9 Japanese Owned/ Japanese Speaking Guest Houses and Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand


The Philippines is in the midst of a raging late August with many weekdays and holidays, and people are in high spirits.

Well, today I’d like to introduce you to a travel series on Bangkok, Thailand, and Japanese lodgings. I might be going to Bangkok soon, so I picked up some of them as a preliminary knowledge.


I had an image of Bangkok as an expensive place to stay, but as I looked around, I found that some Japanese guesthouses are quite reasonable, and I realized that I am not abandoning the city.


Suica House

entrance of Suica House

Guesthouse with On Nut station as the nearest station. It’s pretty good that you can see the reservation status on the website.(Map).

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Sights around On Nut station in Bangkok. The once common area has now been modernized.
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accommodation charge

Single room (2 single beds)

  • Single occupancy: 800 Baht
  • For 2 persons: 1000 Baht

dormitory room

  • 1 night: 480 Baht
  • 2 to 3 consecutive nights: 380 Baht per night
  • 4 consecutive nights or more: 350 Baht per night


Basic Information

  • Laundry: Fully automatic washing machines are available in the semi-outdoor laundry space (30 baht per load).
  • Lockers with locks: Personal lockers available
  • Luggage storage: Luggage can be stored on the same day before check-in and after check-out (charges apply except on days of stay).
  • How to reserve: From the reservation form
  • Payment method: Cash?
  • Website:
  • facebook/blog:
  • Check-in: 12:00 noon to 24:00 pm
  • Check-out: 12:00 noon


How to get to the Suica House

In front of Big C on On Nut Street

From BTS On Nut station, go north towards Asoke, turn right on On Nut Road to the east, walk about 50 meters and you will see Big C on your right.

Go straight further east on Big C to the purple dentist sign as shown in the picture.


Food stall village on On Nut Street

Walking along the left sidewalk of On Nut Street, you will see an alleyway on your left that looks like a food stall village. Although the number of stalls has been decreasing recently, On Nut used to be an area bustling with local food stalls.


Road from On Nut Street to Suica Guesthouse

It’s a little bit of a walk from On Nut station to this purple sign, but if you take a cab, you can say “On Nut, Big C” and it will be understood. Turn left at this dentist.


The alley where the Suica Guesthouse is located

You will come to a local alleyway with several Japanese restaurants, and Suica Guesthouse is on the left side of the alley. If you go early in the morning, it’s very difficult to find the entrance to the Suica Guesthouse, so it’s best to keep the entrance of the Suica Guesthouse in mind beforehand.

In my case, I was told by the guy two doors to my left, who I couldn’t tell if he was Thai or Japanese, “Suica? I managed to find a place to stay.


First floor of the Suica Guesthouse

The first floor of the Suica Guesthouse is a restaurant, but if you go early in the morning, it will be deserted. The stairs at the back of the building lead up to the reception desk on the upper floor.

By the way, if the restaurant is not open yet, the entrance door is closed, so you have to ring a ping-pong to get a staff member to come.


The tatami room on the mezzanine floor of the Suica Guesthouse

Stairs to the second floor of the Suica Guesthouse

The mezzanine floor is a tatami room, through which you take off your shoes at the shoe storage area and go up to the upper floor.


Common Area

Suica Guest House common area

Check-in is simple. You fill out a form, receive a card key for the first floor and a locker key, and you’re done.

The check-in time was quite early, but I was allowed to check in. It may have been because it was a quiet season, but I were grateful. Please note that you will not necessarily be able to check in early the next time others do so as well.


Suica guesthouse common area tatami room

The common area is a tatami room type, just like a Japanese inn. The only weak point of this Suica house is that there is no table for working. I used to work with my computer on the table in front of the TV with my back against the back wall.


Lockers, etc. in the common area of the Suica Guesthouse

Lockers, refrigerators, and bookshelves are also available in the common area.

Suica guesthouse common area tour posters

Suica guesthouse common area tour posters

Other than that, there were tour pamphlets and signs on the walls of the common area, and the guesthouse itself seemed to be affiliated with some tour company, so those who are short on time can apply for a tour through the inn.


Lodging Area

Suica Guest House Dormitory

Male dormitory on the upper floor of the common area. There are four bunk beds in a large area. The air conditioner was running 24 hours a day, and I didn’t feel hot during my stay.


Bunk beds at Watermelon Guest House

There were not many guests during my stay, but during busy seasons, more people stay in the upper bunk beds, and the pipes may be creaking noisily.


Curtains for bunk beds

Each bed is equipped with a curtain to protect your privacy. Many cheap hotels don’t have curtains, so it’s a nice feature.


Suica Guesthouse dormitory power outlet

This is also a nice and simple facility. There is one power supply for each bunk bed. However, it’s not for each bed, so you might have to fight for it during peak season!


