How to get to Seacon Square, a shopping mall in Bangkok that was bigger than expected


Hello everyone. This is Teacage@Bangkok.

Today, I would like to introduce a shopping mall in Bangkok that is not well known to Japanese people due to its poor transportation.

From the guesthouse called Suika House, where I am staying, I can go with a single songthaew, so I would like to share how to go and the mall while actually using the songthaew.


Outline of Seacon Square

Map and directions

You can go directly to Seacon Square on the No.4 Song Taew from the front of the condo called Brox 77 of Sukhumvit 77. If the road is not crowded, the journey takes 25 minutes. A fee of 9 baht will be given to the driver when getting off.


When you gets off songthaew, you can push the buzzer on the ceiling or rear to signal the driver.



If you go in Song Taew, you will go east on On Nut Road, turn right on Srinakarin Thara Road and go south.

By the way. Sinagarindra is a member of the Thai royal family, a member of the Mahidol family, a descendant of the Chakri dynasty, and a daughter of Prince Mahidol Adunyadate, the prince of Chulalongkorn’s son Songkhla. She is also the mother of Princess Galyanivadana, Princess Naradiwawa, King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII), and King Bhumibol Aduriade (Rama IX).

It is a mystery whether it is derived from this Srinakarin Thara street.


If you go south on Srinakarinthala Street, you can see the store on your left. When you see it, press the buzzer to get off Sonteu.


In front of Seacon Square, there is an elevated bridge that is still under construction.


Address, business hours, homepage

  • Address: Quen Nonbon
  • Business hours: 10: 30-21: 30 (Monday-Friday), 10: 00-21: 30 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
  • home page:


In-store layout

The store has a total of 5 floors, 1 underground and 4 above ground. The floor area is also quite large. If it is this scale, I feel like I can be nominated for a shopping mall world ranking.

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Inside Seacon Square

As soon as you enter from the main entrance of Seacon Square, you will come to an event space with a colonnade.

Like the countries in Southeast Asia, there was an exhibition of cars and motorcycles that are made by Japanese manufacturers such as Yamaha.

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Marugame noodles are visible on the top floor of the atrium. Recently, I’m starting to see everywhere in Southeast Asia.

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It seems that 19 Marugame noodles are already available in Thailand. Below is the menu of Marugame noodles.



  • Kamaage Udon: 79 Baht
  • Zaru Udon: 79 Baht
  • Hot ball topped udon: 99 baht
  • Spicy pork udon: 119 baht
  • Meat udon: 129 baht (chicken), 149 baht (cow)
  • Curry udon: 139 Baht
  • Menta Kamatama Udon: 139 Baht
  • Spicy pork udon noodles: 149 baht

It ’s like spicy char siu pork bone udon noodles, noodles and ramen. I’m worried that Mentai Kamatama Udon is accepted by Thai people.



  • Chicken Oyakodon: 79 Baht
  • Spicy Lemon Chicken Rice: 89 Baht
  • Pork cutlet: 109 baht
  • Fish Tartarso Slice: 119 Baht
  • Sauce cutlet: 139 baht
  • Shrimp Tendon: 139 Baht
  • Tonkatsu Curry Rice: 149 Baht
  • Yakiniku: 159 baht (chicken), 189 baht (cow)

best seller

  • Homme Udon: 139 Baht
  • Meatball spicy soup: 139 baht (chicken), 159 baht (cow)
  • Yummy udon noodles: 149 baht
  • Seafood Tom Yum Udon: 149 Baht
  • Spicy pork bone udon: 149 baht
  • Spicy char siu udon: 149 baht

Om-yaki udon has a trick on how to cook it, so you can see how much guidance is given to Japanese Thai people.


Japanese drugstore Tsuruha Drug has already entered the market. There is a Japanese drugstore that can be reached in an ugly place.


There is also a cinema complex on the top floor. A large-scale shopping mall in Southeast Asia is fully equipped with movie theaters.


There is also a sukiya in the common beef restaurant. At a relatively reasonable price, it makes me think that Japanese people can come every day.

  • Gyudon: 79 Baht
  • Tokyo Soy Sauce Ramen: 69 Baht
  • Japanese curry: 99 Baht


There is a gold curry, but the menu is written in Japanese, so the concept is similar to a go-go curry that was often eaten in Nikkei and Akihabara. It seems to have been opened or changed its name on marketing.

Opening hours: Daily 10: 30-21: 00 (Last order 20:30)


By the way, I would like to introduce the price of the gold curry menu that I chose with discretion and prejudice only for M size.

  • Cheese Hamburg Curry: 200 Baht
  • Croquette curry: 180 baht
  • Chicken cutlet curry: 180 baht
  • Shrimp fried curry: 180 baht
  • Tala fly curry: 240 baht
  • Gapao Curry: 180 Baht
  • Pork belly curry: 200 baht
  • Black pork cutlet curry: 240 baht
  • Gold curry: 150 baht
  • Curry udon set meal: 180 baht
  • Shrimp udon set meal: 200 Baht
  • Pork set: 399 Baht
  • Carrero size: +30 baht
  • Mayonnaise: 10 baht


This is also a highly popular Asian cafe. Of course, it has already expanded into Bangkok.

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There is a huge food court on the 4th floor.


Japanese curry menu. I don’t think I can see many Japanese-style curries in Bangkok. The next ramen is probably curry.


Actually, I did not see UNIQLO there, but of course there are also the store.


The moment when the dots are connected

Actually, it turned out that this Seacon Square is in front of the eyes and nose of Central Plaza Bangna, who had been lost before.

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In the Philippines, there has been a phenomenon in which the place you have visited in the past is close in distance to the place you went to since you were conscientious. I call this a phenomenon where dots are connected.

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