3 Recommended Key Delivery Goods to be used by Airbnb in Manila Real Estate


When handing over keys at Airbnb, I used to put a dial padlock on the fence near the gate and put the key on it and hand it to the guest when I was not there, but it still didn’t look good and the dial was hard to see at night. So this time, I bought a dial-type key box. It’s the one used by real estate agents.

DAIKEN Padlock with Key Storage Box “DK-65”


Back side of DK-65

I hadn’t seen such complicated goods in the Philippines, so this time I ordered them from Japan. I had seen some in Bangkok, Thailand, but they were a bit expensive and I was not sure about the quality, so I decided to buy one from a Japanese company.

It’s reasonably priced, and there’s no problem in inserting a regular door key. It’s a bit unusual in that when you set the dial on the vine, it automatically sets the dial on the box, but if you tell your guests the PIN for the box beforehand, it’s no problem.


DAIKEN Padlock with Key Storage Box “DK-N55”

The DK-65 above is somewhat small in size. If you are handling larger keys, you should use the DK-N55 introduced here.



It is palm-sized and compact. Even a woman can handle it easily. However, it is also moderately heavy, so it feels surprisingly sturdy. In addition to the key, you can also put a memo with a message on it.



Slide the silver button at the top of the open box to the side to open the vine.


DK-N55 hanging on the door

Then, place it on the doorknob.


Vine of DK-N55

The vines are covered with plastic.


Vine of DK-N55

When the vine is closed, the rain cannot enter.


NOMURATECH Key Stock, large capacity “N-1260”

They don’t sell key boxes in the Philippines. For that reason, I actually bought a key box in Japan. Let me introduce you to one of these key boxes, the NOMURATECH Key Stock “N-1260”.



The lid is open. It looks like it can hold more than 10 regular keys. The vines are removable, and there are holes on the back for screws, so you can install it directly on the wall and use it like a security box.


N-1260 Accessories

There is a full range of accessories. The mat on the bottom right is for scratch prevention, and the one on the bottom left is a cover for wall installation with screws. The top right is an attachment for installing on a door lever instead of a doorknob, and the top left is a screw for wall installation.


N-1260 Manual

Includes detailed instructions.


N-1260 hanging on the door.

I haven’t used it in earnest yet, but it seems to be useful not only for keys, but also for passing notes, coins, and many other things.