[Bangkok to/from Ayutthaya] How to get to minibus station and how to get back to the city.


Today, as a continuation from the previous article “[Between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Cambodia and Laos] How to get to the North Bus Terminal and map.“, I heard a rumor that the mini bus stop used to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is located in a rather difficult place to reach, so I tried to verify how to actually get there from the Northern Bus Terminal.

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From Bangkok North Bus Terminal to Minibus Station

First, you have to cross Kam Peng Phet 2 Street to get to the minibus station from the North Bus Terminal. Go south from the bus terminal to the pedestrian bridge on the map above.


Mini Box Locker

Go south along Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road. Here you will also find the third force of Bangkok coin lockers, the “mini box locker” ones.


North Bus Terminal

North Bus Terminal Back Road

I went further along what in daylight would be a small shopping street.


Pedestrian bridge in front of North Bus Terminal

After a short walk, I arrived at my destination, a pedestrian bridge.


Bangkok Route Bus

Near the pedestrian bridge, there is a bus terminal for buses coming from Bangkok, so you can catch a bus here and there. The photo shows bus 138.


7-Eleven and the bus route

Looking west from the pedestrian bridge, I saw a 7-Eleven and a local bus. 7-Eleven is really ubiquitous in Bangkok.


Go to the minibus station.

Road in front of North Bus Terminal

Get off the pedestrian bridge and go north. You can see a glimpse of the neon sign of the North Bus Terminal in the upper left corner. However, it’s quite unsettling because it doesn’t look like a minibus stop at all.


Minibus Station Map

I check the map again. The direction must be right, but….


In front of the minibus station

It was closed.

The details are told by other bloggers, so I hope you can refer to them (smiles).

バンコクで一週間ほどグダグダした後はアユタヤへ移動します。本当はもう少し早くアユタヤへ移動予定でしたが、例の発熱でバンコク滞在を伸ばすハメになりました。 【バンコク・スネークファーム予防接種】夫婦揃って副作用・妻編(狂犬病ワクチンについても
アユタヤ行き【バンコク】チャトチャックに待望のミニバスターミナル誕生! | バンコク日本人宿その名もJP

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A bus stop where no buses stop at midnight

Due to the painfully overdue closing time, I had to leave the details to the bloggers, but since there were no other blog posts on how to get to Bangkok city from the minibus station, I would like to share them here with you.


Bus stop near the mini bus stop

There was a bus stop right in front of the North Bus Terminal, so I tried to get on the bus from there, but no matter how hard I raised my hands or waved, the bus never stopped. The map shows it as Van Terminal, but it was just a bus stop.


pedestrian bridge

Upon closer inspection, I found out that there is a bus that goes to the north direction in the opposite lane, but also a bus that makes a U-turn and goes to the south direction. I changed my mind, and the plan was that there was another bus stop on the other side, at the north terminal, and if I took it, I would be able to make a U-turn and reach Bangkok city, or at worst, Kam Phaeng Phet MRT station.


Neon lights at the North Bus Terminal

There was a bus stop, but again, like last time, the buses were passing us by, including the A1 bus, which was clearly ignoring us.


Cab Stand in front of Pedestrian Bridge

There were cabs hanging out at the bottom of the overpass, so I thought I’d take them home, but I wasn’t convinced. I thought I should solve the problem of why the buses don’t stop.


Bus Terminal for Bangkok City Routes

Route Bus Terminal

The mystery was solved. There was actually a terminal for city-bound buses next to the north terminal for long-distance buses. I took a little detour as shown in the map above, but it looks like you can get there by turning right before the 7-Eleven.


Route bus #3

Route 3 map

Bus #3 goes along Khao San Road and arrives at Klongsan. If you are staying in Khao San, take this bus.


Bus No. 49

Route 49 map

Number 49 is for Hua Lamphong.


Bus No. 77

Route 77 map

Bus No. 77 stops at Saphan Kwai Victory Monument Pratunam Lumbini Park – Bang Rak – PHARAM3-SATHUPRADIT.


Route 136 map

Bus No. 136 stops at Chatuchak – BTS – Ratchadaw Criminal Court – Suthisarnphu – Woranporn – Asok – Klongtoy.


Route 16 map



Inside the bus terminal

Detailed destination information is posted inside the terminal, so you can choose the right bus for your destination. In my case, I was tired and sweaty from all the walking, and I wanted to get on an air-conditioned bus as soon as possible, so I jumped on the first bus that departed. This was because I didn’t know when I would be leaving on a bad bus.