Map, directions and inside view of Talaat Lot Fai Sinakarin, Bangkok’s railroad market.


Among the numerous night markets in Bangkok, people often refer to them as “train markets” in English, and “Thaarat Lofai”, which has nothing to do with the railroad market in Mae Klong. In fact, there are three markets called “railroad markets”, one of the most popular markets today, and due to the traditional market and the fashion-conscious youth market culture and drinking culture, this railroad market seems to have an enduring appeal.

Since they became a hot topic among Bangkokians a few years ago, their numbers are still growing and they are operational in many places.

Hello, this is TKJ@Bangkok. Today I’d like to write about my visit to one of Bangkok’s current train markets, Talaat Lo Fai.

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Talaatlofai-Sinakarin Railway Market Overview

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Map and Directions

Talaat Lo Fai Srinakarin is located right behind the Seacon Square that I mentioned earlier. So, take Songthaew No. 4 from On Nut Station and get off at Seacon Square.


How to get there from Seacon Square

Seacon Square

When I asked the receptionist at Seacon Square how to get to the market, she said to go out the entrance and turn left, so I went out the main entrance of Seacon Square and immediately turned left.


Seacon Square

The passage on the right side of the photo is obviously the passage to the market, but it was strictly inaccessible from here.

It seems that it was not left along Seacon Square, but left once it reached the road.


Sign in the soi

Turn left along the road and walk straight to the south, where you will see a green soi sign.


Market Sign

When you pass the green sign on the soi, you will see a sign for the market, and turn left into the market. If you are coming by car, use this sign as a landmark to help you find your way around.


A view of the Talaat Lofai Sinakarin Railway Market

Getting to the center of the market

Pathway to the market

As soon as you turn left at the previous sign, you will see a restaurant. The passage on the left is the first one you see to the center of the market.


Railroad market seen from the aisle

I could see what looked like the lights of the market far off in the distance. It seemed quite far away, but in fact, as we walked along looking at the various stores, I soon reached the center of the market.


Buddha statue at Sinakarin Railway Market

After walking for a while, you will see a Buddha statue.


People praying

There was a woman talking to the statue. I think if you whisper your wish, it will come true or something like that.


Center of the Market

Sinakarin Railway Market Center area

Through this arcade you can get to the center of the market.


Cars in the Arcade

There were about three old American cars on display in the arcade.


pet store

The dog was also sold for 3,500 baht.


Wappen sales area

For some reason, the patch department was a huge success.


Toy department

Towards the back, there is an antique hobby shop.


At the back of the railroad market in Sinakarin

As you might expect, the further back you go, the fewer stores there are.


Large fence

Just to the east is a canal, but there is a big fence to prevent people from going there. In a way, it was a spectacular view.


small-time candy store

small-time candy store

There were also a few candy store type things in the market.


Handmade leather goods store

Handmade leather goods store.


Dine at the railroad market


Of course there are places to eat in the Railway Market. Sushi is available from 20 baht per piece.


sushi restaurant

But then I found a sushi restaurant with prices starting at 10 baht.


Mango Rice

Authentic mango rice. A small portion is 50 baht and a large portion is 70 baht.

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Thai restaurant

Of course, authentic Thai food is also available.


Yakitori Restaurant

Barbecue shop with prices starting at 10 baht per skewer.


Sushi Set

You may think it’s strange to come to Thailand, but I had sushi. Since eel is my favorite food, I ordered more eel, salmon, and eggs. Rather than ordering, it was more like choosing and packing the food by myself.


Bag of sauce

It was difficult to open the sauce pack, so I had to force it open by sticking chopsticks into it. The horseradish bag had a slit in it, so it was easy to open.


Eat-in space

It was a Thursday, so the place was sparsely populated, but there seemed to be more than enough tables to eat at. I guess on weekends, the place is packed with customers.