Mega Bangna, one of the largest shopping malls in Bangkok


Today I decided to go to the mega-bunner that I’ve heard so much about. I heard that they have Ikea and Home Pro, so I’m going to check out their furniture as well.


For directions, I referred to a website called Bangkok Navi.

Reference:A huge commercial complex has opened in Bangna, a suburb of Bangkok! It’s the strongest shopping mall with a variety of stores, restaurants, department stores, supermarkets, and even a major furniture retailer, IKEA! [JPN]


BTS Udomsuk Station

The first place to go is Exit 5 of BTS Udomsuk station.


bus stop

When you get off at exit 5, you will see a crowd of people, so you should be able to find the bus stop easily.


local bus

After a while, the bus arrived.


entrance of the bus

Don’t wait in line to get on the train, but get on quickly but without hesitation. The culture of standing in line is not yet as widespread as it is in Japan, so if you’re not careful, you’ll end up not being able to get on. By the way, there is one mistake in this photo. I had no way of knowing at the time that not noticing it at the time would lead to a big miscalculation later on.


Bus driver's seat

The view from inside the car. I took a position right in front of it. It wasn’t my imagination that it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be.



shopping mall

I arrived in about 30 minutes. UNIQLO is in the building, and it’s less crowded and more comfortable.


But there are too few people. And there are too few tenants. Most importantly, there is no Ikea, Home Pro, or Big C. Where is it? Where is it? I searched with bloodlust. Not being able to communicate in English, I was at a loss and suddenly looked at the Google map in my hand.


Map of Central Plaza Banner

When I looked closer, I saw that it was “Central Plaza Bangna”. Yes, it was not a “Mega-Bangna”. After a humiliating misboarding of the bus, and selfishly complaining that they shouldn’t build multiple large shopping malls in the suburbs, I had no choice but to take a grab cab to Mega Bangna.

▽The mall I visited a few years later is pretty close to me.▽

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Map of Mega Bangna

The distance was not so bad, but it was connected to the main road, so I arrived smoothly.


Mega Bangna Entrance

Around the entrance.


Palm trees in Mega Bangna

The palm trees and the concourse on the second floor smelled like an outlet.


Bangkok IKEA

There is also Ikea, which I have been longing for.


Mega Bangna Bus Stop

The return bus leaves from a place called Transport Hub.


local bus

Make sure I know where I am going.


local bus

View from the front. I must take this bus next time.


Appearance of IKEA

I had to say goodbye to Ikea.


Mega Bangna Map

It’s a bit of trivia that Suvarnabhumi Airport is closer than the city.

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