mixT Chatuchak was launched in a prime location in the heart of the market, attracting 1.2 million customers per month.


Hello everyone, today is a little extra in the Bangkok section. In my last article, “[Between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Cambodia and Laos] How to get to the North Bus Terminal and map.,” I introduced a shopping mall called mixT Chatuchak, but I found a rather thick article in English, so I would like to translate it and introduce it today.


What is mixT Chatuchak?

The new dimension of Chatuchak Market, mixT Chatuchak Shopping Center, developed by Siam Piliyah Development Company, is ready to welcome local and international shoppers and offers shoppers a more satisfying shopping experience, following the long success of Chatuchak Weekend Market in attracting customers.


mixT Chatuchak entrance

mixT Chatuchak also supports small and medium-sized businesses in Thailand by offering tenant spaces at rental rates of only 1,000 baht per square meter, an incredibly attractive price in this area. mixT Chatuchak Select attracts 700 stores from Chatuchak Weekend Market and many other retail markets and small business stores in Thailand, offering a wide range of unique and exclusive products. There is also a street food style food court on the premises where you can eat from 30 baht.

Construction of the mixT Chatuchak Shopping Center, located on 16,000 square meters of land in the heart of Chatuchak and adjacent to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, began in 2017 with an investment budget of over 900 million baht. The center consists of a 350-meter-long, five-story building that attracts a wide variety of tenants including fashion, accessories, food and beverage, food court, home and decoration, spa and beauty, and souvenir shops.


Mr. Chaiyupatumpa, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Miporn Chaiyupatumpa, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Siam Pirija Development Co. said the following. Chatuchak is an increasingly popular and growing business and office district with convenient transportation links to the intersection of BTS and MRT lines. In addition, Bang Sue Grand Station, the largest railroad station in Southeast Asia, will begin service next year and serve as an important transportation hub for Thailand. That’s why we built the Mix Chatuchak Shopping Center to complement our ability to become a retail destination that meets the demands of Thais and tourists in the Chatuchak area.

Mr. Miporn Chaiyupatumpa

He added, “All over the world. To meet the needs of tourists visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market, we will provide spacious parking lots and complementary facilities and rest areas for shoppers who want a break from the hot weather. Expand business operations by making Chatuchak a truly dynamic and major landmark in Thailand. Help Thai SMEs to grow and contribute sustainably to the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy. mixT Chatuchak will improve business opportunities from the original two-day shopping period at Chatuchak Weekend Market by moving to a daily retail format with more stores and higher sales volume,” he also said.


mixT Chatuchak Shopping Center Information


mixT Chatuchak Shopping Center, 1st floor

It features more than 140 retail stores, including a fashion zone offering products for men, women and children, as well as vintage items from different eras for those who prefer classic styles. There are also popular restaurants and cafes, a service zone offering delivery and foreign currency exchange services, and an event galleria with over 800 square meters of space to host special events and activities.

2nd Floor

The second floor is dominated by apparel stores, with over 240 retailers offering a variety of items ranging from chic to streetwear. Stay up to date with the latest technology trends with Kraftwerk or IT products

3rd Floor

The floor’s 120 retail outlets include Home & DécorZone, which offers a variety of styles of furniture, and where you can find exquisite artwork, handicrafts, handmade pieces and souvenirs. If you need a break, you can relax at the Spa & Beauty Zone or enjoy a reasonably priced snack starting at 30 baht at the mixT Chatuchak Food Court, a street food style food court covering 2,000 square meters of space.

4th and 5th floor and rooftop

Customers have access to a large parking lot that provides space for over 700 vehicles.


Grand opening events and hours of operation

mixt Chatuchak is open 24/7 and the grand opening event was held on September 6, 2019 at 6:00 PM. The event featured a fashion show led by this year’s hottest superstar Bella-Ranee featuring “Nont-Tanont” and a spectacular show that included mini-concerts by Getsunova, F.Hero, Mean, CD, Ganti and other famous performers. There was also a fashion show led by “Bella-Ranee” and a mini-concert by Getsunova, F.Hero, Mean, CD, Ganty and other famous performers.

Visitors can also enjoy a value-added promotion: download and sign up for the Mixt Chatuchak Award Application Form to get a free 200 baht cash card for dining at the mxt Chatuchak Food Court. This promotion is only valid for the first 1,000 customers from August 30, 2019 to September 30, 2019. Other promotions range from major brands like Pepsi, Rabbit Card, GRAB Taxi, DTAC, TrueYou, TrueMoney to other special promotions.

Starting September 7, mini-concerts by rappers Raj Roxy, OG-ANIC, and HIGHHOT will begin at 19:00 on the first floor of mixt Chatuchak Shopping Center.

MTS Chatuchak is open from 10.00 to 22.00, just a five-minute walk from Mo Chit BTS station and Chatuchak Park MRT station, and you can enjoy the entire facility in abundance seven days a week.


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