The Unusual Bangkok Temple “Wat Khun Chan” is a Spacious Temple With Many Statues


Hello everyone. Today, I would like to share with you about the Thai temple, Wat Kung Chan. Speaking of temples in Bangkok, Wat Pak Nam, it has become a hot topic among Japanese tourists recently because of its instagram-oriented, and it has become so popular that it is comparable to three major temples such as Wat Pho.

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Wat Khun Chang introduced today is an unusual Buddhist temple located in the eyes and nose of Wat Pak Nam.


Actually, in Wat Pak Nam’s article, Wat Pak Nam mentioned that this Buddha statue of Wat Khun Chang can be seen from the back, but at this point I did not realize that this temple was quite strange and was not going to go . However, I would like to write this article together with the reasons why I decided to go to Wat Kung Chan for a long time, and why Wat Pak Nam and Wat Kung Chan are better to go at Gatchanko at the same time.


The highlights of Wat Khun Chang

Many lying statues

Wat Kung Chan has strangely many statues. The back of the symbolic Buddha image of Wat Kung Chang can be seen from the bridge on the way, but the sculpture is sleeping behind it.


Although Ultraman is not popular in Europe and America, it is popular in Thailand. One of the reasons is that “Ultraman’s face flashes back with the Buddha”, but this sculpture is literally similar to Ultraman because the face is silver.


You can enter inside the pedestal of the Ultraman sculpture, as you enter, there is a pure white lying statue.


In another place, there is also a white lying statue. Wearing a golden garment, it creates a princess-like atmosphere.


Ashura like devil in HIGANJIMA

There is an Asura statue on the right side of the central Buddha statue, but there are too many faces, and it looks like an evil demon appearing in the manga “Higanjima”.



Buddha statue on elephants that cannot be physically instagramed

The above picture is the main Buddha statue, but there is a covered area in front of it, so you can’t get the whole picture of it, you have to go up close and look up. I think Buddha statues on elephants are quite rare, so I want to keep them in the photos for the time being.


Under the three elephants, a dark green demon is eating a golden ball.


Lively pagoda and manufacturing factory

There are several small but gorgeous stupas in the temple grounds of Wat Khun Chang. In addition, there was a manufacturing factory that seemed to be making stupa parts in the vicinity, so I succeeded in photographing with permission.


How to go to and return from Wat Khun Chang


Wat Khun Chang is easily accessible from Wat Pak Nam. As you can see in the map above, Wat Khun Chang is just across the river. The display is “Wat Khun Jan” and I am curious that it is not “Wat Khun Chan” on other sites, but it is Manperai.


You won’t get lost because you can see the back of the Great Buddha already before you cross the bridge.


How to return

If you don’t leave this far, you will not be able to take a picture of the main Buddha statue, but you can return from another road instead of returning to Wat Pak Nam.


If you walk for a while, you will come to the main street where the bus runs, so you can take a bus from here to return to Bangkok.


I was able to get to Hua Lamphong Station on the 4th bus this day. When returning by train, you can either pick up a taxi from here or go back to Wat Pak Nam and take the red Song Taew to the station.