I just wandered into the Million Toy Museum, a modern toy museum out of place in the ancient city of Ayutthaya


Hello everyone. It’s one of Ayutthaya series in Thailand today. I went to Ayutthaya, Thailand the other day and found an interesting museum, so I would like to write about it.

The museum is called the Million Toy Museum. As the name suggests, it is a modern museum with countless toys on display. If it was in a city such as Bangkok, I could understand it, but why it was located near the middle of Ayutthaya, a city dotted with many Buddhist ruins, was a mystery to me, but when I actually went there, it was like a regular toy museum.

It’s probably not a place you’d go on an Ayutthaya tour, so you might as well go there on your own when you wander by.


Overview of the Million Toy Museum in Ayutthaya

The Million Toy Museum, created by Krirk Yoonpun, is a private museum that displays toys from the past and present. From popular to rare, some of the pieces on display are privately owned toys that Mr. Kulik has collected since he was a child.

After Mr. Kulik Yumpun, a lecturer in the Children’s Literature Department at the University of Sina Carinwirot, won the Noma Literary Translation Award in Japan in 1982, he visited the Kitahara Toy Museum where many toys were on display and was overwhelmed by the sheer number of toys on display. When he returned to Thailand, he began collecting toys from the past 20 years. Ten years ago, he happened to find the area where the museum now stands (Hua Laem, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya) and decided to buy it. Later, the museum was gradually built and eventually became the Krirk Yoonpun’s Million Toy Museum.


Map of Toy Museum

The Million Toy Museum is located in the northwest of the central area of Ayutthaya, where many of the ruins of Ayutthaya are preserved.


The road north of the sandbar


As you drive west on the road north of the sandbar, you will see a building on your right that doesn’t match its surroundings. However, since it is labeled “MILLION TOY MUSEUM,” let’s go inside with half a doubt.

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Museum entrance fee

Exterior of the Million Toy Museum

Admission to Million Toy Museum

Captain America

The building itself looks small from the front, but once you get inside, it is quite spacious. The entrance is on the east side of the building, so foreigners should pay 50 baht to get in. At the entrance, you will be greeted by Captain America.


Inside the Million Toy Museum

Million Toy Gachapon

capsule-toy vending machine

One of the most noticeable things in the museum is the number of small figures, some of which may have been drawn from Gachapon, but you can really tell that a lot of money has been invested.


Miffy and Kewpie for children


kewpie doll

The museum has a wide variety of toys on display. There were many stuffed animals and dolls on display, ranging from those for Akiba Otaku to those for small children like the one above. I guess it doesn’t make sense to have several of the same thing, but I guess that’s the essence of being a collector.


Antiques that could be sent to the Treasure Detectives that is a Japanese TV show.

Old watches

Old armor

Old Dolls

In addition to modern toys, there is a wide variety of old antiques such as clocks, key chains, helmets, kokeshi dolls, and May dolls. Some of them may be worth a lot of money.


The power of oversized figures

Iron Man No. 21


Ultraman dolls

There are small figures in glass cases and oversized figures as tall as an adult. As for Ultraman, how could they collect so many of the same Ultraman? They are all lined up on the second floor as if they are having trouble finding a place to put them.


Mascot character from the Showa era

Astro Boy, Miffy

Toy machine gun

Ultra Monster Figure

Many figures of monsters from Astro Boy and Ultraman were also on display. I’m sure there are many middle-aged men who bought and played with them in their childhood. Now that I think about it, the space gun that makes the mysterious space sound is also carefully stored in a glass case.


One Piece and Ghibli series such as My Neighbor Totoro

One Piece, Totoro Figure

There are also figures of One Piece and My Neighbor Totoro that are unbeatable in the world.


Sale of Million Toy Goods

Toy in a candy store

There was a corner where things like those sold in Japanese candy shops and night stalls were sold. I can’t help but laugh when I imagine the picture of Mr. Kulik buying a bunch of stuff at the night market.


Museum Layout

Million Toy Museum, 2nd floor

Million Toy Museum, 2nd floor

The museum is a two-story building; it is expected to be expanded in the future as there seemed to be more space at the back of the second floor.


Golden Ganesha Statue

Of course, the golden Lord Ganesha sits in the museum.