Yangon Ramen: Two “Oishii Sushi” in a small area. But an unexpected misunderstanding also occurred!

It's the first day of the holidays and I've been updating my blog a lot. I hope that this effort will pay off one day. Well, it's time for the Ramen ...

Xiaomi Shop at Manila Gateway Mall is a new store with a wide range of in-store items

This is Takagi, whose Xiaomi smart home appliance fever has not cooled down lately. Today, I visited the Xiaomi store at the Gateway Mall in Cubao,...

Study abroad in the Philippines: How to get cheap travel insurance and the difference between it and study abroad insurance

Because Japan is an island nation, and because everything is done domestically, Japan has a low overseas orientation. It is true that short-term trips...

Staying at the Labor Camp House in Cubao

For some reason, I ended up staying at a boarding house in the neighborhood. It's not the kind of place you can find on Agoda. It's a very local, so-c...

Eight Things to Do in a Secret Spot When You Visit Manila “Castle Walk, Malinta Tunnel, Prison, Ensign Onoda”

When you hit “Manila Sightseeing” on the Internet, all of them are similar tourist spots. Even though there are few tourist spots in Manila, a site...

Best affordable hotel in Angeles and other recommended hotels

Hello everyone. Today, I am going to introduce Angeles, the Philippines. As you know, I took TOEIC in Angeles the other day, so I would like to share ...

How to get from Manila (NAIA Terminal 3, Quezon City) to Angeles by stress-free P2P bus

Hello everyone. Today I've been taking the TOEIC test in Angeles, Pampanga Province, Philippines the other day. In the past, the main way for going f...

Pick up restaurants and spots recommended in Makati Central Square, a place for citizens to relax!

Hello everyone. Today is an introduction to Makati Central Square, which is a favorite place for Manila. Previously it was called Makati Cinema Square...