Shared toilet and shower at Suica Guesthouse

There are toilets and showers on the reception floor, on the male dormitory floor, and on the female dormitory floor. The female dormitory is on the floor above the male dormitory. During the busy season, there is a bad chance that you will have to fight for the bathroom.


Suica Guesthouse's laundry area

The laundry area on the male dorm floor. There is a smoking area on the right. Laundry is available until about 10 pm and costs 30 baht per floor. If you like us on Facebook, the first time is free. Detergent is also available free of charge.

Suica House Home Page:


Cocotel Bangkok Surawong

Located in Bangkok City Center, this cotel is within a 15-minute walk of Patpong Night Market, Bangkok Riverside, and Thaniya Plaza. Lumpinee Park and State Tower are within 2 km. The nearest train stations are Chong Nonsi BTS station (11 minutes walk) and Samyang station (13 minutes walk).(Map).


This hotel has a restaurant, a coffee shop/café, and laundry facilities. WiFi in public areas is free. Other facilities include a 24-hour front desk.


All 40 rooms feature free WiFi, refrigerators, LED TVs with satellite channels, and other amenities include rainfall showerheads, free local calls, and free bottled water.


The hotel was opened by a Japanese, Mr. Tsutomu Matsuda, but it seems not so easy to understand Japanese at the front desk.(Reference:Comfortable! 3 Recommended Hostels & Guesthouses in Bangkok run by Japanese [JPN]

  • Two single beds: 1200 Baht
  • One queen bed: 1240 baht
  • Two single beds and one single bunk bed: 1,792 Baht
  • 3 single beds: 2,024 baht
  • One single bed:?



Trika Hostel

Located in the On Nut area, Trika Hostel is 1.4 km from W District, within 5 km of Emporium and Bangkok University, and 4.8 km from EmQuartier.The nearest station is a 10-minute walk from Natthong BTS station and a 20-minute walk from Phra Khanong BTS station.[Map]


This hostel has a bar/lounge, a coffee shop/café, and laundry facilities. WiFi in public areas is free. Other amenities include a computer station.


All seven rooms feature free WiFi, hairdryers, and complimentary toiletries.


This hostel has expanded from Fukuoka, and is also known as the “fried chicken hostel.” The “fried chicken set meal” served at the cafe and bar on the first floor is very popular (180 baht with pork miso soup).(Reference:Comfortable! 3 Recommended Hostels & Guesthouses in Bangkok run by Japanese [JPN])。

  • Basic Room with 1 single bed: 950 Baht
  • Basic Double Room (for 1 person) with 1 King Bed: 1100 Baht
  • Basic shared dormitory, female only: 300 Baht
  • Basic Shared Dormitory Shared Dormitory: 300 Baht



JP Guest House

JP Guest House Entrance

The closest guesthouse to Phrom Phong BTS station.[Map]

JP Guest House Home Page [JPN]


accommodation charge


  • 1 night: 800 Baht
  • 2 consecutive nights: 1400 Baht
  • 3 consecutive nights: 600 Baht per night
  • More than 4 consecutive berths: to talk to each other

mini single

  • 1 night: 750 Baht
  • 2 consecutive nights: 1300 Baht
  • 3 consecutive nights: 550 Baht per night
  • More than 4 consecutive berths: to talk to each other

Male and female dormitories

  • 1 night: 500 Baht
  • 2 consecutive nights: 400 Baht per night
  • 3 consecutive nights: 350 Baht per night


Basic Information

  • Laundry: Two free washing machines for daily laundry. Laundry detergent is also free. The balcony for drying clothes is separate from the smoking area.
  • Lockers with locks: Yes
  • Luggage storage: Yes (100 Baht/day for luggage storage other than on the day)
  • How to reserve: From the reservation form
  • Payment method: Cash?
  • Home Page:
  • Facebook / Blog:
  • Check-in: 12:00 noon
  • Check-out: 12:00 noon

▽Click here to read about the actual stay.▽



Minshuku Hide

One of the cheapest Japanese hotels in Bangkok. The price of 170 baht for dormitory is impressive.Although there are some limitations, such as the air conditioner in the dormitory can only be turned on from 9 p.m. if there are less than three people, and the owner’s half-son is not very helpful, this is a good place to stay for those who want to focus on cheapness.[Map]

バンコクのゲストハウス ★ 民宿「日出」★ ⇒1泊=170バーツ Bangkok Japanese Guesthouse


accommodation charge

Single rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors

  • 1 night: 360 Baht
  • 1 week or more: 320 baht per night

3rd floor women-only dormitory shared room

  • 1 night: 220 Baht
  • 1 week or more: 170 baht per night

4th floor male dormitory shared room

  • 1 night: 220 Baht
  • 1 week or more: 170 baht per night


Basic Information

  • Laundry: Fully automatic washing machine available (30 baht per wash)
  • Lockers with locks: ?
  • Luggage storage: Yes
  • How to reserve: From the reservation form
  • Payment method: Cash?
  • Home Page:
  • Facebook / Blog:.
  • Check-in: 24 hours
  • Check-out: 24 hours

