[Yangon Sightseeing] There was no room to touch Buddha’s benefits at Sule Pagoda


Well, it’s time for another edition of Yangon Tourism.


The Sule Pagoda is one of the two largest pagodas in Yangon, along with the Shedagon Pagoda.


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When I went to visit the Surye Pagoda, I wondered where the Buddha’s sublime thoughts had gone, so I am writing this article not to have you feel the same way.


Basic information about Sule Pagoda

Exterior of Sule Pagoda

The chedi sits in the center of Yangon, which is no overstatement.


It is not only the location, but also the political and ideological center of Myanmar in the modern era. It is said to be older than the Shwedagon Pagoda, having been built 2,500 years ago.


Legend has it that Shedagon Pagoda was built in its current location after receiving a revelation from an ancient Naxi god (soul) who was at Sule Pagoda.


Map & Location

Southern part of Yangon. It is located in the center of the city and downtown area.


It is the last stop for airport buses from the airport, and many other buses also pass by the Sule Pagoda.


Entrance Fee

Four thousand chats.

If only I had known about the 4,000 chats beforehand, I could have avoided the catastrophe.


You don’t have to buy flowers from a pusher.

South gate of Sule Pagoda

On this day, I tried to go from the south gate of Sule Pagoda.


The entrances to the Sule Pagoda are located on the east, west, north, and south sides, so there is no need to go around looking for the entrance.


South gate of Sule Pagoda

I didn’t read much about it on the Internet, and I thought I’d just be able to dodge it if someone asked me for a flower.


Women sitting on both sides of the entrance. As I approached her, I knew she would start attacking me, asking me to buy her flowers.


The woman on my left approached me first, and as I approached the one on my left, the woman on my right approached me as well. She also gave me a joke that I didn’t need to buy anything from the woman on the left, but that I should buy from her, and I just brushed it off as a private business.


And they both seemed to have given up on selling flowers. However, the second wave of attacks begins.


If I hesitate when someone tells me to put my shoes here, I’m told to go away.

flower vendor

I had to take off my footwear to enter the grounds, but it was actually okay to bring my own footwear.


However, uninformed tourists are forced to leave their footwear at the entrance as told by these unidentified private business owners, and after all, they are paying a storage fee.


One website said that the storage fee depends on how you feel about it, but you don’t have to have it stored in the first place.


I got the hint and hesitated to put down my shoes.


If you don’t like it, go away!


I couldn’t believe my ears for a moment. This was the first time, ever, that I had been treated like this in such a sacred place.


They are ripping off tourists who don’t know anything and don’t have to pay, and when they refuse, they get upset. Moreover, while Myanmarese people pay no entrance fee, foreigners pay a proper entrance fee.


If it was just a peddler, I would understand, but this is in front of a sacred pagoda.


If Buddha or Shakyamuni Buddha were to see this, they would surely be saddened.


Is it just me, or does the face of the person on the right look like “Ashuraman Anger”?


Worst case scenario, it’s in the common shoe storage area.

place for storing shoes

If you have a lot of luggage, you might want to store it in these shared shoe boxes, as the Ashuramans are trying to make money by letting tourists keep their luggage close to them.


But what I was afraid of was that instead of letting the ashramans take care of them, I would hide them behind these footwear stands and pillars, and they would resent me and throw the shoes away somewhere. In addition, I bought a pair of brand new sports sandals for sightseeing in Myanmar.


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Thinking of avoiding the worst, I took the action of bringing my own footwear. Since nothing special was said, it turned out that it was possible for me to take it with me.


Then, after angering the Ashramans, the Master Demon General appeared. A small, fat, middle-aged woman with no smile whatsoever.


She is the master of these selfish people who cheat tourists out of their money. I wondered if she was really in charge of collecting the entrance fee, but I managed to fake my way to the chedi and succeeded in getting close to it.


In the grounds of the Sule Pagoda Chedi

Buddhist image

There are many worshippers praying on the grounds.


Sule Pagoda Exhibition Hall

The Internet said that Buddha’s hair was kept there, but I couldn’t find it. There was a person in the exhibition room in the photo who was not sure if he was alive or stuffed.


Sule Pagoda Figurine

This is a common picture on the internet.


Sule Pagoda is better to visit at night.

Sule Pagoda at night

It is better to visit the Sule Pagoda at night instead of during the daytime to get a better picture and see the fantastic scene. The contrast between the gold and blue colors is beautiful.


Sule Pagoda at night

Is this a ship that sends offerings to Buddha? It seems to be 100 times more beneficial than normal.


person who watches fire

The Ashraman gang is also near this flame. There is a man of strategy who brings a picture of former U.S. President Barack Obama and says, “Obama did it, so why don’t you do it?


Eventually, he showed me a picture of himself as a monk, saying that he used to be a monk.


If you accept the invitation and do something, you will definitely be asked for money, and if you refuse, you will get upset, which is a pattern that benefits no one.


Sule Pagoda Summary

Not only at the Sule Pagoda, there are many Myanmarese who use the same kind of tactics in tourist areas, so you should never take advantage of them.


If you do, you’re the one who will end up getting upset and feeling bad about it.