe price tag system. When I went to the Phra Khanong market, I saw a lot of price tags, so Bangkok may have such a culture.


Clothing can also be purchased at a low price. Not only food but also daily necessities can be purchased here.


I saw many coconut departments. The price tag probably contains a price close to the cost. This goes to tourist spots and is sold at double and triple prices. It is a business with a very good profit margin (laughs).


The market has become very busy. I recall a local market in Ho Chi Minh, a plastic roof on a dirt road. Of course, it will be full of puddles when it rains.


Only this sales floor was very red. If you look closely, the roof was red vinyl, so the red pigment was only emphasized. In Japan, I’ve heard that old meat is red-lighted to cheat on freshness, but this store is doing the trick at the cutting edge (laughs).


There is an indoor sales floor, but it was quiet on this day.


Take a break in Modena

There was a walk along the Klong Toey Market, and I thought I wanted to take a break, but there was a building that merged a hotel called Modena with commercial facilities on the other side across the Rama IV road. I went to that.


Cool down by drinking Thai green tea at the cafe on the first floor of this facility.


Since there was a power supply under the table, the smartphone could be charged and ready!


What surprised me was that a self-checkout was introduced at Seven-Eleven in Modena. No one used it, but I think this area is probably more advanced than Japan. In Japan, I haven’t heard the news that Lawson is under consideration.


And this is what surprised me double. A sign that you should wait here for each cash register. This can drastically reduce the chaos that is common in the Philippines and you don’t know who is at the cash register. I want you to do it in the Philippines too.


Revisit a nostalgic local area

Actually, there is another reason for coming to this Krontoy market this time. This is because when I first came to Bangkok in April 2013, I came to this place without knowing the right or left. I was surprised to see the map because it was close to the guest house where I stayed by chance. This is a phenomenon that connects the points mentioned in the following article.


I think there were more street stalls at that time, but I went inside through the bridge over this creek.


The apartments on this Fukurokoji were alive and well. It has a unique atmosphere like a post-war residential area like a kind of community.


If you look closely, there are some colonial-style buildings that you would find in a slum.


みなさんこんにちは。バンコクで絶賛沈没中のティーケージーです。 泊っている宿がバンコクのクロントーイというところなので、周辺に散歩コースはないかと、グーグルマップを見ていたところ、スラム街のようなところがありましたので、さらに検索したとこ...


Yes, this guesthouse. I came to such a remote area to preview here. When I came in 2013, I took a lot of photos, but I jumped off the train to Ayutthaya and had an accident that all my smartphone data disappeared, so my memories are now in my mind. There is only (bitter smile).


High-rise buildings towering over old houses. I found an entrance at the lower right and decided to go because it was heading towards the inn.


The cat is also parting from the bottom of the car.


Very local alley. The atmosphere is reminiscent of Ho Chi Minh hem.


This is also a nice corner.


I walked about 10 minutes and arrived at Tesco Lotus.