The cheapest single room (with toilet and shower) hotel in Yangon where you can play with puppies!


My lodging policy for the trip is dormitory, dormitory and single in order. This is Takagi. I don’t have a particular preference for guesthouses, but if the price is in the low range, it will inevitably be a guesthouse, and sometimes I want to indulge in blogging by myself.


Today, I’d like to share some information with those who are traveling to Yangon. This is probably the cheapest single room with toilet and shower in Yangon.


The reason why I emphasize “with toilet and shower” is because most of the time, single rooms in dormitories are listed as “Single room in Domitory” and in that case, the toilet and shower are shared.


Since you’re in a single room, you want to be able to use the toilet and shower freely.


The Royal74Hotel is the answer to these wishes.


Basic information about Royal74Hotel

Location & Map

In the middle of 15th Street. It is quite a walk from the Sule Pagoda, but not impossible.


It’s a little inconvenient because the 24-hour stores are far away.


price range

It’s about 25,000 kyat, which is about 2,000 to 3,000 yen. (As of November, 2018)

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The room

single room

To be honest, the room is quite small.


View from the window

However, there is a window. The view is not good, though.


Washing House

The washroom is also relatively clean.


Toilet and shower

The room is equipped with a shower and toilet, but hot water is also available, and there are a variety of amenities.



On this day, I stayed in a room at the end of the 7th floor. There was no noise and it was quiet.


The small desk is covered by renting.

I update my blog when I travel, so I need WIFI and a desk to work at. It’s like a makeup desk and a makeup chair, and I have to bend down to type on the keyboard.


If it was just the work environment, I actually preferred the guesthouse, Traveler’s House.

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Well, today I would like to introduce you to the first guesthouse I stayed at after arriving in Yangon. The name of the house is "Traveler's House"...


Folding desk

I talked to the front desk, and they gave me a big folding desk. The chairs are still the same butt-hurting wooden chairs, but the work space is better. It was a free rental.


The only disadvantage of the Royal 74 Hotel


The only weak point of the Royal 74 Hotel, where WIFI is unquestionable, desk is rented, and toilet/shower is provided, is the lighting.


This is not limited to the Royal 74, but hotels in Myanmar often have very dark lighting, and it is often depressing to work there, as I did.


However, I can manage to get by by setting a specific time to update my blog and focusing on it.


Twin room at Royal 74 Hotel

Twin room at Royal 74 Hotel

The door to the twin room was open, so I took this picture secretly. The windows are wide and open.


Toilet and shower

Of course, toilets and showers are included.


Twin room at Royal 74 Hotel

A photo from a different angle. There’s a space in the back right corner.



It was a normal space for a refrigerator. A luxurious refrigerator. Of course, there was a small refrigerator in the single room as well.

Check the price of Royal 74 Hotel.


Breakfast at the Royal 74 Hotel


Breakfast is included in all accommodations in Myanmar. Breakfast at this Royal 74 Hotel consisted of fried rice, fried eggs, and coffee. When I was feeling deprived, I got two pieces of toast as an extra.


Exterior and reception

Exterior view of the Royal 74 Hotel

It was easy to find because of the big sign. It looked like a pachinko parlor in the countryside (laughs).


The staff at the front desk.

The staff at the front desk was also very helpful. Their English is okay.



There is a second OISHII store nearby. It may be a little too close, though.


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Hotel with a kennel next door


There were many puppies in the kennel, though they seemed to encourage stray dogs.


(pet) owner

The owner lets him play.



Puppies are cute after all.


parent dog

The parent dog is also looking at me worriedly. At first I was terrified because the parent dog was stepping back in the middle of the road, but when I realized that it was watching over the puppies, I became less afraid.


Check the price of Royal 74 Hotel