if I have known I could have eaten Khao Man Kai at Bangkok University’s cafeteria, I would have been there being hungry.


The university visit series in the Philippines was also very popular, but today is a university visit series in Thailand. The first is the University of Bangkok City Campus. I made a special article about Khao Man Kai in Bangkok in another series, but I really regret that I didn’t think I could eat it at the cafeteria here.

バンコクの飯のうまさに舌鼓を打っているティケージー@バンコクです。 さて、今日はバンコク飯の中でも有名なカオマンガイの美味しいお店を何軒か回ってきましたのでそのことをレポートにまとめたいと思います。 カオマンガイについて カオ...


About Bangkok University

Founded in 1962, Bangkok University is one of the oldest in Thailand and one of the largest private universities in Thailand. The main campus is located in Bangkok’s central business district, and an additional second campus was constructed in Rangsit, Pathum Thani Province, to accommodate rapid growth. The president is Petch Osatanugra (2016).


Academic program

At Bangkok University, you can use Thai as a teaching language and have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree. Universities also have international programs that use English as an educational language, and international programs can earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.


Related facilities

  • Bangkok University Alumni Association Office
  • Creative Entrepreneurship Development Institute
  • Bangkok University Research Center
  • Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (Southeast Asia)
  • Human Resource Development Center
  • Research Institute for Innovation Promotion
  • Institutional Research Evaluation Office
  • Language Institute
  • Civil Law Center


Bangkok University has two campuses.

City campus

The City Campus (called “Kruai Nam Thai Campus”) is located in the Phra Khanong area of Khlong Toei and has a land area of approximately 15,000 square meters. International students mainly attend this campus, and scholars studying special programs are also enrolled. Most students in grades 3 and 4 are expected to attend this campus. In addition to the university president’s office, it consists of international courses, graduate schools, and other faculties. Other facilities include laboratories, classrooms, seminar rooms, libraries, computer centers and indoor sports centers. Bangkok University Gallery (BUG), an art gallery, opened on this city campus in 2006.

Rangsit campus

Rangsit Campus is located in Khlong Luang District in Khlong Nun District of Pathum Thani Province, about 14 km north of Don Mueang International Airport. The campus area is approximately 265,000 square meters. Regular students in the 1st and 2nd grades study here, while regular communication art students (not foreigners) study on this campus for 4 years. The campus also has Bangkok University Stadium, the home stadium of Bangkok University FC, the champion of the Thai Premier League 2006, Surat Osatanugra Library, and Pontip Osatanugra Communication Arts Complex. The BU Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum, an important archeological research facility, is located on the Rangsit Campus. The Rangsit Campus is also the first campus in Thailand that has acquired ISO 14001 standards.


Bangkok University Directions and Map

Bangkok University City Campus is located on Rama IV Street. As you can see from the map, the transportation is not so good because it is a bit far from each station. The guest house where you stayed during your stay in Bangkok is easy to get out of the house.

フィリピンは怒涛の平日祝日が多い怒涛の8月下旬を迎え、人々は浮足立っております。 さて、今日は、タイバンコクの旅行シリーズ、日本人宿の紹介です。近々バンコクに行くかもしれないので、その予備知識として、いくつかピックアップさせてもらいました...


Bangkok University has three doorways. This time I took a taxi and entered from the third gate. I thought that the other side across the road was also a university, but it seems to be another facility like a condominium called Metro Luxe.

Metro Luxe website


Inside Bangkok University

After observing the area around the entrance, you will finally enter the university. There was a security guard at the entrance, but nothing was said.


When entering from the 3rd gate, it looks like a calm campus with little traffic. It seems that the first and second gates are the most visited.


A bulletin board on the premises. In the information on the net, it was written that classes are being conducted in English, but I also see Thai characters.


This is the third student lounge. The vending machines and air-conditioning were very comfortable and the students were studying comfortably.


There is a lawn square in the center of the campus, but because of the strong sunlight, you can’t see the scenery where students are sitting and chatting, which seems to be in the brochure.


The parking lot is also full of cars. I think that there are some students who commute by car because there are some students who seem to have some money.