▽Click here to read about the actual stay.▽



Longlac Guesthouse

A guesthouse near Khao San. The only official information is on Facebook, so it’s a bit lacking in information, but everyone seems to be having a good time.[Map]


accommodation charge

  • 6-bed mixed gender dormitory with air conditioning: 300280 baht
  • Female dormitory (with air conditioning): 280 Baht
  • Superior (with hot shower, toilet and air conditioning): 650 Baht
  • Double room: 350 baht (fan only), 550 baht (with air conditioning)
  • Twin room: 400 Baht (fan only), 600 Baht (with air conditioner)
  • Single room (fan only): from 240 Baht


Basic Information

  • Laundry: ?
  • Locker with key:?
  • Luggage storage: ?
  • Reservation method: Facebook reservation form
  • Payment method: Cash only
  • Website: No
  • Facebook / Blog:
  • Check-in: 9:00am-24:00am
  • Check out: ?


I actually booked a room.

The other day, when I went on a trip to Thailand, I decided to stay at this Longluck Guesthouse and made a reservation through Facebook. Then I received the following message in my email.

We are sorry, but the room you requested is not available due to busy reservations.

The available at the moment is;

  • On mm dd, we can provide you with a mattress on the floor of the dormitory, sheets and blanket for 220THB.
  • Double bed fan room 350THB is available on mm dd, dd and dd.

What do you think of the above? If you cancel the day before or on the day of the event, you will be asked to pay the full amount, please understand. If you are not using LINE, please reply to this email. Please note that the reservation is not yet confirmed. Please note that if another customer makes a reservation before you do, there is a possibility that the available room will be filled.


Then, an hour after the sending date and time, I received the following email.

While we are waiting for your reply, the dormitory floor mattresses for mm dd have been filled, so we are sorry to inform you that you will not be able to stay on mm dd.


I stayed at the Suica Guesthouse, JP Guesthouse, and Minshuku Hide at the same time, but there were only a few guests and I was able to make reservations well in advance. It seems to be a very popular guesthouse.


Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow me to stay at the guesthouse, but if you want to stay at Longlac Guesthouse, it’s better to make a reservation well in advance. But I’ve never heard of dormitory floor mattresses.


EZ Stay Bangkok

There were sister stores in Chiang Mai and Hanoi, but this Bangkok branch seems to have closed in September 2019.[Map] (archive)


  • 1 night: 600 Baht
  • 2 nights 3 days (consecutive nights): 500 baht per night
  • 3 nights 4 days (consecutive nights): 400 baht per night
  • 7 nights/8 days (consecutive nights): 300 baht per night


Basic Information

  • Laundry: You can use the washing machine on the balcony for 10 baht (detergent can be used in the shared laundry room). There is also a laundry store on the first floor.
  • Lockers with locks: Yes
  • Luggage storage:No
  • How to reserve: Reservation form
  • Payment method: Cash?
  • Home Page: (archive)
  • Facebook / Blog:.
  • Check-in: Noon (living room and shower available from 6am)
  • Check-out: Noon (living room and shower available until 10pm)


Ippun Guesthouse

This guesthouse is an adult hideaway in a quiet residential area of Sukhumvit. The owner is from Okinawa Prefecture, and you can see a glimpse of it everywhere! [Map]


accommodation charge

Low season rate (July 1 – October 31)

  • King size bed room (currently rented for long term guests)
  • Twin room: 300 Baht per person
  • Single room (currently rented for long term stays)
  • Monthly rate for long term stay: 12,000 Baht
  • Single house rental rate: 4,500 Baht


Basic Information

  • Laundry:One washing machine for free
  • Locker with key:?
  • Luggage storage:No
  • Reservation method: From the reservation form
  • Payment method: Cash?
  • Web site:
  • Facebook / Blog:
  • Check-in: 2:00 p.m.
  • Check-out time: 11:00 a.m.


Mayu Bangkok Japanese Style Hotel

Rooms at Mayu Bangkok Japanese Style Hotel

This is neither a guesthouse nor a Japanese-speaking hotel, but the rooms are Japanese-style. The rooms are thoroughly furnished with tatami mats and futon mattresses, but there seems to be no Japanese staff![Map]

  • King suite with balcony: from 8300 Baht
  • Deluxe double or twin room: from 3600 Baht
  • Triple room with garden view: from 4,700 Baht
  • Deluxe double or twin room with spa bath: from 4,700 Baht
  • Double or twin room with extra bed: from 4500 Baht
  • Villa with garden view: from 4,700 Baht

Check prices on Agoda.