Yangon Ramen: Two “Oishii Sushi” in a small area. But an unexpected misunderstanding also occurred!


It’s the first day of the holidays and I’ve been updating my blog a lot. I hope that this effort will pay off one day.

Well, it’s time for the Ramen chapter of the Forbidden Yangon Japanese Food series.

One thing that struck me when I stayed at the Royal 74 Hotel, a guesthouse for staying in Yangon, was that there was a Japanese restaurant called OISHII SUSHI near the Traveler’s House, which I wrote about last time, near the Royal 74 Hotel.


I didn’t want to eat Japanese food when I came here for sightseeing, but Yangon is less rich in Japanese food than Shenzhen, and I found myself naturally knocking on the door of OISHII SUSHI.

▽The Zhajiangmian at Shui Yuan are excellent. Shenzhen has a lot of food of this level▽

さて、今回は前回の続き深セン観光旅行記1日目後半戦です。 前回:2018年8月の深セン観光1日目①〜マニラから香港国際空港、そして深センへ アゴダの地図と違うところに位置するゲストハウスに、グーグルマップを使ってなんとか到着、ほっと...


Basic information about OISHII SUSHI2

Location & Map


The signboard says OISHII SUSHI, but on Google Maps it says OISHII SUSHI2. There is a ® mark in the upper right corner of OISHII on the sign. It’s just a Japanese word, but it’s a registered trademark.


Address, phone number, business hours

  • Address: Shwe Taung Tan St, Yangon, Myanmar (ရွှေတောင်တန်းလမ်း, ရန်ကုန်)
  • Tel: +95 9 312 87053
  • Opening hours: 10:00 am – 9:30 pm, seven days a week





  • Dumplings: 2,500 kyat
  • Crispy fried chicken: 3,500 kyat
  • BBQ Pork: 3,000 Chat
  • Pork Cutlet: 3,000 Chat
  • Soft Crab: 5,500 Chat
  • Fried Shrimp: 4,000 Chat
  • Fried Egg: 2,500 Chat
  • Fried Shishamo smelt: 2,500 Chat


  • Pork bone ramen: 5,000 kyat
  • Sesame flavored tori gara tantanmen: 4,500 kyat
  • Cold salad jarred noodles: 5,500 kyat

There are fried shrimps, which are rarely seen in the Philippines, and zhajiangmian, which I used to eat in Shenzhen.




  • Vegetable ramen: 3,500 kyat
  • Tom yan kung noodle: 5,000 kyat
  • Five-flavored ramen: 4,500 chats
  • Miso ramen: 6,000 kyat
  • Soy sauce ramen: 4,500 chat


  • Pork kimchi soup: 2,500 kyat
  • Enoki Mushroom Miso Soup: 2,500 Chat
  • Seafood Tom Yang Soup: 3,000 kyat

Chinese-style fried rice

  • Fried rice: 3,000 kyat
  • Salted Fish Fried Rice: 3,500 Chat
  • Kimchi fried rice: 3,500 kyat


fried soba (similar to chow mein)

  • Gomoku fried noodles: 4,000 kyat
  • Chinese rice bowl: 4,000 kyat
  • Crispy fried chicken: 3,500 kyat
  • Omelet fried noodles: 3,800 chat
  • Pork Kimchi: 3,000 chats
  • Stir-fried vegetables: 3,000 Chat
  • Soup and rice set: 1,000 Chat

service a la carte

  • Vegetable Curry:3,000 kyat
  • Curry with Pork Cutlet:4,000 kyat
  • Omelet: 2,000 Chat
  • Pork Vegetable Stir-Fry: 3,500 Chat
  • Grilled Mackerel with Salt: 5,000 Chat
  • Chili Shrimp: 4,500 Chat
  • Stir-fried Pork with Eggplant: 3,000 Chat
  • Stir-fried leek and liver: 3,000 Chat
  • Fried ginger with rice: 3,500 Chat


Order Pork Ramen

Pork Bone Ramen

I immediately ordered a bowl of pork ramen for 5,000 kyat.


Pork Bone Ramen

The noodles were quite firm.


Pork Bone Ramen Soup

At first glance, the soup may look light, but it is actually quite rich in fat.


roasted pork fillet (often used in ramen)

The chashu pork is thin, but so tender that you cannot hold it with chopsticks. The flavor is soaked in.


boiled egg

The best part is the seasoned egg. It was cooked in broth and served on a plate. The yolk is half-boiled to perfection.


bean sprouts

After finishing the noodles, I took a spoonful of the special broth and found that there were some small ingredients in addition to the bean sprouts. Is it garlic or pork from the stew?



There were some seasonings to modify the taste, but I did not use them.


Soup complete

I finished the soup!



When I was writing this article, I noticed that I was being charged for water. The tax is 10%.


Shocking Facts

URESHII Entrance

As I was sorting through my photos here, I found the above photo. Huh?

Gradually, my memory comes back. I remembered that I went to eat ramen not at OISHII SUSHI, but at this URESHII Kitchen!


Basic information about Ureshii Kitchen

Location and Map

However, it would be too much trouble to rewrite this article now, so please replace the first part of the article with the one about the Ureshii kitchen.

The location is across the street from the second OISHII SUSHI restaurant. So, this Shwe Taung Tan Street has two Japanese restaurants.


Ureshii Kitchen’s address, phone number, and business hours

  • Address: No.(64), Shwe Taung Tan Street, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Phone: +95 9 976 221113
  • Facebook:
  • Opening hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm住所:No.(64), Shwe Taung Tan Street, Yangon, ミャンマー

I didn’t follow my master’s words, “Strike while the iron is hot. Write a food report while it’s hot.” That’s what my master said. I didn’t follow it, and this time I made a mistake. I will be even more careful in the future.

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