Bangkok University library and cafeteria


The number 5 building has a cafeteria and a library. I decided to go to the library first.


There was a receptionist at the entrance, but I was overwhelmed because it was after lunch. I was able to get inside without being specifically called. Thailand, which is neither a Buddhist society nor a gun society, can enter and leave the building relatively freely like this, so it would be appreciated as a walk meister.


The library feels neat. There are sofas where you can relax while listening to the air conditioner, so students taking a nap are flirting.


Many IT books, which are not technologically advanced, are a bit old.



After the library, head to the cafeteria on the first floor of the same building.


A fairly open cafeteria. There are no curtains outside and there are only curtains that prevent sunlight.


This is a bread and dessert shop. The cafeteria at Bangkok University is a food court system, so you can purchase your favorite menu and bring it to the table.

  • Fried meatballs: 10-30 baht
  • Bread: 30-50 baht
  • Dessert: 12-25 baht


It is a drink shop. I’m glad that smoothies and bubble tea can be drunk at university.

  • Smoothie: 35-50 baht
  • Fresh fruit soda: 45 baht
  • Bubble tea: 30-35 baht
  • Soft drink: 15-20 baht


This is a fried chicken shop. Since there was no good reason for flat roll noodle soup, it was written in katakana. Hainanji chicken rice and steamed chicken are about Khao Man Kai, but I didn’t expect that Khao Man Kai could be eaten here at Bangkok University, so I cooked rice before coming. I did something regrettable.

  • Hainanji chicken rice and steamed chicken: 35, 40 baht
  • Hainanji chicken rice and fried chicken: 35, 40 baht
  • Chicken noodles: 35, 40 baht
  • Flat roll noodle soup, pork offal and tofu: 35, 40 baht
  • Chicken thigh stewed noodles: 35, 40 baht
  • Noodles and fried chicken: 35, 40 baht


Lumpasiri doesn’t appear even after searching, what is it?

  • Pork or chicken fried rice: 35, 40 baht
  • Pork or chicken spicy basil rice: 35, 40 baht
  • Shrimp or Squid Spicy Basil Rice: 35, 40 Baht
  • Crispy pork belly fried chili sauce bowl: 35, 40 baht
  • Stir-fried pork and flat noodles: 35, 40 baht
  • Stir-fried pork with garlic and rice: 35 baht
  • Shrimp Pad Thai: 40, 45 BahtCreamy hot sour soup and shrimp: 50 baht


Curry and rice

  • 1 curry and rice: 25 baht
  • Two curries and rice: 30 and 35 baht
  • 3 curry dishes and rice: 35, 40 baht
  • Chicken biryani and soup: 35, 40 baht
  • Brown rice: 10 baht
  • Catfish and dried fish: 20, 40 baht
  • Chili saw slice and side dish: 25 baht
  • Chili saw slice and 2 side dishes: 30 baht
  • 3 chili saw slices and side dishes: 35 baht


To Bangkok University classroom

The 2nd and higher floors of Campus No. 3 and No. 4 are classrooms where students can actually take classes.


Move to each classroom in the open corridor. Some students smoked cigarettes. Is it possible to smoke?


You can see the actual class through the window. When I listened to it, it seemed that classes were conducted in Thai. The table and chairs in front are fashionable.


Graduate School of Bangkok University

And finally, the building where the Bangkok University Graduate School is located. The 9th place on the map. The 9th building has a classroom, a graduate school, an international office, a scholarship office, and a university theater.


The tallest building on the Bangkok University campus is No. 9.


Even if you enter from the front entrance, there is no one at the reception.


This is the office where you live. My camera has a specification that makes it difficult to capture the letters that are shining, so I don’t know what is written (bitter smile).


An art object in the lobby. Speaking of which, the tables and chairs in the classroom building seemed to be works of art. You can see that the arts are concerned.


Go up with the second elevator from the left of the four.


There are only 1, 2, 3, and 15 floors you can go to.


The view from the 15th floor was amazing. If you look closely, it is the direction of the slum.

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