Bangkok’s new Purple Line is a ridiculously unfinished line


Last August 6, 2016, the new Purple Line opened in Bangkok, Thailand. Today, I went on a field trip to check the situation.


Actually, it hasn’t contacted MRT yet.

Before I report, let me tell you a shocking fact. The Purple Line departs from Tao Poon station, north of Bangkok and west of Chatuchak Park, about a kilometer away from Bang Sue station, the nearest MRT station (MAP).


The MRTA, which is responsible for the operation of the line, is said to be negotiating with the Bangkok Metro Corporation (BMCL), the operator of the line, to hasten the extension of the Blue Line so that passengers can change trains, but it is typical of Thailand that the negotiations are still ongoing. In other words, they’ve given up on the idea.


Shuttle bus from Bang Sue station to Tao Poon station

However, the management is not sitting on their hands until negotiations are concluded, and as a temporary measure, they have set up a free shuttle bus service between the two stations.


Exit the station gates at Bang Sue.

Go out the ticket gate of Bang Sue station and head for the exit.


Floor at Bang Sue Station

I looked at my feet and saw that the delivery system between Tao Poon and Bang Sue stations was marked as Exit 2. This is the shuttle bus.


Purple Line Timetable

It’s all in Thai, so I don’t know what’s written on it.


Go to Bang Sue Station, Exit 2.

In the meantime, head for Exit 2. At the end of the street, take a right.


Shuttle Bus Stop

Shuttle Bus Stop

There was a crowd of people on the ground. Actually, Bang Sue station is also a railroad station, so it looks like a terminal station.


Information board at Bang Sue station

Information board. The railroad is in the back.


Bang Sue Station Bus Stop

There is no shuttle bus stop, so I joined the crowd and waited for the bus. There is also a local bus, so be careful not to get on the wrong one.


Front of the bus to Tao Poon Station

A 45-degree view of the bus to Tao Poon station.

Side view of the bus to Tao Poon station.

It looks like a normal local bus, so check the ShuttleBus sign on the side and get on. The fare is free.


Arrival at Tao Poon Station

Elevator at Tao Poon Station

When you arrive at Tao Poon station, just follow the flow of people to the ticket gate.


Chip shop at Tao Poon station.

Buying a ticket (token) is the same as buying an MRT ticket. First, choose your destination.


Route map of ticket vending machines

Check the price.


Ticket vending machine bill insertion slot

Insert money.


Manned ticket office at Tao Poon station.

Since it is a long way to the token vending machine, you can buy it directly at the manned counter.


Tao Poon Station – Bang Sue Station

Shuttle bus to Bang Sue station

To get back to Bang Sue station from Tao Poon station, there is a shuttle bus waiting for you near where you got off the first shuttle bus.


Bangkok Purple Line Summary

As you can see, it is still incomplete, but I am happy to be able to visit Nonthaburi by train, which I rarely do. I hope to expand the network of inspection in this untapped area.