How to get to Suvarnabhumi Airport and Bangkok City from Pattaya. How to withdraw ATM cash at the airport.


This is a record of my visit to Pattaya in the fall of 2016. By the way, please note that this is a really boring article with a lot of photos.


Withdraw cash from ATM at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport. I love how international it is as always.


SIM card section

I bought a SIM card, a necessity for my trip, without a moment’s delay. The woman at the counter was strangely beautiful. The staff at the counter were joking around with each other, which is typical of tropical countries, so I quickly lost interest.

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みなさんこんにちは。気付いていた人もいたかも知れませんが、記事の順番として「フィリピン編」と「タイ編」を交互に出していたのですが、昨日はタイ編を連続で出してしまいました。スワンナプーム空港記事の勢いが止まらず今日もそれです(笑)。 ▽過去...


Airport ATM

Withdrawing Thai Baht at a local ATM for the first time. It’s a big tourist country, and there are no bad rumors about ATMs.


Airport ATM

There is an explanation of fees in Japanese. Other languages are English and Chinese. This time it was 200 baht. The fee was not as much as I expected.


Airport ATM

After that, the password input screen. Let’s input the password while paying attention to the surroundings.


Airport ATM

Choose the amount you need.


Airport ATM

You may enter the amount you need. This time, I withdrew 20,000 baht. At the time, I had no idea that this amount was so high that I would have trouble later.


Airport ATM

Clear accounting. You won’t be surprised when you see the bill later.


Arrival in Pattaya

Songthaew in Pattaya

Pattaya’s famous songthaew. I will do a quick examination.


Residences for short-term stays

Short term residences along the coast, convenient to go anywhere in Pattaya.


TT Currency Exchange

There is also a currency exchange nearby.


Baywalk Residence Exterior

Check the price of staying at Baywalk Residence.



Go to Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street

Walking Street, the city that never sleeps.


Pattaya Walking Street

I took a different route today.

inside Pattaya Walking Street

It’s like a big gymnasium.

Diamond Beach Hotel exterior

Right in the middle of downtown. Diamond Beach Hotel.


main street

Walking Street, Main Street.

Family Mart on Main Street

フThere is a Family Mart.


Insomnia in Pattaya

This is Insomnia.


Crazy Russian Girls Appearance

Crazy Russian Girls. Are there many crazy Russians?


Residences for short-term stays


Day after Pattaya

Entrance to Alcazar

Al-Khazar, where you can enjoy transgender dancing, according to Google Maps.


Pattaya Soi 6

Soi 6, the famous bar street.


Pattaya Soi 6

Pattaya Soi 6 Travel Agent

Pattaya Soi 6

In the daytime, it’s a plain, downtown atmosphere.


Gates of Pattaya Discovery Beach Hotel

Tight security. I wondered what kind of facility this was.


Pattaya Discovery Beach Hotel exterior

Resort condominiums.


Pattaya Discovery Beach Hotel, a four-star hotel. Location is great.

Check the price of staying at Pattaya Discovery Beach Hotel


Exterior view of at-mind

Exterior view of at-mind

Pattaya cityscape

There are many condos for short stays in this area.

View the cost of staying at the At Mind Service Residence



From the main street to the alley

In this alley, there is a hotel condo. Beware of rabid dogs.


April Suites Pattaya exterior

See the lowest price for April Suites Pattaya


Short Term Rental Condominiums

You will have no trouble finding a money changer in Pattaya.

Map of safe and secure money changers in Pattaya
Well, today I've been investigating the money exchange offices in Pattaya. Basically, you need to bring your passport wi...


Alley in front of Flipper House Hotel

Flipper House Hotel Exterior

Flipper House Hotel From 1,230 baht per night


Sunshine Residence Exterior

Hotel condo on the beach.

Check the accommodation price of Sunshine Residence.


Exterior of Sunshine Hotel & Residence

Learn more about the Sunshine Hotel & Residence, and see costs.HIS AMOMA(


Main Street Money Changer

Money changer.


Pattaya cityscape

Entrance to the Grand Hotel

Pattaya cityscape

Entrance to the Grand Hotel

Let’s take a look at the details and costs of the Grand Hotel.HIS


Pattaya cityscape

Check the price of staying at the Grand Hotel.


Pattaya cityscape

Pattaya cityscape

Pattaya cityscape

Grand Hotel

Walking Street Pattaya

Sandalay Resort exterior

Sandalay Resort exterior

Find out more about Sandalay Resort and accommodation costs.


Pattaya cityscape


How to get from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi International Airport by bus

Songthaew to the bus terminal

From this place, you can go to the terminal where the bus to Bangkok city leaves. That’s all the songthaew in the picture.


The view from Songthaew

The view from Songthaew

I got on the songthaew and checked my current location with the GPS on my phone. Unfortunately, it was packed at that time and I was standing at the end of the space. I couldn’t check my current location because my phone was about to fall due to the vibration. In such a case, be sure to keep an eye on the road ahead on your left, and check if there is a bus stop or something similar passing by.


Bus Terminal to Bangkok

Terminal landmarks

The blue bus will take you there. When you see a flashy sign, you should get off. The destination was the Pattaya Bus 389 Office.


Restaurant in front of the terminal

There is a restaurant across the street from the bus terminal. It’s a good place to start if you don’t know where to get off.

Bus to Bangkok

This will take us to Suvarnabhumi Airport.


Timetable. Buses to Suvarnabhumi leave every hour from 7am to 9pm. 120 baht one way.


Luggage Notes

Inside the bus terminal

There is also a place to eat on the premises.


Terminal and high-rise apartments

Bus stop in full view.

Songthaew Boarding House

Review on how to go to Songthaew stop to Pattaya Bus 389 to the office.


People trying to get on the Songthaew.

Pattaya cityscape

10 baht to Pattaya Bus 389 office.


How to get to Bangkok City from Pattaya

Entrance to Central Festival

There are several ways to get from Pattaya to Bangkok city, but today I took the mini bus at Central Festival.



Underground of the mall

Mini bus to Bangkok

I’m going to get on this. It’s the same way as a shared van in the Philippines.


time table

time table

route map

The staff can not speak English very well.


mini bus entrance

inside the mini bus

It is quite crowded in the car. I may find yourself dozing off after a long ride. I would like to take all possible precautions with my luggage.


How to get to Ekamai, Bangkok from Pattaya North Bus Terminal

Pattaya North Bus Terminal

Pattaya North Bus Terminal

When I arrive at the terminal, I will buy a ticket. It is 108 baht to Ekkamai.