Khao Man Gai restaurant in Bangkok, Chinatown is running with friendly moms


Recently, I’m busy with studying English, and even Twitter can’t update easily. Today is Bangkok, Thailand. I woke up to Khao Man Gai and went to a store that I searched on the internet and checked its taste.

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Today, I would like to introduce a special article called “Pichai Guy Tone” that left a particularly impressive impression.


Overview of Pichai Guy Tone

There was little information in Japanese, so when I looked for information in English, I was surprised to find that there wasn’t much on the Internet in English as well as in Japanese. Since there is more information in Japanese, this shop called Pichai Guy Tone may be known only to local people or Japanese people.

According to the 2015 article of「ヤワラートの名刹ワット・トライミットに来たらココのカオマンガイ!「ピチャイガイトーン」」, this Pichai Guy Tone is a shop with a 40-year history, You can see that it is a trusted Khao Mangai store.


Map of shop

The store is close to Hua Lamphong Station. When you walk from the station, you must pay close attention to the red circles on the map above. Because it is about the momentum of a six-way road, if you make a mistake in the way you enter, you will end up going in any direction.


Specifically, please follow the road on the left where there is something like the bulletin board in the red frame above. I got lost on the right road (laughs).


Go along the road and there will be a 7-Eleven on the left side. Turn left at that corner. If you go straight ahead, you will find “Wat Trimit”, a tourist attraction in Chinatown known for its Golden Buddha.


Turn left at 7-Eleven and proceed straight ahead. There is a sign “SKF” on the upper left hand side, and just below that is the famous Khao Mangai store “Pichai Guy Tone” in Chinatown. Since it closes in the evening, you can see from the above picture that it is true that the rumors that it is closed too late (bitter smile).


Eat Khao Mangai

The shop was empty when I went back in the daytime.


In front of the store, there was a page posted in a Japanese magazine. On this day, the daughter of the photo was managing up the restaurant. She was a friendly person who could speak Japanese in one word and spoke English well.


I think that there are various menus, but of course this day is Khao Mangai choice. It is a traditional Khao Mangai with a lump of blood and cucumber.


A secret sauce that I think is one of the cucumbers of this store. The sauce that seems to have been passed down from generations of ancestors with a history of over 40 years is unlimited. And free tea that is very helpful on such a hot day. As always, the type of tea is casual, so I don’t know, but I think it is lotus tea. Of course it ’s a drink.


There are many celebrity photos and awards in the store.


Check the menu for the next visit. It’s not just Khao Mangai.

Rice menu

  • Khao Man Gai: 50 Baht
  • Fried Khao Mangai: 50 Baht
  • Mix Khao Man Gai: 80 Baht
  • Roast duck rice: 50 baht
  • Chicken and roasted duck rice: 80 baht
  • Chicken sold separately: 100, 150, 200 baht
  • Garlic rice: 10 baht

The mix Khao Mangai that I ate at Tesco Lotus in On Nut was surprisingly delicious, so when I come next time, I will order the mix Khao Mangai.

バンコクの飯のうまさに舌鼓を打っているティケージー@バンコクです。 さて、今日はバンコク飯の中でも有名なカオマンガイの美味しいお店を何軒か回ってきましたのでそのことをレポートにまとめたいと思います。 カオマンガイについて カオ...



  • Pork stewed noodles: 50 baht
  • Duck noodles: 50 baht
  • Chicken noodles: 50 baht

Noodles can be selected from white rice noodles, fine white rice noodles, extra fine rice noodles, and egg noodles.


About Wat Trimit

That’s it for Pichai Guy Tone, but here’s a quick Wikipedia article about the nearby Wat Thrmit. This is because the discovery of the Golden Buddha in the temple is a very recent story, and the way it was discovered was very romantic.

In 1954, after a new Vihan building was built in the temple and the Buddha image was stored, it was moved again to a new location on May 25, 1955. There are various theories about what happened at that time, but at the moment of trying to lift the image from the pedestal, it was clear from any theory that the rope broke and the image fell violently on the ground It is. After the fall, part of the gypsum coating peeled off and the gold surface underneath became visible and the work was immediately stopped so that it could be judged.

During the appraisal, all plaster was carefully removed and photographs were taken during the process (they are displayed in the temple for visitors). Actual plaster pieces are also open to the public. When all the plaster was removed, it was found that the gold statue was actually composed of nine parts that fit smoothly and snugly. A key covered with plaster was found at the base. This can be used to disassemble the image and facilitate transportation.

The golden Buddha image was found very close to the 25th Buddhist era (2500 since the death of Gautama Buddha), so the Thai news media is full of reports, and many Buddhists make this event a miracle. I thought.

On February 14, 2010, a large new building was opened in Wat Traimit to house the Golden Buddha. .

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