Discover the best guesthouse for solo travelers in Yangon. Less commuting is perfect for nomads and remote workers.


This is Takagi and I am finally leaving Myanmar today to return to Manila.


In the latter half of my visit to Myanmar, I was wandering around downtown Yangon without doing any sightseeing, but the guesthouse I stayed at was comfortable in a way, so I thought I would share it here.


The staff at the Four Rivers guesthouse in Yangon are not used to foreigners!

The guesthouse we were staying at was called Four Rivers Youth Hostel. It is located along 10th Street in Chinatown.


Four Rivers Dormitory

I stayed in a room on the second floor with five steel-framed bunk beds. I stayed in the best place, a bed under a bunk bed placed next to the window. Even by the window, it was quiet and comfortable late at night.


As shown on the left of the photo, lockers are provided, and you can guard your valuables with your own padlock.


There was a power supply and an electric lamp in the space, so I could use my phone while sleeping. The mattress was thick, the pillow was large, and the sheets were clean and comfortable.


Four Rivers Lobby

There were about five Myanmar miscellaneous staff in the lobby during the day, but they didn’t greet me or make eye contact with me.


I think they are migrant workers from the countryside and are not used to foreigners. The front desk staff could speak English, but they seemed distant.


The guest base was not Japanese, but mostly couples and groups of women from Europe and America. I felt like there were a lot of Eastern Europeans. Most of them were either sightseeing in Yangon or using the hotel as a transit point to Bagan, so they were basically out during the day, and I was the only guest hanging out in the lobby (laughs).


Wi-Fi password

I had a power outage once during my stay, but it was not a problem because of the generator, and the WIFI was normal.


That’s why I think this guesthouse is perfect for nomadic workers who use computers for work as well as sightseeing. By the way, the accommodation fee was in the 600 yen range per night.


Check the price of Four Rivers Youth Hostel


Inside the dormitory and facilities of Yangon Best Guest House for One Person


As mentioned above, I occupy the lower bed by the window. There is also a place for self hand washing and drying of laundry. However, at this time of the year, there was never a full house of guests, but only about four at the maximum, so depending on the time of year, there may be no place to dry out.


Toilet and shower

The dormitory has its own toilet shower. The marble floor was very clean and comfortable. Of course, there is also a hot water shower.



Shared toilets and showers

Not only are there toilet showers in the dormitory, but there are also shared toilet showers at the back of the floor. You can feel free to use the toilet and shower whenever it is convenient for you.


By the way, there was one time when the bed was not getting power, and the breaker on the left of the picture was tripped. Needless to say, I turned on the switch myself.



The lobby was spacious and I had it all to myself during the day. However, the lighting is still dark as before.


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Breakfast at Four Rivers, Yangon

Buffet breakfast

Breakfast didn’t seem too promising. Toast, coffee, and bananas. Most of the lodgings in Myanmar basically include breakfast.



Four Rivers exterior

Street in front of Four Rivers

It is located in the middle of 10th Street downtown, and is marked by a blue building. I didn’t notice it at first and passed it by.


The nearest restaurant that I used to go to.

Restaurants near Four Rivers

This is a local Myanmar restaurant located at the corner of 10th Street, northbound. The price is for foreigners, but it was max 2000 kyat.


Local Restaurant Menu

Local Restaurant Menu


noodles made in flat strips

The taste of this kishimen was good, but the quantity was too small.


Myanmar curry

Myanmar is all about curry. This was a simple curry, but sometimes they serve a ridiculous amount of side dishes, which can be too much to eat.



Restaurant Menu

Chinese-style fried rice

When the word “salad” is on the menu, you may imagine that the dish is filled with vegetables, but in fact, there are not that many vegetables in the dish.


The other place I went in rotation was here: a local diner just south of 10th Street on the right.


Restaurant Menu

The menu is, of course, a foreigner’s menu with no prices.


fried soba (similar to chow mein)

fried soba (similar to chow mein)

The noodles were a bit greasy. The fried rice is recommended.


Basically, I mainly went to the above two cafeterias for lunch and dinner, but due to the local nature of the area, both cafeterias close too late, and there are no cafeterias or stalls around that are open until midnight, so I guess that is the only disadvantage of this Four Rivers.


Check the price of Four Rivers Youth Hostel