Directions and map to Chiang Mai’s Central Festival. Cell phone store location guide.


Hello everyone. I’ve been writing a lot about the Philippines and Japan lately, so today I’ll be writing about Thailand for the first time in a while. I would like to share with you some information about Central Festival Chiang Mai, a huge shopping mall in Chiang Mai that I visited before.

▽After writing this article, I realized that I have been to the Central Festival in Pattaya as well▽

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What is Central Festival Chiang Mai?

Central Festival Chiang Mai is a full-fledged lifestyle shopping center in Chiang Mai, and is one of the three major modern malls that have opened in Chiang Mai in recent years, including Promenade and Maya Mall. The Festival, or Fest as the locals call it, is undoubtedly (arguably) a one-of-a-kind shopping mall that offers a full shopping experience in an ultra-modern facility, with famous British stores that you probably won’t find anywhere else in Chiang Mai.

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Unlike other maze-like malls in Chiang Mai, Central Festival Chiang Mai is designed to be easy to navigate. The massive oval structure of the mall is interconnected by crisscrossing escalators that connect each floor, filled with discerning shoppers.


Map and how to get there and back

The Central Festival is located on the outskirts of Chiang Mai and can be reached by Grab, car or city bus.


As you can see from the map, the Central Festival is actually near the bus terminal where the buses to Bangkok leave, which I mentioned before. Then, as I was wandering around the terminal area, I noticed a large building and went there to find the Central Festival.

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Route 11

The Central Festival is located along a large road that looks like a national highway. According to Google Maps, there is a mark of 11, so I guess it is Route 11. The photo above is looking south on the national highway. You can see the Big C. According to Google Maps, it is the Big C Extra Chiang Mai 2. A little further south on the national highway is the Promenade Chiang Mai.

Route 11

As I turn north on the national highway, I see a large condominium in the foreground and a bustling shopping mall on the other side. That is the Central Festival. I hadn’t realized that yet when I took the picture.


Route 11

Route 11

Central Festival

It was at this moment that I realized it was just an ordinary urban shopping mall with Uniqlo, H&M and Muji. There are portraits of famous people hanging in front of the mall, which is very Thai.


Bus Stop

scheduled bus

Bus Stop

On the way back, there is a bus stop around the corner from the main entrance, so we took that. I think you can also take this bus from the city.


In a shopping mall

Central Festival atrium

The inside of the mall has an atrium that gives it a great sense of openness.


Guide Robot


cell phone store

On this day, my SIM card was about to expire, so I went to an AIS store to buy a new SIM card. The staff at the reception was nice and made the purchase stress-free. The location is on the third floor near the escalator. If you want to buy a SIM card in Thailand, you’d better remember where it is because I think (maybe) only these big stores sell them.

▽Article that thought it was a SIM card, but it was just a card for purchasing a plan.▽

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dtac and Xiaomi

There are also dtac and Xiaomi stores on the same floor.

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food court

food court

food court

There is also a food court, although it is not as huge as Terminal 21. There were some dishes that would be good for Japanese people, so if you’re looking for something to eat, this place is not bad. The following is the menu of YAMADA.

  • Yakitori chicken rice: 60 Baht
  • Tonkatsu pork rice bowl: 60 baht
  • Fried chicken rice with sweet & spicy sauce: 60 Baht
  • Fried chicken Nanban rice bowl: 60 baht
  • Dumpling: 55 Baht
  • Fried noodles: 60 Baht
  • Bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs: 60 baht
  • Korean pork rice: 65 baht
  • Pork cutlet rice bowl: 65 baht
  • Soy sauce pork rice bowl: 65 baht

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A view of the stairwell from above. The hanging circular objects add a nice touch.


restaurant district

Of course, there are also store-based restaurants.


Wall Street English

I think there was one in MAYA Mall, but many English conversation schools are located in malls. The photo shows Wall Street English.