Compare the price, speed and capacity of TRUE SIM cards that you can buy at 7-Eleven in Thailand!


Hello everyone. I am now in Thailand. SIM card is a must-have thing for anyone who writes a tourist blog like me or who likes to go all the sights on their own. In my case, I didn’t buy a SIM at the airport this time, but first I bought a Dtac SIM at On Nut Big C.

However, since it was a one-week plan, you cannot use the Internet after the expiration date. So I’m going to buy True SIM that I often see at 7-Eleven in Thailand, so I would like to share the information with you.


This article is a broken article that I thought that I could purchase a SIM card at a convenience store, desperately gathered information and tried to buy it at 7-Eleven, so it was a charge-only article.


SIM card at 7-Eleven in Thailand

Although the photo above is a long depth, True SIM card is always seen when you go to 7-Eleven in Thailand. The hurdle for bringing the package to the counter is considerably lower than SIM cards that can only be purchased at the counter, but there are many different types and the hurdles are high in another sense. This time, I would like to explain all types of SIM cards in Seven-Eleven one by one.


Recommended SIM card

On top of the board with a true SIM card, there is a promotion of recommended SIMs or selling SIM cards. The types are as follows.

  • 1-day usage 1Mbps usage 1GB: 25 baht
  • Daily use 4Mbps usage 2GB: 32 baht
  • 7 days use 1Mbps usage 5GB: 120 baht
  • 7 days use 2Mbps usage 7GB: 150 baht
  • 7 days use 4Mbps usage 14GB: 220 baht

So I would like to see if those lineups are actually included in the display like this scroll.


Seven-Eleven SIM card lineup

SIM card with a maximum line speed of 4G/3G

  1. 5 days usage 4G / 3G (maximum) usage 5GB: 75 baht
  2. 10 days use 4G / 3G (maximum) usage 5GB: 100 baht
  3. 5 days usage 4G / 3G (maximum) usage 10GB: 125 baht
  4. 10 days usage 4G / 3G (maximum) usage 10GB: 150 baht
  5. 5 days usage 4G / 3G (maximum) usage 15GB: 175 baht
  6. 10 days usage 4G / 3G (maximum) usage 15GB: 200 Baht

At the top of the hanging axis is the line speed of 4G / 3G, each with a 5-day deadline or a 10-day deadline, and the amount varies depending on the maximum usage.


SIM card with limited line speed

  1. One day use 1Mbps usage 500MB: 25 baht
  2. Daily use 4Mbps usage 1GB: 32 baht
  3. 7 days use 1Mbps usage 2.5GB: 120 baht
  4. 7 days use 2Mbps usage 3.5GB: 150 baht
  5. 7 days use 4Mbps usage 7GB: 220 baht
  6. 30 days 1Mbps usage 7GB: 350 Baht

This is a SIM card with limited line speed. It is a bargain than the 4G / 3G SIM card above because of the restrictions. So it is probably the best selling product.


Non-stop 4G / 3G SIM card

  1. 1G usage 4G / 3G (non-stop) usage 1GB: 49 Baht
  2. 7 days use 4G / 3G (non-stop) usage 1GB: 99 Baht
  3. 7 days use 4G / 3G (non-stop) usage 2GB: 159 Baht
  4. 30G 4G / 3G (non-stop) usage 1.5GB: 199 Baht
  5. 30G 4G / 3G (non-stop) usage 4.5GB: 399 Baht

This is quite a singer and there is a non-stop 4G / 3G, so I think that the speed is fast to Max, but I do not know the distinction from Max 4G / 3G introduced first. Perhaps Max 4G / 3G is not very stable, switching to 4G or switching to 3G, but non-stop 4G / 3G is much more stable and connected to 4G or 3G lines (expected) .


4G / 3G max., Speed limit etc.

  1. 4G / 3G (non-stop) usage for 1 day 200MB: 15 baht
  2. 15 days use 4G / 3G (maximum) usage 5GB: 299 baht
  3. 15G usage 4G / 3G (maximum) usage 10GB: 399 Baht
  4. 7 days 512Kbps usage 1.2GB: 59 Baht
  5. 7 days 512Kbps usage 2.5GB: 89 Baht

No. 1 is for people who rarely check their emails on a business trip on a single day because they can use up their usage in no time when watching videos.


Entertainment SIM, etc.

SIM that allows you to use Facebook, LINE, Twitter, etc. for free. It seems to be received by young people. The latter two are mysteries.